mid or late july

colder weather

i’m calling my dealer now,
he’ll be over in the hour
funny how the sound of your name
still makes my mouth turn sour
by 2 in the morning ill forget the way used to sound
and she’ll come up to my room and turn my lights down

she holds me down, the walls are spinning.
late night drives in mid july,
with you next to me singing.
her lip stick stains me, she grips my sheets.
but it’s still hot philly air and empty dark streets.
now we get fucked up, but we carry on.
with the memory of you, i move along.
her cold hands shaking don’t go misunderstood,
cause the weather always changes
even though you never could.

Hey guys! Just a heads up, but I am currently in West Virginia (home of my fav cryptid, the ever mysterious mothman) visiting family, and will be outtie town until mid to late July. I’ll probably still be fairly active, but a lot of the drawings im gonna be putting up in the next few weeks will be stuff I did for my art final and put off posting until after it got graded (miss mantis was one of those).
Hope you all are having happy summers n all that!

@nandireya replied to your post “So, so far we have: Jan 13 (Hunk - Capricorn) Feb 29 (Shiro - Pisces)…”

Scorpio could fit for Keith… Resourceful, brave, passionate, stubborn, a true friend, distrusting, jealous, secretive, violent

Totally! I’ve seen that headcanon around

I guess I’m operating more with the mindset of “if they continue releasing birthdays with approximately the same frequency as they have been so far, we’ll end up with a mid-May birthday and a late June/early July birthday” in which case we wouldn’t even come close to the Scorpio dates bracket :P

Meowchi Monday has a special announcement! 

Disapproval Meowchi, Nomwhal, and Tofusagi will all go up for pre-orders tomorrow! The meowchi will stay up for an entire week. We do not expect to have them in hand for shipment until mid to late July, so keep that in mind when ordering! Disapproval Meowchi will ONLY be available during this one week pre-order event. Nomwhal & Tofusagi will remain staples in our store for the foreseeable future!

Since I’ve bell feeling crappy lately have a 3 month progress pic. Mid April to mid July. Same size shirt (wearing 2x for body issues but can rock a L/XL now) went from 2x plus size pants to xl petite pants (I’m way short lol) the best part of taking all these obnoxious gym pics is actually being able to see the difference. It def helps to combat some of the toxic thoughts swimming around my brain.


These are Dante (the fat ginger one) and Beemo (the tiny black one)! Dante likes to sleep in sinks a lot and get in trouble, Beemo likes to tread me and then go to sleep on me. Dante loves humans, while Beemo is really shy and will hide in the basement if we have someone over she doesn’t know.
Dante was born in late July 2014, Beemo mid-March 2014. The reason Beemo is so much tinier is that her mom was tiny too!


#TravelTuesday along Colorado’s Alpine Loop National Backcountry Byway with Guest Photographer Bob Wick!

Southwest Colorado’s Alpine Loop National Backcountry Byway provides access to some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere in the Rockies.  Here, jagged peaks up to 14,000 feet in elevation rise above rushing streams and wildflower filled meadows.  My favorite time to photograph here is in mid-late July when the wildflowers reach their peak.  Another amazing time is late September when the aspen turn the mountainsides golden.

Heading west from Lake City, make sure to stop at Cataract Gulch.  The trail here is a somewhat arduous but very rewarding climb along a forest clad stream plunging over rocks and falls.  Even a short hike up part of the trail offers great scenery and photo opportunities.

A few miles further West, the American Basin in Handies Peak Wilderness Study Area has a plethora of wildflowers including fields of Colorado’s state flower, the columbine.  You can scale 14,000 foot Handies Peak with a long non-technical but demanding day hike.  Stop by alpine Sloan Lake along the way with its turquoise waters and alpine flowers.  Photo tip: I try to photograph wildflowers in the morning before it gets windy.  I also get low; shooting from the same height, or even looking up from below taller flowers as it provides a fresh and interesting perspective.  Use a very small aperture (F-16) to keep both the flowers and distant landscape features in focus.

You’ll need four-wheel drive to reach the higher passes on the Alpine Loop which top-out above treeline at over 12,800 feet on Engineer Pass.  Just to the west of this pass is the ghost town of Animas Forks, at 11,200 feet.  The restored log cabins offer excellent photo subjects.  The surrounding communities of Lake City, Silverton and Ouray offer a variety of services including jeep rentals.  Photo tip: When photographing at high elevations around light colored rock or patches of snow, your camera’s light meter can be tricked into underexposing the image – set your camera to snow/beach mode or overexpose by one or two stops to get the correct exposure.

Check out our @esri Colorado Alpine Loop multimedia storymap-journal for more stunning photos, videos, helpful links and maps of the area: mypubliclands.tumblr.com/traveltuesdaycoloradoalpineloop.

[BLOODLINE] is an 8 part anthology pornzine series for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure!

Bloodline: Phantom Blood will kick off the beginning of the series and feature 10 invited artists, each creating two pages of content for a total of 20 brand new illustrations!

From part 2 and onward, there will be 20 artists for each part, for a total of 40 illustrations. The 10 original artists will be invited to each part, and the remaining positions will be filled through applications! (Application process for BLOODLINE: Battle Tendency is scheduled to start in September).

Each fanzine will be released both physically and digitally.

Preorders for the first fanzine begin July 25th, and will ship out mid to late August.

By purchasing the zine, you are agreeing that you are 18 years of age or older.

If there are any questions/concerns, please send a message!

Artists | About

As I announced on the Stream last night, the Skylar shirts will be returning!

In order to commemorate Skylar 2.0’s release, we will be doing another T-Shirt fundraiser.

The design is by @foervraengd, who created Skylar’s ‘canon’ design, and the money will go towards helping me and my fiancé Liz get a place where we can move in together.

The campaign will launch mid/late July and last for two weeks, and the shirts will be available for around $18-$20 (exact price to be determined)

🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇩🇪 LONDON / PARIS / BERLIN : I’m coming 2 u in one month ! Lmk if you live in any of these cities and want to shoot / hang / have me perform / let me host yr party / wine and dine / talk about existence / fuck the club up / etc. Late June - Mid-July, I can’t wait to see u ! 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇩🇪


I meant to do this at the 1000+ followers but it was the end of the semester and I got SUPER busy, as to be expected. So to celebrate 1200+ followers I wanna do a little give away!

Some rules:

  1. Reblog or like this post (I’ll only be counting one vote per person)
  2. Must be following
  3. Must be willing to give me a shipping address (I can do some research for shipping but shipping outside of the US may get difficult. If for some reason I can’t send you your gifts I will supplement with some fan art/requests)
  4. I obviously don’t want to ship you folks your stuff from Italy, so I will close the polls on the last day of June and then hopefully send everything out by mid to late July!
  5. Ask/Private message must be open so I can contact you. Must respond within two weeks or spot is forfeited.
  6. Also! If you change your url and I can’t find you than that will also forfeit your spot :-) I will do my best.
  7. Ya’ll are all sweeties <3

Three randomly chosen winners will receive:

-Some Italian art supplies! I’m going to Florence for the summer so I will get some fancy stuff you can only get in Italy! I’m not sure what they’ve got yet, but I’m anticipating getting some pens, a nice sketchbook, idk I’ll try to get some stuff that has mass appeal.

-Nicknacks, interesting things from Italy (If I find something interesting!)

-Some baked goods/desserts. I will make and send a delicatessen of the winners choice (Please something that can ship and be saved well. Also I’m confident I can make most types of bars, tortes/tarts, pies, cakes, cookies, etc. but something like a croquembouche is probably out of my price/experience range)

It’s so hard for me to grasp that just this past December I’d had about 250 followers which had kind of stagnated for the past couple of years that I’ve been on Tumblr and then joining the Check Please! fandom brought SO MANY LOVELY INDIVIDUALS and an amazing fandom that is SUPER DUPER FREAKING NICE, AND GAH I JUST LOVE YOU ALL, SO LIKE AND OR REBLOG AND I’LL SEND YA SOME STUFF. <3 <3 <3

Arched Hooktip (Drepana arcuata)

Also known as the Masked Birch Caterpillar in its larval stage, the arched hooktip is a species of Hooktip moth (Drepanidae) that is native to North America, where it occurs from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island, south to South Carolina to the east and California to the west. Adults are often on wing from mid-may through late-July. Juveniles are known to associate with and feed on Betula, Papyrifera, and Alnus spp. 


Animalia-Arthropoda-Insecta-Lepidoptera-Drepanidae-Drepana-D. arcuata

Image: Micheal Hodge