mid sentience

Far From You | digital-matt


Mello cracked his neck and let out a sigh. He’d been on the run from the mafia for six months now and it was getting tiring. He sat down on the shitty hotel bed and closed his eyes, letting his thoughts wander. The blonde thought back to when he was at Wammy’s, when times were simpler for him, when he had Matt..

His eyes shot open at the thought of the red head. No. He couldn’t think about him. Not now. Mello pushed himself off the bed and grabbed the room key. He needed to get some food and other basic necessities that would last him for a couple of weeks. Better to get it all done now than have to go out frequently and risk getting seen.

He left the small hotel room, locking the door behind him and headed down to the lobby. He walked outside and pulled the hood on his jacket up to try and hide his face as much as possible. The blonde slipped on a pair of sun glasses and started walking down the street. He noticed a small grocery store down the street on his way into town. Perfect. Small enough that no one would notice him but big enough to have what he needed.

Mello pushed open the door to the grocery and walked inside, pulling his hood down. He left the sunglasses on thou. He took a second to scope the place out, making sure he didn’t see any too familiar faces, before walking too the first isle he saw. He moved quickly, trying to get what he needed before he was seen. Sure, maybe he was paranoid, but he’d seen what the mafia had done when they caught runaways, and it wasn’t pretty.

The blonde got so caught up in hurrying that he didn’t notice someone in front of him till bam, he ran right into them. In his head, he was cussing himself out. How stupid can he be? He groaned and looked up, going to apologize. “Look I’m sorry-” he froze mid sentience when he finally laid his eyes on the other. Fiery red hair, tinted goggles, worn out black and white shirt. It’s couldn’t be. He spoke before he could stop himself, calling out a name he hadn’t spoken in years. “Matt?”