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Sterek Season’s Under Appreciated Fic Recs
December 31 Rec List
Huge thank you to everyone who submitted fics! Keep them coming!

Dead Space from the Helm of the Pop Rock by callunavulgari
Words: 3,590
Comfort’s the hum and vibration of a plasma-pulse F20 core engine in mid-hyperspace drive. Ease is the steady, oxygenated chill from the central air circulation vents on a tight and narrow sweep of the outer rim of the Tramontane galaxy. Reality is the taste of sparkling water and roasted almonds at moon-rise. He catches Derek’s eyes from across the bar and chuckles when the man raises an eyebrow, tapping his watch and holding up nine fingers.

Well, Stiles thinks, raising his glass in a sloppy salute. If he’s going to be stranded on a white-zoned planet with a penchant for bad music and the walking dead, at least he’s got a pretty face to look at.

The Hidebehind (This Town is Gonna Eat You)by auroradream🎯
Words: 4,034
Stiles stops in front of the how-to books and mutters under his breath, “DIY Plumbing? Resume Writing? Come on, where’s the stuff this town actually needs: Druids and You; Protective Circles for Dummies; How to Face a Coven and Still Graduate on Time?”

Listening discreetly at the front of the shop, Derek nearly knocks over a display rack.

“Even a flamethrower assembly guide. That might work.”

[An AU where Derek owns a Beacon Hills book store, and Stiles has a monster to kill.]

Silver Road  by appolsaucy
Words: 11,326
They rolled through the darkness until Derek’s eyes gave up trying to pierce through it and he let himself float, nothing but summer breeze and Stiles and his heart in his throat. It was the freest he’d ever felt.

He turned to tell Stiles, who lurched over the console and kissed him.

That’s messed up. by countrygirlsfun 🎯
Words: 17,319
“So let me see if I got this right, my son was cursed by drunk witches who weren’t following the rules of cursing people.”
“Pretty much, yes.”

Or the one where Stiles is cursed and logic is abandoned.

Bravery is a Loaded Gun by LiviKate
Words: 17,389
“No, I’m not asexual, Stiles,” Derek said shortly.

The teen’s heart sank in his chest, his palms going clammy and his neck prickling with the familiar feeling of rejection.

“So then it’s,” Stiles swallowed, throat clogging, unable to give voice to the facts he would much rather ignore. The silence grew between them, growing tense the longer it was left. For the first time in years, Stiles couldn’t speak. The weight of inadequacy held down his typical stream of useless banter. What does one say in this sort of situation? ‘I’m sorry you don’t find me attractive?’

Against the Edge of the Sky by sahbeL
Words: 34,452
He and Stiles just didn’t drift in the same orbit these days. Derek could probably count with two hands the number of times he’s seen the younger man in the past four years. And half of those times Stiles hadn’t even seen him back.

And no, he hadn’t really noticed the absence.

Or, the future fic where Stiles has become a BAMF and no one in the pack noticed because he’s a sneaky little shit and didn’t tell anyone until it ends up blowing up in everyone’s faces.

Tell me what Pack Means  by afullrevolution 🎯
Words: 22,511
Works: 2
Fourteen days into a two year mission, Stiles finds out that his companion for the voyage is a werewolf. Stiles wants to know what it means.


Long living legend⬇Alfa Romeo Tipo 33
Alfa started development of the Tipo 33 in the early 1960s, with the first car being built in 1965. It was sent to Autodelta to be completed and for additional changes to be made. It used an Alfa TZ2 straight-4 engine, but Autodelta produced its 2.0 litre V8 soon after. The 2000cc Tipo 33 mid-engined prototype debuted on 12 March 1967 at the Belgian hillclimbing event at Fléron, with Teo Zeccoli winning. The first version was named as “periscope” because it had very characteristic air inlet.
The original T33 proved unreliable and uncompetitive in the 1967 World Sportscar Championship, its best result a 5th at the Nürburgring 1000, driven by Zeccoli & Roberto Bussinello.
In 1968, Alfa’s subsidiary, Autodelta, created an evolution model called 33/2. A road version, dubbed Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, was also introduced. After winning his class at Daytona it was called “Daytona”.
After finishing the Targa Florio on place 1 & 2, it had some more good finishes.
Then the Tipo 33/3 made its debut in 1969 at the 12h of Sebring. It was now an open prototype.
Alfa did not take part in Le Mans after Lucien Bianchi’s death in a test session. The car took a couple of wins in smaller competitions but overall the 1969 season was not a successful one and Alfa was placed 7th in the Championship.
1970 was not much better.
n 1971 the Alfa effort was finally successful with some class wins. And De Adamich/ Pescarolo won at Brands Hatch and Peterson/de Adamich won at Watkins Glen.
The 33/4 entered the CanAm 1972-74.
With the 33TT12 Alfa won the championship in 1975 after 2nd place in 1974. For 1976 Autodelta was concentrating on other things and the car was rarely used in competitions.
In 1977 Alfa won again the championship with the 33SC12.
The SC12 Turbo was Alfa’s first twin turbocharged 12 cylinder engine and was later used on Brabham-Alfa & Alfa Romeo 177 F1 cars.
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Volkswagen EA266, 1969. Tomorrow VW will reveal the latest version of its long running Golf, more a generation 7.5 than a totally new generation. Volkswagen’s quest to replace the Beetle as it’s core model took many twists and turns before it ended with the Golf in 1974. The EA266 prototype was developed by Porsche and used a water-cooled in-line engine placed underneath the rear seat in order to maximise interior and luggage space