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That’s My Girl (Negan P9)

Title: That’s My Girl (Negan Part 9)
Pairing: Reader/Negan, Reader/Daryl
Summary: Reader volunteers to go into Negan’s compound willingly to get inside information. Eventual Negan smut. Implied feelings between Reader and Daryl.
Words: 4,971
Warnings: Language, some smut

Author’s Notes: I have decided I am going to end this story two different ways. I am going to first continue with the storyline I had planned for. But, I also want to keep another ending going along with the show storyline (like what I did with my SPN fic Persephone). Part of this update will be in the alternative ending. I will start working on that during the mid season break.

Part 8 || Part 10 || Masterpost

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Rock and Compass Watches Once Upon A Time – 6.11: Tougher than the Rest


Stuck in the Wish World, Emma tries to find a way to get home to Storybrooke while Regina becomes fixated on the wish-version of Robin Hood. In Storybrooke, Gideon makes himself known to his parents and reveals the reason why he’s set on killing Emma.

Discussion and Thoughts

This is going to be dot points this week - ran out of time (and inspiration) to write too much; blame #BuffySlays20 and all the fantastic articles published this weekend that I read when I should have been writing. Okay, let’s do this…

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anonymous asked:

Ok wait this is the fandom when it's DEAD? I literally watched all of Skam like a couple days after the last clip aired lol, but anyways, if this is dead then I can't imagine how alive looks?? It's still the most active part of my dash. It's like, 90% of my dash. Wow😳

yes hahahahha or at least I think it’s pretty dead! maybe it’s different for other people bc i only follow like 155 blogs but I think i see like 90%of the new posts that the skam fandom is making atm. Like I am amazed that we are still making new stuff but for the most part it’s pretty dead!
Oh believe me when the season is airing it’s veryyyy alive. You will see every possible theory, gifs of the same clip 10 times, like a lot of rumors/speculations (some pretty crazy ones like some thought isak would sleep with eskild when we saw the mid season break trailer), searching for translations and just crying about when the next clip/text will come out (lots of crying and desperation)

But i love every minute of it (((: I really hope you will enjoy it!

Goodbye Bones.

As someone who was only introduced to Bones during their mid season break for season eleven, which was aired in 2016, I am a very new fan. I watched the season six episode number sixteen: The Blackout In The Blizzard. My Health Care teacher put it on for me, and I was hooked. I did not understand who any of these characters were, or where they worked, but I enjoyed so much. That weekend, I started from the begining and I was in love from there. I fell in love with the characters and their diverse personalities and ways of looking at life. They all interacted so well together and they clashed at points, but they all worked so well. It only took me about nine months of on and off again binging to finish the series. I would also go back and re-watch because I loved the show so much. I loved it because it they made the characters come full circle. They made every arc well planned and flow so well. They had such amazing character development and the sub-plots worked so well with a bigger picture. I was in love, and now every Tuesday since January of 2017, I have been glued to my TV screen for an hour, but in two weeks I will be saying goodbye to one of the greatest TV shows I have ever had the pleasure of watching. I am so sad that it is leaving but the past twelve years have some of the best. I do wish I was introduced to this amazing show earlier, but I am so glad that I was before this show ended. This show has an incredible cast of people and I give them all my heart. They worked to create a show, no they created a family where the viewers feel so included. So, thank you so much Hart Hanson for creating one of the best shows that has ever aired. Thank you, I mean it.


I recently watched the film, Moonlight, and I can’t help to think of the impacts this movie will have on the generation and film industry to come. I will admit that I never heard of this film until the whole commotion on Twitter broke out about the Oscars. I haven’t watched any sort of award show since 2010, for no particular reason, I just lost interest. I figured I would watch both La la land and Moonlight. I didn’t know what either movie was about, I know how it sounds, but to my defense I was to busy binge watching The Walking Dead before the mid-season break was over. Moonlight took the cake, I personally didn’t like La la land because it was a musical (sorry spoiler!). Ok, that’s not a valid reason, I didn’t like La la land because it had a gushy escapist feel to it. Granted that Emma Stone did a phenomenal job at acting and the ending was a bittersweet feeling, I felt it was no comparison to the story of a boy’s life in Miami. I also seen the movie, Brokeback Mountain, and I think this film may have influence the industry to show LGBT community on screen. Since watching Brokeback Mountain I can see the evolution of film and I love its success so far.


Motherly Scootaloo Season 3.5 Begin!

TL;DR: No, Motherly is not a humanized blog now, just for this arc. Updates every Friday.

No, Motherly Scootaloo is not officially back yet. However! I feel bad leaving you guys hanging with nothing for updates while I work on “This is an RPG” so I’m fixing that! So we’re going to have a “for fun” story arc that takes place during the mid-season break, aptly dubbed “Motherly Scootaloo Season 3.5.″

Updates will be every Friday for this particular arc. Motherly will go back to it’s Tuesday/Friday update schedule when it does properly come back, and it will be Pony again, don’t you guys worry! (UNLESS the humans prove popular? I’d be willing to have the last Season be humans if you guys like this. THOUGH Sweetie would have a horn and Scoots would have wings, that kind of humanized.)

Anyways, why humanized? Mostly for the fun of it, I’ve really been enjoying drawing humans lately and I wanted to draw them for Motherly for a bit. Why not EQG style? For specific reasons I felt they would clash a little here so I decided against it (Plus I like my humanized skin tones). Why this arc? You’ll see by the next update!

Anyways, I think that’s most of the FAQ I’ll get on this, so I hope you guys all enjoy the short ride! I’m still working on my game as well, so I hope you all stick around!

After 3x07 we won’t see Lexa till 3x11/12. And there will be a mid season break after 3x08. So, after 3x07 we won’t see Lexa FOR 6 WEEKS GUYS HOW ARE WE GOING TO SURVIVE SOMEONE EXPLAIN PLS