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A Mid-Summers Nightmare Pt.1

One Shot
Summary: Dean x Reader, Sam, Joe, Ellen, Bobby, and my own character Jeff.  Dean gets brainwashed into loving another woman by an evil Cupid, but you are dating him. You are heart broken. This is kind of like A Mid-Summer Night Dream retake with the love potion idea.

Warnings: Cheating, language

Word count: 2277

This is going to be a series! I hope you like Part 1! I am bringing in flashbacks to where Dean, Sam, and the reader meet as well, so I hope you enjoy that portion.


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Readers POV

“I really don’t want to go to this,” Dean complained loudly while driving the car. I hear Sam laughing from the back seat.

“You have to go! It’s kind of a tradition that our ‘family’ of hunters gets together once a year to talk and revisit one another. I have done it since I was 5, and you have done it since you were 3, so we are expected to go.” I said laughing at how much Dean was complaining.

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  • Me: yes! I beat the nameless king with the help of my friends! this was a tough fight, but we pulled through!
  • 'Hardcore'Souls player: yeah ok but did you beat him with one hand and 2 bananas up your nose, naked, while sitting on a cactus while reciting a mid summer nights dream?
  • Me: uhhh.... no?
  • 'Hardcore' Souls player: yeah, I bet! well I did! and it took 3 years of practice! i bet you couldn't do it because you're just a casual!
  • Me: *trying not to laugh* yeah... I guess so.

hehe im so glad to get to write another yixing fic!!! hope you guys like it!!!

  • teachers!au where all your students ship you and professor yixing because you guys talk a lot in the printing room (and hook up there but no one is  supposed to know that) and also like all the female students are jealous of you
  • (note: you + exo are the teachers in the school and i made red velvet/bangtan the students teehee) 

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The Hate’s Mutual


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Well I’m back with another fic for you guys because I felt really pressured to write again after I released my first story(the Ashton one) and if you haven’t already read it but want to then here is the link. A lot more people than I expected actually enjoyed it so I just thought I’d try keeping my reputation that way by writing another.

I’m sorry its so long! I got really into it.

Rating- NSFW (WARNING! this shit gets pretty rough so be advised!)

Pairing- Calum Hood/Reader(y/n)

Summary- You and Calum have hated each other for as long as you can remember, but there’s definitely no denying the sexual tension between the two of you; and there’s no stopping the events to come when the two of you are assigned to be partners for a project.

Word count- 5,505


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Title: Help Me Close My Eyes

Fandom: K Project

Summary: The last thing Fushimi does before going to sleep and the first thing he does upon waking up is look for Misaki.

Notes: Short fic for Sarumi fest :) Inspired by chapters 4 and 7 of Days of Blue.

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Top 10 Books Tag
Rules: List ten books that have stayed with you in some way and then tag 10 people.

Thank you @sleepybooksloth for tagging me in this !

1. A Gentle Feuding - Johanna Lindsey
2. Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
3. Dracula - Bram Stoker
4. 1984 - George Orwell
5. Guilty Pleasures -Laurell K. Hamilton
6. A Mid Summer Nights Dream - William Shakespeare
7. In Cold Blood - Truman Capote
8. When You Dare - Lori Foster
9. Born of Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon
10. Love Only Once - Johanna Lindsey

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anonymous asked:

Any facts about yourself you wouldn't mind sharing with your followers?

This is pretty vague but umm lets go with random trivia!

I’ve dislocated my elbow twice

I once cried at an mmv (look it up I will not explain what it is)

I suffered from PTSD for 3 years after being in a house a tree fell on when I was 10

My favorite scent is vanilla

My bucket list includes being in a professional runway show, going to Hawaii, being cast in a mid summers nights dream (again), and learning all of the choreography to SHINee’s Lucifer

I own like 10+ pair of shoes that I mostly got for free

Umm…that’s all that comes to mind right now!

i was out with this guy and i said i love Shakespeare and we spent 20 minutes angry reciting monologues from his plays and at one point we both recited the monologues between a fairy and puck from the first scene that the fairies introduced from a mid summer nights dream and i didnt know shouting at one another in rhymed couplets could get so hot and heavy because we started making out.