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Based on this prompt I said I’d fill a few days ago:

boss: “know why I called you in here?”
me: “because I accidentally sent you a dick pic”
boss: “accidentally?”


“You need to stop pining after people you haven’t even spoken to,” Lydia says one day, probably because Derek—er, Mr. Hale, their boss—has just stepped through the front door of the cafe where they’re having lunch, and Stiles has trailed off mid-word to watch him walk up to the counter. In Stiles’ defense, he’s never seen Mr. Hale outside of the office before, let alone Mr. Hale wearing a leather jacket over his dress shirt. God, and Stiles thought the tailored suits were bad enough…


“Uh, I have too spoken to him,” Stiles says indignantly, tearing his eyes away from Derek’s broad back across the room. “One day I was coming out of the break room and I almost walked right into him and he said, ‘Excuse me,’ so then I said, ‘Oops,’ and he smiled at me. Kind of. A little bit. I mean, I interpreted it as a smile. There was some prolonged eye contact.”

Lydia abruptly stops stirring her fat-free latte to stare at him—one of those Oh god, it’s worse than I thought kind of looks. “That’s it?”

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15 Associations.
Repost and fill in the answers you most associate your character with to each question.

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1. Animal: Lionfish (zebrafish? however its called)
2. Color: White
3. Month: January
4. Song: AK - It Takes Time
5. Number: 0
6. Day or Night: Night
7. Plant: Star magnolia tree
8. Smell: Rain (petrichor is apparently the word for it??)
9. Gemstone: Moissanite
10. Season: Winter
11. Place: Hotel rooms
12. Food: Sashimi
13. Astrological Sign: Capricorn
14. Element(s): Lightning & Water
15. Drink: Energy drinks


Michael x Reader

Requested By @justaclichewhitegirl

Michael trailed off mid-sentence and his cousins followed his gaze to you, a small boy tugging at your hand as he wondered around with wide eyes, gazing back at you as you spoke quietly with him.


“Come on Michael leave her be she probably has a good man at home.” Arthur chuckled.

They watched as he walked up to you, stopping when you pulled your son close and shared a knowing look with Michael, the sight drawing his cousins over.


“(Y/N).” Michael muttered and glanced down to the boy who was looking between the two of you.


“Henr…” He scoffed and slowly went to crouch down to look at the boy who was the spit of him.


“Michael.” He corrected and smiled at the boy.


“You want to introduce us Michael?” Tommy asked wearily, unsure if you were a friend or not.

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23. “I don’t know what to do with you anymore.”

Solavellan - 371 words - heartbreak and angst. I warned you.

She comes to him, her eyes and face set, hardened, holding back the pain. He forces a smile against the guilt that pangs him. He’s not certain how well he succeeds.

“Solas,” she says.

Vhenan.” The word comes out before he can pull it back.

Her eyes widen. Her hardened mask cracks.

“My apologies,” he hurries. But the damage is done - to them both - and he can’t undo it. He shakes his head. “It will not happen again.”

She takes a breath. They start over.

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anonymous asked:

Gom S/O suffering from a severe heatstroke :o

Kuroko: Summer in the city was generally quite hot and humid. The two of you were out on a simple walk to get milkshakes when you started to notice his footsteps becoming less stable. He wasn’t really one to complain or say anything before he found the situation to be too much. His pale milky skin began to appear a little red and his cheeks quite flushed. You let go of his hand and stepped in front of him. “Tetsu, are you feeling alright?” Kuroko looked surprised for a moment, “I do? I feel a little dizzy, but I…….” As he trailed off mid sentence his body slowly leaned to one side and soon fell quickly with the aid of gravity. You reacted as quickly as you could, catching him at the last moment from hitting the concrete, “Oh Tetsuya….good thing you’re not that heavy.” You dragged him from his armpits to the side of a storefront. A stranger on the sidewalk saw what happened and offered a bag of ice he had purchased as you propped him up. “Ah! Thank you, sir, he will be alright.”

Kise: He had been working all day on a summer spread for the magazine. You wanted to treat his hard efforts and came after the shoot with a homemade bento box for him. Upon seeing you arrive on set he immediately stopped what he was doing and came over to greet you. “___-chi! You made me lunch?! All they gave me was an ice cream.” He kissed your forehead and proceeded to grab the box from your hands. “Did you walk here?” he implied as he started picking at his food. You nodded your head, “Yeah I did, I kinda regret it though, the weather is really hot today” Kise pouted and asked for the set manager to toss him a bottle of water. “Here, drink it please.” He opened it up and pressed it to your lips. As you took sips you began to notice something rather odd. “Ryouta, how long have you been out here? I can’t believe you are not even sweating!” He laughed at first but appeared as though he was about to fall over. Concerned for what was about to happen you pulled him by his arm on the bench next to you and pressed the water bottle to his lips. “Now it’s you turn to drink.”

Aomine: Aomine chose the absolute worst day to practice. You had looked at the thermometer in the morning and had advised him against it, but he is stubborn and simply would not take your advice; however, you noticed that he made sure to put ice in his water bottle. He had been out for a few hours and you decided it was about time to check on him. When you got to the court a few blocks away his back was turned while his hands were grasping the fence. He was bent at the waist and breathing hard and heavy. “Daiki?!” You shouted and ran over to him. Right at his feet was what appeared to be his breakfast. You placed a hand on his cheek and turned his face towards you. He looked very hot and there was no sweat on his face which was quite concerning considering the fact that he was practicing. “____, help.” he said through gritted teeth. This meant he felt completely awful. You knew this was serious and took him to the hospital.

Akashi: No matter how much he wanted you to stay in a place that had A/C, you desperately wanted to get out of the house. He of course would not let you go alone and demanded you take him with you to the park. On the walk there he held your hand. Oddly though, he kept turning ever so slightly to catch a glance of your face. “Akashi, what in the world are you doing? Is there something on my face?” you inquired, squeezing his hand. He let out a small laugh, “No my dear, just making sure you don’t get heat stroke or something. That sun is really strong.” When the two of you reached the park though he made a sharp change in course at the sight of a bench. “___, it’s nothing to worry about, I’m feeling a little dizzy and need to sit down.” You glanced over at his face and waited till he was seated to view his condition with better detail. You cradled his face in your hands, “I know you were concerned about me, but I think you’re the one we need to worry about. I have some water in my bag.” He took a sip and thanked you for being so attentive.

Murasakibara: Atsushi really wanted to buy a bag of crisps. He was headed out the door when you yelled at him to wait for you. He had a habit of leaving suddenly with little notice, to make it sound better than it felt you considered this spontaneity rather than childish immediacy of needs. He sighed and asked you to hurry up. After buying about ten bags he opened one on the walk back home. While nearing the bottom he abruptly stopped walking, his face as though he had sucked on a lemon. “Owwwww! ___-chin, it hurts. It’s too hot out here.” He was already breathing hard, but now he was getting heat cramps. You spotted a bench at a bus stop and urgently ushered him to sit down. “Atsushi, stay right here okay? I am going to get some ice from that convenience store right there.” He nodded and waited till you came back with ice. He took the bag as soon as you arrived. “Wah… This is so much better.”

Midorima: Oha Asa horoscopes had brought you to the beach. He had already gotten his lucky item for the day but was desperate to find yours. You were supposed to have bad luck today which meant that he wanted to minimize the effects as much as possible. The pair of you were on the lookout for a seashell, but each shell you found was rendered too small by Shintaro. After searching for a solid hour he decided that your bad luck was truly inevitable. “Your luck is so bad we can’t even fix it. Now close your eyes nanodayo.” He pushed up his glasses and waited till you eyes were close. You hear him shuffle through things and was pleasantly surprised when you opened your eyes. He had laid down towels and placed an umbrella in the sand. “Midorima, this is really nice, thank you.” He offered you a hand as you situated yourself on the towel. However, you noticed that he looked quite hot and slightly pale. “Mido-san, are you alright?” He signed and placed a hand on his hip, “I am in the beginning stages of heat stroke.” You laughed but felt a bit concerned. “Perhaps we should go swim and cool ourselves down.” He nodded and trudged through the sand.

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Oh my god. That latest anon asking about Daryl telling Beth to keep singing to him made me realize something. I'M IN LOVE WITH MY FOUR YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!!! I mean, I always just sit there and quietly listen and smile softly when she sings to me, and I almost always ask her to sing to me some more when she's finished because I enjoy it!!!! Clearly adults only do this when they're in love with the child in the room! I'd better find a therapist ASAP...

Don’t worry anon, you’re safe! It’s not just watching the child play music that’s a sign of this illness.

There’s also: 1) having tea/candle-lights lit around the house (bonus: either during dinner/a-blackout) 2) carrying them in both arms (bonus: their ankle is hurt), 3) trailing off mid-sentence, 4) putting their safety before yours during an attack, 5) comforting them over a very recent loved ones loss when they just got a reminder about it, and more.. Otherwise, you should be in the clear!

You don’t need to worry about the other anon, anon. I’ve reported their IP to the center for exploited children. And to the *other* anon I’ve got asking about all the S4 visual/dialogue parallels. I’m on it! It’s just a very heavy task (there’s alot). XXX

I was no stranger to loss or how painfully similar it is to grief; how it wraps itself around your lungs and squeezes . After awhile you learn to live with what scattered pieces remain and you don’t ask questions or so I’ve been told. But I’ve never been one to sit down and take it especially when I stand to lose everything that ever gave my life meaning. So I fought with reignited fire in my bones, fought like a caged animal starving to death in the name of love. This beautiful being (who chose me for reasons I’ll never know) was a constant shadow who had a thousand reasons to leave but he chose me instead. He loved and never expected a damn thing from me. He willingly faced my demons head-on and loved me despite the absence of light. The weight of this made my heart heavy, loud in my ears because my living meant his dying and I couldn’t ask him to do that. I let go and he waited. Do you understand? He never left. You see, our story is an entire book with faded pages devoted to missing him, wanting him, fighting for him. We saved one another, you see; just by breathing the same air and we’re still loving like it’s the last time every time. That is to say: I have found my way back home.
—  bucky telling clint’s kids a bedtime story as steve tears up
Not Fair

@blccdiedbxrd continued from X

Jason walked into class like it was nothing. The summer had been long for him and he really didn’t realize how much he had changed from the scrawny short kid to the lucky beneficiary of a growth spurt and use of a private gym. He flopped down next to the bookish goth like it was the beginning of every year. “Hey Rae…how was your break?”

Nose buried in a book already, as was customary, Raven hadn’t seen much of him but for the flash of red from his backpack as he dropped it to the floor and slumped down beside her. “The same as always, Jason.” What was that whispering around her? She couldn’t quite make it out.

“How about,” Raven glanced up mid sentence, her words trailing off. “you…” Sweet mercy.

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My daughter doesn’t have ADHD

Pediatrician: Your daughter doesn’t have ADHD if it isn’t disruptive at school


I walk into the livingroom where there is a cartoon playing, and she’s also playing a game on a handheld console.

Me: Are you watching TV or playing games?

Her: Both. I want to do both but they’re both too boring, so doing them at the same time is fun.


While watching Pokemon, she starts into a story about Pidge from Voltron, wanders into complaining about her hair being too hard to brush because she forgets all the time and then trails off mid-sentence and goes back to watching Pokemon. Later, I discern that a character that was on-screen for 2 seconds had the same haircut as Pidge and that reminded her.


Between the two of us, a 3-minute bedtime story takes 30 minutes or longer to get through while we each interject unrelated stories of the day, notice something out of place across the room, hear a noise that has to be investigated, or think of a question about a word or concept in the story.


She doesn’t believe me that laying in bed imagining is different than dreaming because they are equally vivid to her


Learning how to write is the most excruciating task for her because in the course of writing out one letter, she has already had fifteen other thoughts and then has to come crashing back to remember what word she was writing, what letter she finished, and which one comes next. 

Reviewing her work entails pointing out the missed letters that make up critical parts of the word and the way each successive letter is hastier and sloppier than the last until she just gives up.


But, she doesn’t disturb the other children or cause problems, so it can’t be ADHD.


Guys, I really appreciate how many people have sent me messages about this post, concerned and trying to help. 

BUT When I wrote this post, I was frustrated at not being taken seriously by a pediatrician, who needs to believe my concerns before he’ll do any assessment or refer us to a psychiatrist (GP referral is required in Canada; we can’t just call a specialist and book ourselves in). 

I already know what ADHD is (and by the way, ADD is an outdated diagnosis which was rolled into ADHD as a subtype in the DSM-V), what other disorders are commonly comorbid with ADHD, and the difference between ADHD and the autism spectrum. Please stop trying to diagnose my child from an annoyed text post written on tumblr dot com.

Wings: A new language

AO3 link

A new language

“I wanna see, Cas,”

But Cas is having none of it, pulling back away from Dean and scooting across and off the other side of the bed, starting to gather his clothes together from where they’d been flung.

“Hey,” Dean calls softly, “You even think about disappearing on me now, after this, I’m gonna pray so hard and loud at you that you'll… you’ll… crash mid flight,” he trails off, pathetically.

But at least it earns him a smile, which Cas turns to give him shyly over his shoulder, before turning back to look for a missing sock.

It gives Dean enough time to jump up out of the bed and run around the side of it, and if he uses to his advantage the fact that he knows Cas will be distracted by him standing there completely naked before him, well. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s done something like that. He doesn’t intend it to be the last, either.

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At the very bottom of the chest of drawers in the lieutenant’s guest chamber, beneath stockings and garters and a free t-shirt he had acquired at a baseball game, there is a bundle of letters.

It is a raggedy pile of paper, some hotel stationary, some scraps of notebook paper, a few of the utilitarian sheets from his interminable incarceration. Some are tucked into envelopes with an address written and a stamp affixed. Others trail off mid-word without even so much as a signature. But each begins identically:

My dearest Lieutenant.

He speaks of his travels, some. The mundanity and excitement of a life on the road. The strangeness and familiarity of England, Scotland’s gloomy beauty. He writes of his fear and exhilaration when he stepped aboard his first aircraft, how kind the woman next to him was, offering him a Valium to soothe his passage. He writes of his family and their estate and of prophecies and destinies and destruction.

He writes of Katrina, some. Henry, less.

In every letter he speaks of how he misses her. How, a thousand times a day, he turns to tell her some new revelation, some droll observation that might make her smile … only to let the words dribble away into silence. How he yearns to hear what she thinks of all of this, to turn his head and pretend not to notice as she steals his chips.

I miss you.

I shouldn’t have gone.

I’m coming home.

I and a flurry of scratched-out ink blots.

He never sent a one. He stood at post-boxes with letter in hand a hundred times, but never found the strength to open his hand and let them go.

Even now, he wonders. What if he put the lot in the mail. Let her see, let her know. Maybe …

He shoves the bundle back into its hiding place and becomes accustomed to regret.

Best Cosplay Compliments: I went to GMX with a couple of friends and we cosplayed The Operator, Masky, and Hoody from the youtube series Marble Hornets. We ended up meeting the creators of the series, and they were really impressed with our costumes, like… idk we walked into a panel that was going on that they were running and we tried to come in through the back, but it’s hard to be discrete with a huge, life-sized slenderman costume and one of the creators just trailed off mid sentence and stared at us and they all got really excited and idk it was a really awesome thing to be complimented by the creators of the thing we were cosplaying!
—  spyromancy
It’s the game I can’t play.
Because I’m not like those people
who start up a diet and trail off mid-sentence
into pastries, chips, chocolate bars, cheeses,
because they forgot,
because they can;
Those who slip in and out of this world, escaping the holes,
whereas I am hooked.
Every single time.

Don’t mind that thumb print in that one photo. I spent the past three days traveling via foot, van, airplane, taxi, and train. I got about 4 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours. I’m real tired. You can cut me some slack.

Also, the above clearly explains why I went for a nice mid-distance trail run as soon as I got home and found some food. Because obviously.

5.2 miles.
15:35 pace.

Very casual. I just had to see the aspen going off and the aspenglow in person, that’s all. For science. Because it’s been forever. And I love senescence. I made three trail running buddies, too. They’re way skittish, though.

I’m incredibly tired now. Sleep must have its way with me.