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Here is a rec post of fics from between early 2014 and mid-2015, which was possibly when I stopped reading fanfic.

Includes titles and descriptions, which makes it long, so proceed beneath the cut. Not all fics are complete but I would say they are all worth reading regardless.

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Okay so, since I needed something to cheer up a little (as always), and since this is the only way I can celebrate the Fiki Shippers Census (here’s the list, and need I say that I love you all? :3), lo and behold the stupid amazing story of how I started shipping it. <3

Cutting because it’s a long, silly, boring post.

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Gilbert performs some quality control at the Quasi Skateboards warehouse to make sure each board has enough pop for those waist high ledges and picnic tables. 

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Cecil the Goblin King - @wyntera

Drawlloween Day 3: Goblin

Oh this picture. I had no idea what to do for goblin, it was driving me crazy, and then inspiration. If you haven’t seen Labrynth, then I suggest you do. Good ole mid-80′s quality. (Fun fact: I was 1 year old when that came out!)

Yes, that is my attempt at using Cecil Baldwin as a reference. I don’t do so well trying to replicate celebrities. Plus he has hair! With special guest Khoshekh!

Everything I’ve done, I’ve done for you. I move the stars for no one.