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This is a redo of my original, but i wanted to condense it down, with  updated info

So @funkyhunkygrunklestans and I are planning on moving in together into our first apartment, in the Portland, Oregon area in the summer (late July to mid August). One problem is that I’m currently residing in Iowa. And traveling over 1,500 miles/ 27 hour drive with only a bedroom worth of stuff, and a cat, I’m gonna need some help getting over there.

With this move, I would be in a better place, surrounded by supportive friends and I would no longer have to feel shitty due to my family’s toxic nature. Plus I would have a better job opportunity than what’s here in Iowa.

To cover everything ( Gas, Food on the trip, hotel, moving truck with a car dolly) is going to cost about


To see break down on prices, go here > LINK <

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A few ways to help me out:

  1. Commissions, which you can find my prices >here<
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Any bit will help. Help me get to a better place, surrounded by awesome friends!!

HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY to “Bayformers” !!! :D

it was around this time (late June & early-mid July), 10 years ago in 2007, when the first live-action Transformers movie made it’s big debut on movie screens around the world!

whether we hate or love these movies, there is one hugely important thing that the vast majority of us can agree upon: this movie changed our lives. it’s what got us into Transformers. we owe a great deal to the people who brought this movie to life. who knows what state the Transformers franchise might be in otherwise? without it, we’d probably have no TFA, no TFP, significantly fewer comic series, and we wouldn’t have met all our wonderful friends through the fandom!

this is one birthday I’m glad to celebrate. this movie completely changed my life, and it’s been (mostly) a great source of happiness over the past 10 years. so Happy Birthday Bayformers!! thanks for everything! :D


Hi frenssssss!

Here are my stone paths, all grass patterns, summer match (that started in early or mid July, omg I’m so sorry I was so late with these!)

These match best during sunny days, especially from late morning to early/mid afternoon!

Use ‘em?  Take a picture and tag me, please!  :D

Got a request?  Shoot me an ask or an IM.  Along with your request, please let me know what your grass pattern is (or if you just want your path blended with the grass “background” color).  Sometimes requests take me a bit, because I work full time :/


New pin pre-orders available now, including two potions and Sailor Moon inspired cats ^-^ First orders receive pretty matching stickers too ✨ 


The new pin designs as well as the 2-packs have a special discounted pre-order price. The pins start shipping out from the Netherlands around mid-late July.

Gemsona Week 2017: JULY

It’s here, folks- fashionably late, but that’s 2017 for you. The exact date will be announced soon, but expect it in mid-to-late July!

Now’s the time to dust off your OCs and update any design changes! Introduce (or re-introduce) your gemsonas in the #gemsona tag! 

Graeystone: You may want to skip the next two or three pages if you are a fan of a certain character.

Neop: I’ll need to do a break from drawing comics for the rest of them month (exams >.<). Expect the next page some time in mid- or late July. Also, there will be another break in August :/

I’m about to start working on something but right now all I can think about is something where Geno controls the weather. And no one on the team knows it. It revolves around his mood and when he meets Sid it quickly starts to revolve around Sids mood. The day after Sid complains about going to Chicago for a game because they’re going through a particularly brutal cold snap it’s 75 and sunny when they touch down. It snows on Christmas Eve every year- but not enough to mess up travel plans. Just enough to coat the trees and the lights. It pours for a week solid when he’s out with an upper body injury. Sids birthday is always sunny and warm.

The first time he changes the weather in Pittsburgh it’s during his first year. It’s during training camp and late September feels more like mid July and the heat and humidity is unrelenting and Sid won’t stop complaining about it and Geno really only makes it snow to shut him up. He was only going to do it once. His mother warned him. but then the whole team gathers in the parking lot and there are snow flakes sticking to Sid’s eyelashes and his dark curls and Sid is just a kid, only 18, but he looks so happy. So carefree. Like the weight of the hockey world is suddenly off his shoulders and Geno knows he’s going to be doing this again.

When they kiss for the first time frost forms on the grass beneath their feet because that’s where they’re happiest; together and on the ice

This Is Will from IT, How Can I Help You? (Office AU Update)

Somewhere in between my last fic and right now I forgot how difficult writing is. Structure and planning for my Office AU is pretty much all done, but I’m only about 2000 words in of the actual writing, so I think my mid-July promise is going to have to be pushed back to late-July, more likely end-of-July. 

450 word preview of the first chapter below the cut! :)

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anonymous asked:

and the other boys put out for the August one. "There’s also some indication that Zayn was always meant to be on MITAM and they rearranged the parts unevenly after he was taken off of it." That's really interesting, do you have any post about that?

I think the first part of this post might have gotten eaten by Tumblr.

I never completely finished my post about MITAM.  I still need to go through and do some part distribution comparison with other albums.

The big ones that are really noticeable where the distribution is messed up are:

Liam sings 2 verses in a row on “I Want to Write You a Song” while Louis has no verse at all.  Louis sings the chorus 2 out of 3 times, but the chorus is very short in that song.  It’s weird that Liam has a verse, then the chorus comes, then Liam has another verse.  It’s the type of song Louis’ voice would work well with too.  It makes more sense to think Zayn was on one of the verses that Liam now has and that’s why Louis doesn’t have a verse.

On “If I Could Fly” there’s a breakdown where each boy is singing 1 line.  If you listen to it, though, Harry has 2.  He sings one and then he also sings the last one too.  The next line has vocal backing whereas the other 5 lines didn’t.  It sounds a lot like there were meant to be 5 lines sung by 5 different singers rather than 5 lines sung by 4 singers.

Harry sings an absurd amount of “Perfect”.  While this makes some sense because it’s a sort of stunt song to throw more attention at Haylor, it’s still crazy how much of the song he sings.  He leads the long chorus all 3 times and he’s also got the bridge.  He easily solos or leads on more than half of the song.  I think it was more like 2/3 even.  It would make more sense if someone else led at least one of the choruses that sandwich the bridge.

Liam sings pretty much the entire last 1/3 of “Long Way Down” by himself.  He sings a lot of the last verse and then he sings all the echoes leading into the end of the song.  For a band with 4 ostensible singers, it’s confusing why 1 of them would sing such a large uninterrupted chunk of a song.  The same goes for “Perfect” too.

In general, Harry and Liam seem to end up with more of certain songs than really seems natural.  There used to be a large split on the singing, but it had gotten better through MM and FOUR.  MITAM was a step backwards.

The other big indicator is what went on around “Drag Me Down’s” release. Basically, there were hints from the boys Zayn’s return was imminent, stalker fans and UA’s were claiming Zayn was in LA and possibly meeting up with the boys, Zayn responded to Liam on Twitter about the band anniversary, and then “Drag Me Down” came out unexpectedly but the date on iTunes was wrong.  

What it looks like is Zayn was supposed to return and the boys were supposed to release “Drag Me Down” right after to capitalize on the excitement.  Some BTS stuff went on with Zayn’s return and “Drag Me Down” was released a week early without Zayn.  It’s likely they had 2 versions of the song, one with him and one without.  The 2 posts I have about this with a few more details are: http://bakagamieru.tumblr.com/post/145990041883/could-you-explain-what-you-mean-by-the-drag-me#notes and http://bakagamieru.tumblr.com/post/130973318148/must-consider-the-release-of-drag-me-down#notes

I can’t tell if you knew about this or were asking about it, but something important to understanding what was going on around August 2015 is knowing that 3 patterns of hints plus the original “Drag Me Down” release date all converged at the same time. 2 of the patterns are here: http://bakagamieru.tumblr.com/post/141932812163/i-dont-get-how-niall-wearing-all-black-has#notes.  The 3rd is here: http://bakagamieru.tumblr.com/post/130997640818/5th-of-the-month#notes

(Edit: It was actually 4 patterns… 2 of them served the same purpose and slightly overlapped, but they helped indicate different potential return periods: yellow sticker (late July) and batman references (mid-late August), the other 2 are the 5th of the month events and Niall’s all black clothing in concert; anyway, the 1st link actually has 3 patterns in the posts linked to it)

hi! a lot of you are new since the last time i did this, so here’s a quick rundown of what you’re about to read: i do a weekly rec list of all of the fics that i’ve read/enjoyed and all of what i’ve written, with a short review of each one, to let everyone appreciate what i appreciate. basically, a roundup for me to see that i’ve been writing, and an appreciation post for so many authors in the fandom. it’s been a while bc i got busy with shit bang/reverse bang, so this is one for the whole month - after this one, though, i’m going back to weekly/bi-weekly ones depending on how busy i am. always always always please send me fic recs bc i want to appreciate everyone’s favorites, and everyone to appreciate mine. so here we go! 

please remember to leave a kudos/comment on these if you enjoy them - authors thrive on praise.

(Some Of) What I Read This Month (Mid July-Late August 2017)

story of my life - vodkawrites - @vodkawrites​ - There are 3,140,000 results on Google Search for why you should meet your idol. Meeting your idol could allow you to tell them personally how much they mean to you and can inspire you to be more like your idol. / However, there are 20,300,000 reasons why you shouldn’t meet your idol. / Or; AU where Victor is a famous author and Yuuri is his biggest fan.
(Super cute story where Viktor is a famous author who writes about figure skating and Yuuri is a World Champion figure skater but VIktor doesn’t know)

Open At The Touch - kiaronna - @kiaronna​ -  Maybe Nishigori got ahold of a lock of Viktor’s hair, and some Polyjuice potion. Maybe it’s all an elaborate prank. With this as his only reasonable explanation, he steps forward, snags Viktor by his robes and tugs him in. / “Nishigori,” he says in Japanese, “this prank isn’t funny. Your English is better than when I left, though.” / “Ah,” says the fake Viktor Nikiforov in English, voice dipping, and is he blushing? “What was that?” / “Maybe I got hit in the head by a Bludger,” Yuuri muses. Viktor’s smile grows ever wider, tightening at the edges. “Maybe I never came home from my international Quidditch competition. Maybe I’m lying in the hospital right now, hallucinating.” / There has to be an explanation, mystical and magical or medical, for the best Seeker in the Quidditch world showing up at his door; something besides his portrait, which won’t stop talking to Yuuri anyway.
(Ahhh an amazing hp au with them both as quidditch players and viktor showing up to train viktor - the stuff with the portrait is one of the favorite things i’ve ever read in an hp au)

Blog About It - Dawn on ICE (Dawn_Blossom) - @dawnonice​ - Victor creates a blog where he posts about his husband, skating, and his husband’s skating. Only, shockingly, it turns out that saying he’s “literally Victor Nikiforov” on tumblr does absolutely nothing to convince anybody of his identity, even though he was never trying to hide it in the first place.
(I, too, claim to be literally Viktor Nikiforov, but unfortunately am not. A super cute take on a social media fic - which is one of my favorite tropes)

Five Times Yuuri Did Something He Regretted With Victor - liliths - @mckkachins​ - —and one exception. / “Extend,” Victor said, so Yuuri extended his arms a bit further. / “Stretch,” Victor said, so Yuuri stretched his free leg out a bit further. / “Jump,” Victor said, and Yuuri never had to ask “how high?” / “Yuuri, eat this flaming-hot chili pepper that I bought from the market,” Victor said, and the first thing that came out of his mouth was the tea he had been drinking. / Yuuri and Victor-centric, in which Yuuri makes questionable life decisions with humorous outcomes and with Victor by his side. Oneshot.
(a precious and hilarious fic about them coming to live with each other. i’m in love with their love)

“sleep with” is a stupid idiom - seventhstar - @pencilwalla​ - In one universe, Viktor asks Yuuri to sleep with him on his first night in Hasetsu and gets rejected. / In another, he doesn’t. This happens instead.
(we all know i’m weak for nuri’s writing, but this story is exceptional. read the other in the series too - i laughed. poor, sweet yuuri)

Surrogate - rougeandtonic - (unsure of tumblr, please tell me if you know) - In which Yuuri is broke and jobless and carrying a baby for retired figure skater Victor Nikiforov, Victor is intent on breaking every one of their surrogacy agency’s rules, and Phichit tries really, really hard to be a voice of reason.
(one of my first dives into a/b/o fic - it’s a trope i usually avoid, but this fic has a fun premise, and i’m excited it was linked to me. i’m looking forwad to more)

…or it didn’t happen - Lady_Ganesh - (tumblr unknown, please tell me if you know) - The morning after the banquet, Yuuri wakes up to a hangover, a few fuzzy memories of the previous night and the realization that he sent some guy dickpics last night…and had gotten one back. / Cyrillic guy seemed nice. Friendly. Somebody he might have wanted to hang out with, if things had been different. / Yuuri hoped he hadn’t pretended the guy was Victor Nikiforov or something stupid like that. When he got that drunk, all bets were off.
(ahhh a great take on what could have happened at the banquet)

Raison d'Être - cutesudon (vityanikiforova) - @cutesudon / @vityanikiforova - 1. reason or justification for existence; the thing that is most important to someone or something; the sole or ultimate purpose of someone. / President Nikiforov of Russia has a few weaknesses: premium rye vodka, an attention span of 30 minutes, and a torrid love affair with the Japanese Prime Minister.
(mmm, yes. this is a very good fic. i’m looking forward to the rest of the verse, there’s some great stuff coming)

Matched - DefiantDreams - @gia-comeatme - If three men are all in love with each other, in how many ways can there be a couple? / (Hint: Polyamory.) / Or: / Chris and Yuuri match on Tinder, but they’re both in love with Victor Nikiforov (and Victor Nikiforov is in love with them).
(SO I MIGHT NOT HAVE READ THE FINISHED VERSION OF THIS YET but i betaed for it and it is a simply amazing fic, you really really need to read it.)

On Online and Offline Love - AlexWSpark - @alexwspark - Gaming/Streaming AU: In which Yuuri and Victor are gamers, head over heels for each other, and hoping to one day come face-to-face. Of course, when two whipped, adorable fluff-balls are involved, shenanigans ensue… / Mature rating only applies to the final chapter. Chapter titles are taken from the Final Fantasy 9 soundtrack <3
(look, i know legit nothing about gaming but i heard some great stuff about this fic and was not disappointed. it was amazing)

Misconceptions and Truths About Vampires - glassteacup - (tumblr unknown, please tell me if you know) - Yuuri and Phichit have been living in Detroit for the past five years. Yuuri gives lessons at the local rink and has a new student. Featuring - Yuuri is terrible at being a vampire, Phichit is an amazing best friend, and Viktor is bedazzling like the sun. / Yuuri pokes at his dinner, toppling the neatly piled tower of raw beef on the third try. / Phichit reaches across the table and swats his fork hand. “Stop playing with your food.” / Yuuri sets his mouth in a straight line. “I’m not playing,” he grouses. There’s only so much steak tartare one can eat three times a day. / Phichit rolls his eyes and returns to his phone, finger flicking at the screen rapidly. He’s probably busy with ordering “delivery” on one of his apps. Yuuri wisely keeps his mouth shut except for opening it in between shoving in forkfuls of food.
(i read a lot of vampire aus recently and this one was hilarious. a very different take on it, and i love itI)

when the ice melts in the snow (that’s when you’ll love me) - lilithiumwords - @amberstarfight - Katsuki Yuuri is the worst incubus in the Underworld. Viktor Nikiforov is his human target.
(so i might have reread this entire fic with the newest update, but, you know, that’s fine. it’s such a fun demon au with so much mythology woven in. i love it.)

Falling For Your Charms - Reiya - @kazliin - Professor Katsuki’s crush on Professor Nikiforov is supposed to be a great secret. / So naturally, the whole school knows
(i need to convince all of no one in this fandom that kaz is a genius, but this fic is so fluffy and soft. i love the take on an hp au that doesn’t have them as students. i’m so excited to see what comes next ^-^)

boy next door - wingchestr - @softboyyuuri / @yuurispasteldildo“Hi, welcome to the Green Bean,” Yuuri says, in the way that’s become something of a joke between them. “What can I get for you today?” / In which Viktor buys way too much coffee from the cute barista at the coffeeshop on the corner, and Yuuri has a terrible crush that Viktor never, ever needs to know about, and somehow it all works out in the end.
(like i said, i’m incredibly new to enjoying a/b/o dynamics, but this one is amazingly soft. i love it so far)

Twingenuity - Caeseria - @caeseria - Victor arrives in Hasetsu, completely unaware that Yuuri has an identical, overly affectionate, twin brother. The resulting temptation might actually kill him before he gets Yuuri to the GPF like he promised.
(you all know i have a yuuri/viktor/yuuri thing, and this is a different take on that trope, but i love it so much. i started the fic months ago but got distracted and left it behind, and i just finished it right before the last few chapters went up. koji is probably my favorite oc in the entire fandom)

“Be My Sex Coach, Victor!” - lucycamui - @lucycamui - Yuuri Katsuki has always been his own worst critic, and a series of unfortunate short-lived relationships has him convinced that he flubs things more in the bedroom than out on the ice. So, of course it would turn out that the ridiculously charming Russian he’s matched with online is a pornstar. / But perhaps, a ‘professional opinion’ is exactly what Yuuri needs…
(”Oh, the pornstar au updated!” is not something that I thought I would yell excitedly, but yet here I am. This fic is written so wonderfully and has a perfect mix of humor and smut that i just,,, i adore this fic so much. I’m so glad i gave it a shot.)

Sympathy for the Devil - Mythmaker - @catamight“…Are you telling me, that becoming a creature of the night has cured my anxiety?” he hissed, glaring at the wall so he wouldn’t glare at Phichit. For a brief moment, he thought he saw a flash of red reflect off nearby surfaces. / His friend actually had the gall to start laughing, and it sounded a tad hysterical. / – / Yuuri Katsuki lost his dog, lost his ability to place higher than 6th at the Sochi Grand Prix final, and lost his pride when Viktor Nikiforov didn’t know who he was. After the night of the banquet, he also loses something else. Something kind of important. / Something like his mortality.
(Viktor has barely even come into play in this au yet and I still love it. It’s such a fun vampire au and Phichit is the Best and I love him him.)

(Some Of) What I Wrote This Month (Mid July-Late August 2017)

a picture’s worth a thousand words - Yuuri woke up that morning with 3 things: a hangover that rivaled all his past hangovers put together, all of his blankets and pillows and, apparently, clothing strewn on the floor, and a picture of him and Viktor Nikiforov that made him look even more like a stalker as his phone background.
(Or: The canon divergent au where Yuuri takes a bunch of selfies with Viktor at the banquet but deletes them all)

desserts is stressed spelled backwards - Viktor was an insomniac who was lured to the door of his mysterious neighbor who liked to bake at night. One night, when Viktor took his dog out for a walk, he smelled cookies and left a note on his neighbor’s door saying how good it smelled…
(My reverse bang fic! check out this art and this art)

call of the wild - After his failure at the Grand Prix Final in Sochi, Yuuri goes home, but home isn’t back to Hasetsu. Home is the sea, where Yuuri lives as a siren, who feels as though he’s a failure to his family because he’s yet to place a successful Call on a mortal. It reaches Yuuri that Viktor Nikiforov has shown up in Hasetsu to coach Yuuri, and Yuuri doesn’t understand why, and doesn’t feel worthy. He’s not even human, but for some reason, Viktor has chosen to coach him. Nonetheless he goes back to shore. / For some strange reason, Viktor Nikiforov seems unbelievably attracted to Yuuri. / (Or: The canon divergent au where Yuuri is a siren.)
(My shit bang fic!! Check out the art)

“Lonicera Paellax”

Ignis/Aranea (FFXV) | 3.2k words | I’ll tag it M but it doesn’t really deserve it

Authors Notes: Oh god, there wasn’t enough content for this ship so I made some??? Have 3,000 words of Ignis over-intellectualizing the entire universe, and Aranea being her generally sassy self. Pre-Altissia. Canon compliant where there’s actually canon to be had. Vague musings of Iggy’s backstory. Allusions to Aranea/Ravus. 

“So what is this plant we’re hunting for, again?”

Lonicera Paellax.”

“Great. Got anything more helpful than that, Ivory Tower?” Aranea’s voice was a taunting barb a few paces behind him as they picked their way through the beach rose and scrub pine of the Vannath sea-cliffs. “I’m not writing a dissertation. I’d just like to be able to spot the damn things before I’ve crushed them all to hell. These boots aren’t exactly ballet shoes, you know.”    

Ignis smirked. Of course he new that the scientific name was useless in their current context, but he liked the sound of the words… and maybe the sound of her frustration.

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[Ensemble Stars!] Niitengomu! x MOVIC Part. 3

Hello! My friend OujiKazuaki on twitter is doing a box split for the latest Ensemble Stars Niitengomu pack. 

First come; first serve. Payments are not due until I have confirmed the arrival of the straps (this is a preorder and expected to arrive mid to late July). All orders come with an A6 sketch of your choice as thanks. 

Price: 618¥ + shipping (US $2.67; Intl. varies from $9-$14 based on region)


Hibiki Wataru
Tenshouin Eichi
Himemiya Tori 
Fushimi Yuzuru (Tentative)
Aoba Tsumugi
Sakasaki Natsume 
Harukawa Sora 
Suou Tsukasa 
Narukami Arashi (Tentative)
Tsukinaga Leo
Sena Izumi 

Sakuma Ritsu  (Tentative)

edit: crossed out claimed charas!

Please reach them on twitter or message on their blog @ochalog. Thank you!

hey friends! so mid-late july i potentially have a spare room to fill in my house/will need to find a spare room in someone else’s house! i’m currently in the caulfield area and i’d love to stay around here if possible but i’m not really in a position to be too fussy at the moment

i’d really appreciate y’all keeping your ears to the ground if you can, maybe even chuck us a reblog so i don’t go broke or end up living with my parents again :^)

Keeping Warm On The Prairie

Author: PickingViolets

Rating: M

Status: Completed in July 2017

Word Count: 35,802

Summary: It’s the mid to late 1800’s. Kurt and Blaine are pioneers in Dakota Territory. Life is hard, struggling to survive the bitter prairie winters. Struggling to accept their feelings in an era where unconventional relationships are scorned is even harder. They are forced to confront those feelings when they are stuck together during a blizzard, depending on each other to survive.

Tropes/Genre: historical!Klaine, first time, romance, angst, hurt/comfort

Lynne’s review: Oh, how I loved this story! I love love LOVE Klaine set in different time periods or time travel, etc. Such a wonderful story. I love when an author writes an abundance of just Klaine time! Definitely check this out.

Read at: FF.net

Alright lets do this!

Before we release the new story I again want to thank everyone for their patience, and above all else @zootopia123 and @trashasaurusrex!

Zootopia123 has been my co-colaborator and writer for the new story since mid to late June, early July? He first edited the last few chapter of ICABS and is still doing so in the new story. Im going to honestly say I doubt I could have made such progress without his help and fantastic writing abilities!  Im very glad he and I are working together, I couldn’t ask for anyone better!

Now Trash gave me the great privilege of writing Isabelle’s story months ago, and it has been one of my biggest accomplishments. I want to thank her for letting me continue writing for her and allowing me to move on to the next story!    And above all else, for being so patient with me especially in the recent months! 

Without further delay, the first chapter will be posted on FF.net first, then AO3 and finally Tumblr! 

So its with great pleasure that I finally give you our new story: A Wilde Journey! 

Enjoy Everyone :D

Originally posted by constable-frozen

bokuakakuroken  asked:

Hi Sarah! (Thanks so much, as always, for somehow managing to keep up with all the news and new photos/articles last week - that update capacity was WILD.) I saw the starting date for SoP is early September - I remember reading most plays require about 3 months rehearsal, so do you think maybe... early June? Not sure if a date was confirmed, otherwise I guess it's just a matter of waiting for the day we get an influx of rehearsal photos, eeeee. (Fingers-crossed for Yuuki to start updating, too!)

Actually most 2.5D stage plays require 1 month of rehearsal, and in Spring this year, Engeki Haikyuu sort of bent the rules by having closer to 6 weeks of rehearsals instead of 4.  So really the earliest we’d see anything would be mid-late July.  Probably closer to August since this play shouldn’t require nearly as much complicated choreography as what was in Winners and Losers.  Unless they feel like going crazy lol.  

As for Yuuki (and I’m assuming you mean Yuuki Kousei; btw Yuuki is his family name), he doesn’t have his own blog or twitter; he is on the shared Ebi-Chili-dan blog with Noya’s actor Fuchino Yuuto, but his last update to that blog was back in January.  So I get the feeling we won’t hear from him much.  But whatever I can find, I’ll post!