mid hudson

“Is cricket the one where you hit the balls through the little hoops?”

“That’s croquet, Mrs Hudson.”

“Is it the one where you have to throw the ball backwards?”

“No, that’s rugby, Holmes. You solved a whole mystery about rugby, remember?”

“What, that business with the horse?”

“No, that was Silver Blaze–”

Oh, I know - is it the one where they hit eachother with the sticks?”

“That’s … actually, I have no idea what that is, Mrs Hudson. Jousting? Morris dancing?”

Summer is here, and that can only mean one thing - shutting myself indoors to listen to the cricket on the radio and hoping England don’t embarrass themselves too badly!

ETA: wait a minute, the score is what?!

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With Marist just about to receive its first snow of the year, (Not wasting any time for 2011, right?) here are some pictures of the previous winter in Poughkeepsie to get you in the mood for some of the white stuff. All photos were taken by Sean Kulper, associate photographer for the Generator magazine. All shots were taken by a late 70’s 35mm camera, which makes the contribution all the more intriguing. Thanks for looking!