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What each planet governs
  • Rising/Ascendant: How the world perceives you, your outward appearance, first impressions
  • Moon: Emotions, expressions, intuition
  • Sun: Your inner-self, ego, consciousness
  • Venus: Love, affection, passion
  • Saturn: Responsibility, level of reality, patience
  • Jupiter: Luck, how you perceive the world, confidence
  • Mercury: Logic, creativity, social interactions
  • Mars: Execution of thoughts, aggression, power
  • Uranus: Uniqueness, sense, psychic ability
  • Neptune: Religion, spiritual thought process, imagination
  • Pluto: Growth, change, adaptability
  • Lilith: Your dark side, your flaws, bad traits
  • Descendant: Friendship
  • Midheaven: What you aim for in life
  • N. Node: What you are destined to do
  • S. Node: Your past life and memories
  • IC: What shapes us
She’s No Angel (Part 3)

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A/N: Yeah. There are frosted honey buns in space.

Running. That’s what you were doing. You had to run so you wouldn’t be dragged as he stomped down the hall. Holding the data pad tight to your chest, you focused on your breathing. Even though you didn’t look it, you weren’t as fit as you used to be. Back in the academy, you were one of the top players on two varsity sports teams. You thought about how ridiculous those uniforms were. The shorts were always rising. Mid-thought and Kylo Ren’s grip tightened, lifting you off the ground a little. A turn of the corner and you were in his “office”. Once in, the door shut behind you. Catching your breath you observed there was only one chair and it was behind his desk. ‘Guess I have to stand.’ “Don’t be so lazy consultant.” He spoke while sitting in his chair. You tentatively took a step forward to begin.

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anonymous asked:

What sign do you think people show the most on Tumblr? Mid heaven? Rising?

Well the Midheaven is generally how we behave on the internet, but considering Tumblr is Tumblr, I think our Mars signs end up showing a lot


The more I look at this the more dissatisfied I feel so I probably won’t be finishing it ever.

A shot at finally figuring out Demian’s design. 

Wow. those are some long legs.” you might say. And yes, he was blessed with limbs long and knobby enough to shame a gazelle [or celestial antelope, as it is]. He makes the most of ‘em. He tries to, anyway.