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The conversation in my head about this outfit:

- Well, that was unexpected! But cute. Definitely cute.

- You’re dressed like a 5 year old.

- Cute tho.

- You’re 30.

- But I look lovely!

- The last time you wore something like this was 5 years ago?????

- Oh age is just a num-

- This was your aesthetic 5 years ago?????


I’m still putting this up here because I mean, this is cute. I look like I should be in a Ghibli film! I think there’s something about heels with knee socks that takes any outfit right into EGL territory, and it’s been a long while since I’ve done that. These Bait Footwear oxfords from Unique Vintage are hands down the comfiest heels I’ve worn though. Highly recommend, 10/10. And how adorable is that brolly? This was an unexpected way to put together all the elements of this outfit, a lot more costume-y than I go for these days, but then no one ever died of a bit of over the top cuteness so *shrugface*

♥  Primark denim dress { Similar by Alice & You, also similar styles at Forever 21and ASOS } ♥  Unique Vintage umbrella  ♥  Bait Footwear oxfords  ♥   Tabbisocks crochet socks  ♥  Old ASOS velvet bow  ♥ 

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Genre: smut  |  Word Count: 4,421

Summary: Bucky doesn’t want to attend to his own birthday party, but reader has her own methods to convince him to do so.

Warnings: public teasing, going commando, slight slapping, public sex (?), unprotected sex, intake of alcohol.

Author’s Note: I saw the gif and the idea immediately popped up in my head. It was actually going to be a Sebastian fanfiction, but when I started writing it, I accidentally made it into a Bucky one. And I stuck with it.

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Fighting for a hug...

Plot: TaeTen’s funny story inspired by one of my follower’s dream…with an unexpected cameo from an NCT member :p 

Summer holiday was already over and today you started your last year of high school…big decisions, lot of work and study…

Your best friends didn’t get any news at all from you during the summer, since you were travelling abroad with your older sisters. After one month spent in Japan, you were finally back at home and ready for school…ahh time flew by so quick.

After waking up, preparing and taking your breakfast in a hurry, you run to catch the bus since you were almost late for your classes. Your dear friends were none other than Taeyong and Ten – as people would usually call them TaeTen, because they were always stuck together like a couple. In fact, they were best friends since they were 5 years old and somehow they managed to stick to you since middle school and here you were – happy 3 friends.

What did they not know was that during your summer days, you undergo some big transformation…your hair became longer, you dyed it in a light color, you got a bit of tan and you even changed your style. You were looking always like a tomboy around them but now you were back as a lady-like. Thankfully your school didn’t require you to use any uniform so you could dress comfortable in your own clothes.

As you made your appearance in the classroom, almost everyone couldn’t recognize you. Everyone was asking at first “who is she?”, “is she a new transfer student?” but when you said “hello everyone, did you miss me?” they finally knew who you were as they recognized your voice.

You approached Ten and Taeyong,who  were busy playing some kind of game, when both lifted their heads…you saw their jaws literally dropping down – they couldn’t believe what they saw. Their best-female friend was back like a cute girl, all dressed up, wearing light makeup, a dress and mid-high heels.

They looked in awe at you as you carefully seated in front of them, and when you flipped your hair back…you turned to make eye contact with them and properly greet them, but all you could see was two confused-almost in love-faces. Ten’s eyes almost shot hearts out towards you, while Taeyong was busy sniffing closely your new shampoo…

In your eyes they looked cute but creepy too since you wouldn’t expect them to react like two boys falling in love – especially for you, their best friend.

“Guys, can you wake up for a second? Look, I hope your summer was great, I can’t wait to tell you about my trip abroad…and I also have a surprise for you. Let’s meet in the court yard at noon, ok? I’ll be in the library since I need to search for some books. So let’s meet after lunch, ok? I really missed you so muuuuch!!! Wow Ten, look at your smile, you’re not wearing those brackets anymore! And TY boy, where did it go that baby-fat from your face? Anyway guys, you look really cool and handsome! “

“You tell me…look at you!” Taeyong replied instantly, pointing with his hands at your face.

“Yes…I almost couldn’t recognize you, when did you start looking so pretty?” Ten asked you and you started blushing at his remark.

“Well, love changes a person…you know…but anyway let’s talk at noon since teacher’s already here” you faced the blackboard and let them doubting about what did you wanted to say with that…Love?

Was one of them who changed you…did you really fall in love with one of your besties??

Finally, after lunch time, they were already in the court yard waiting for you and you could spot them from far away fighting for something.

“Yahh, I told you it’s me! She sent me a message at 1 a.m telling me she misses me a lot and she wished I could be with her watching the night sky. She fell for me for sure! I’m gonna hug her as tight as I can when she will come over!” Ten said confidently, almost pissing off Taeyong.

“Keep dreaming bro, it’s clear she totally fell for me…she asked me 2 days ago to meet her for lunch because she had a surprise gift for me…I am sure is me…Wanna bet? I’ll hug her first and make her fall even deeper!” Taeyong almost shouted angrily, you could hear him as you were approaching them.

“No, no that’s unfair, what about playing something? Whoever wins first will hug her…I am sure I’ll win both the game and her heart!” Ten suggested since he was already fed up with his friend assumptions.

“Ok deal, let’s play some basket. Whoever wins 5 points first, will hug her! And that would be me!” Taeyong replied.

You were already near them and all you could see was a messy fight, dust floating in the air, as they were shouting, letting out small curse words.

“What are you doing guys? Fighting? For what? You are embarrassing me!!! I called you over so you could meet someone…who is very important to me!”

“What???” both of them answered at the same time, shocked it wasn’t actually what they were imagining.

From far they could spot a man silhouette and as he approached, he looked like a charming guy, with foreign features.

“Let me present you…He is my…boyfriend! Yuta! Nakamoto Yuta! We met in Japan and he decided to come over for an exchange student program…Well we fell in love somehow and he couldn’t live apart me!”

“Whaaaaaattt????? Your….bo…bo…boyfriend???” both of them asked again stuttering, couldn’t really believe what you were saying!

“Hello, nice to meet you. I am Nakamoto Yuta from Japan, I hope we will be good friends during my stay here. Thank you for taking good care of my sweetheart during these years…she is an amazing person! I am really happy finding someone so good at heart like her…”

While your boyfriend held your waist with his arm, carefully putting a strand of your hair aside and giving you a light peck on your cheek, your friends were looking at you and him, and looking at each other too…they finally let out a burst of laughter!

For a moment you shook their hearts for sure, almost making them fight for you – gladly your boyfriend appeared at the right moment and saved you from any embarrassment.

Somehow they felt sad leaving you in the hands of a foreign guy, but as long as you were happy, they accepted the real fact that you were happily in love with someone.

They grabbed him by his neck dragging him along…

“Let’s see you later, we need something to discuss…as men you know! Don’t worry, we will take good care of him!” both Taeyong and Ten said, leaving your boyfriend surprised at their blunt action. They made a plan to carry on with the game to see who would win in the end between the 3 of them…

Well, after all they needed to do something to get closer…since from now on you were going to become happy 4 friends…

So yes this is how they both lost to YUTA in the end…ahaha


I can’t explain how bored and distressed I am by fashion right now. This whole ‘noughties revival’ thing that’s going on brings into sharp focus exactly how bad it was the first time around, and those memories are fresh wounds in my mind. God I’m old. It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, and I’m spending it away from my gobesh yet again, so here are some photos of me looking wistful in an entirely remixed outfit. 


ASOS dress from last summer  //  Ancient ASOS velvet bow  //  Catarzi ear hat  //  Thrifted heels  //  MAC Ruby Woo

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