mid sentience

Coffee shop AU! Mortal AU! Soloangelo

             Will loved Ra-Ra’s Coffee, it was on the way from his apartment to the collage campus. Ra-Ra’s was almost always empty, and the atmosphere was perfect. Each morning Will would get a medium coffee with cream and sugar and muffin. After a few weeks in to the school year his order would be ready for him by the time he walked threw the door, and all he would have to do was pay. He also learned the morning employees’ names, Grover and Juniper. Will had no idea if the two were together but he hoped they were. They were both super cute and seemed to agree on practically everything. Will liked them Both and were one of the reasons he liked the little place so much.

         Will walked in to the coffee shop and called out “hey Grov-” he stopped mid sentience because it wasn’t Grover at the the counter. The boy at the counter was thin and pale, he had long dark hair and deep brown eyes.

        “Grover’s out today,” Juniper said, Will blinked a few times before placing his order. Will caught a glimpse of the name tag attached to the green apron the boy was wearing. In messy hand writing was the name Nico.

       Will talked with Juniper and he hoped he looked interested in her story and not like he was freaking out over the new and cute barista. Nico got his coffee while Juniper rung him up, the little smirk on her lips made it clear that will was as flustered as he felt.           

        Nico wasn’t happy when his phone started ringing at five in the god damn morning. He was even more upset when he figured out that the call was from a guy from work. Normally Nico would have chewed out that guy and gone back to sleep but he sound so freaked out and so desperate that Nico agreed to cover his shift.

        Ra-Ra’s was completely set up by the time Nico got there. The other girl who shared this God early shift had all ready taken care of everything. The morning was deadly silent except for the soft music playing over the speakers. Juniper wasn’t much for conversation. Nico wasn’t used to this slowness, Normally he worked in the evening. Then Ra-Ra’s was full of collage students studying at one of the small tables or reading and listing to  poetry by the tiny stage. The whole place buzzed with life, Nico had a bigger staff at night too, he had his coworkers and friends, Jason and Percy as well as others he didn’t know as well.

          Nico sat behind the counter and started working on a project that would be due soon. He was lost in the pages of work when the bell by the front door jingled

           “hey Grov-” Nico looked up and saw a tall blond boy with tan skin and freckles. The boy looked confused obviously not expecting to see Nico there.  The boy shook off his shock soon enough and placed his order. Nico turned away from the blond in an attempt to hide how hot his face was getting. Nico hated how he could never stay calm around cute boys.

        After the boy left Juniper turned to him with a sly look on her face. “his name is Will” she said

       “I don’t care,” Nico snapped

     “Just thought you might want to know,” she said insolently. Nico didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of letting her know she was right, he did want to know about him. He turned away from Juniper and back to his project.

   “Will,” he thought with a small smile on his face, “he looks like a Will.”

shichishi-chii  asked:

"Hey Rinnouske why aren't you down in your-" Chii was making her way up to the second floor of said Yokai's shop when he wasn't behind the counter, but paused mid sentience at seeing his broken arm and leg "Jeez what happened to you?"

Though they weren’t sitting behind their desk, the male could be seen doing their usual thing. In their hands, they could be seen holding a book to pass the time.

“I hit myself on a tree and this is the result. Don’t worry, though. The tree survived.” Rinnosuke responded, frowning at the other as well as a displeased tone in their voice, despite cracking a joke.

Sure, the words that came out of the male’s mouth were always the truth, but there was more to it than he’ll ever mention to anyone.


Far From You | digital-matt


Mello cracked his neck and let out a sigh. He’d been on the run from the mafia for six months now and it was getting tiring. He sat down on the shitty hotel bed and closed his eyes, letting his thoughts wander. The blonde thought back to when he was at Wammy’s, when times were simpler for him, when he had Matt..

His eyes shot open at the thought of the red head. No. He couldn’t think about him. Not now. Mello pushed himself off the bed and grabbed the room key. He needed to get some food and other basic necessities that would last him for a couple of weeks. Better to get it all done now than have to go out frequently and risk getting seen.

He left the small hotel room, locking the door behind him and headed down to the lobby. He walked outside and pulled the hood on his jacket up to try and hide his face as much as possible. The blonde slipped on a pair of sun glasses and started walking down the street. He noticed a small grocery store down the street on his way into town. Perfect. Small enough that no one would notice him but big enough to have what he needed.

Mello pushed open the door to the grocery and walked inside, pulling his hood down. He left the sunglasses on thou. He took a second to scope the place out, making sure he didn’t see any too familiar faces, before walking too the first isle he saw. He moved quickly, trying to get what he needed before he was seen. Sure, maybe he was paranoid, but he’d seen what the mafia had done when they caught runaways, and it wasn’t pretty.

The blonde got so caught up in hurrying that he didn’t notice someone in front of him till bam, he ran right into them. In his head, he was cussing himself out. How stupid can he be? He groaned and looked up, going to apologize. “Look I’m sorry-” he froze mid sentience when he finally laid his eyes on the other. Fiery red hair, tinted goggles, worn out black and white shirt. It’s couldn’t be. He spoke before he could stop himself, calling out a name he hadn’t spoken in years. “Matt?”