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First 2 Minutes of 6x10 (Review & Theories)

I couldn`t help myself. I watched the first two minutes of the mid-season finale. Not once. Not twice, But six times. I mean, how else are you supposed to examine every inch of Charles` body in the hopes of figuring out who he is before next Tuesday. Spoiler alert - I didn`t, but here are a a few thoughts I had and theories I came up with watching the “Game Over, Charles” preview.

***This post contains spoilers such as 6x10 screenshots. Don`t continue on if you haven`t watched the 6x10 preview and you don`t want to be spoiled. 

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5SOS In The Pool (Preference)

Written with the help of simmerdwn-mashcake ;)

You and Luke were in the pool messing around: splashing each other and racing up and down the length of the pool. You ended up in the deep end of pool with him where your feet barely touched the bottom. All of a sudden Luke’s longs arms wrapped around your waist and brought you under the surface of the water. At first it was funny and you went along with it but after a bit you started to run out of air and panic, trying to push Luke off you. He took this as you just playing along and kept holding you under water. It was hard to wriggle out of his tight grip but you eventually did and came up, gasping for air.

Luke sprung up from the water, flipping the hair out of his face and laughing, “Okay, y/n you win." His expression changed when he saw you coughing and choking on the water.

"Oh my gosh, babe I’m so sorry,” he exclaimed swimming over to you and hugging you, “Did I hurt you? I didn’t mean to I swear! I’m so sorry.”
“Luke! Luke, it’s fine. I’m fine.” You said smiling at his pouty, concerned face which then nuzzled innocently into the crook of your neck.
He hugged you closer and he scooped you up into his arms as you were weightless in the water that splashed around you. He kissed your cheek
“Don’t worry babe,” you said cheekily, “you can make up for it later.”

It was a pool party mid summer with the band to celebrate the release of their album with family and friends. Everyone was in the pool at the moment, distracted and partying whilst you and Calum snuck under the waterfall at the end of the pool that had a secret space behind it.
He pulled you by the wrist through the mass of people in the water. As soon as you two were under the loud waterfall his hands cupped your face and he began to kiss you. One of his hands ran though your tangled, wet hair, deepening the kiss while his other hand began to wander all over your body.
“Let’s take this somewhere else,” he said into your ear over the sound of the water.
You nodded and emerged from the falling water with him to find the song “Dive In” by Trey Songz playing very loudly and everyone in the pool and on the patio staring out you. Michael, Ashton and Luke were all laughing and filming you two. Somewhere in the crowd a single camera flash went off and Calum facepalmed, “Really guys?”

Today was the guys day off so you were all at the pool, just the 5 of you.  The rest of the boys had their time in the pool and they were just relaxing in the chairs in the shade but you and Michael were still running around laughing like idiots.
“Y/n, let’s go down the waterside!” Michael called.
You scurried up the short flight of stairs to the top of the slide and you sat down. Michael sat down behind you, placing his arms around you. Both of you began to slide down but half way down the slide it wasn’t as slippery and you got stuck.
“Ah!” Michael yelled nudging you forward, “come on!”
You knew what this would look like out of context and started cracking up as Michael continued to nudge you forward. At that point you also tried to scoot forward.
Ashton took his sunglasses off and stood up from his chair, “What the hell are you two even doing?”

It was a hot day in LA and the guys weren’t doing anything so they decided to invite people over and purchase some balloons to fill up with water to have a water balloon fight.
You were the only one left that hadn’t gotten hit by a balloon and you were currently being chased by Calum and Ashton who had their water balloons at the ready. The smooth concrete had become slippery with water and it was hard to run.
“Mate, Mate,” Ashton called to Calum, “let’s corner her! You go right I’ll go left.”
“Oh, shit,” you laughed as Calum ran in front of you.
You tried to turn and run the other direction but Ashton beat you there. He raised his arm to throw the balloon but slipped right in front of you, taking both of you down into the pool behind you.
When you came up from the water you glared playfully at Ashton who smirked at you, “I win.”


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