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my mom’s not up to speed on how like internet and social media work but she does have this one video on youtube and she likes to watch its viewcounter and tell me how many views its at 

and its this video of my little bro from when he was like 2 trying to make a basketball shot from mid court. except every time he shoots it the ball goes about 6 inches but this doesnt strike him as a problem apparently

he just keeps going for it

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(1/2) hello! i read that you guys aren't specialized in Asian history, but bc i couldn't find promising results from my search, i have to try and ask - in 17th century Japan, there were the Emperor and the shogun, the latter of which was a military leader and was often seen as the center of power instead of the Emperor, and i'm wondering how titles work with this system?

(2/2) i searched for Japanese honorifics throughout the history and there were terms like King/Princes if translated to English, but there wasn’t info on who those were addressed to. could the shogun also be called ‘King’? if so, would their sons (both by blood and by concubines) be called ‘Princes’? were the shogun and their family considered as royalties, monarchs, aristocrats, or etc.?

Sorry for the long wait and thank you for your patients! 

First of I need to make a disclaimer! I’m not well versed in Japanese history (my knowledge is rudimentary) and I’m not very familiar with the culture or that good with the language. (My two years of studying Japanese 10 years ago doesn’t get me that far, really.) There’s simply a lot of history that hasn’t been much of a part of my education because it’s such a vast field. Therefore, this information that follows is not to be taken as absolute fact. (So if anyone is educated in Japanese history or has Japanese as their first language, do feel free to correct any mistakes I may have made!)

So, to try and answer your question, anon!

There are a lot of difficulties trying to even relate Japaneses titles to a European concept since Japan did not have the same kind of peerage as, say, England. In fact, they had no similar peerage until the mid-1800s; when the court nobility (”kuge”) and feudal lords (”daimyo”) were combined into an aristocrat with titles corresponding to the European peerage.[1] (More on the European, specifically English, peerage can be fond here). Being a shogun was heredity and the shogun would name his son as heir and it was the noble families (the landowning feudal Lords “daimyo”) which fought to hold the title and political power that came with it. The title as such was no hereditary noble title, though.[2]

When it comes to formal titles you’d have “no kimi” for Lords and Ladies. It’s used as a suffix and though not really in use today, it was common during the Heian period. You also have Tono (pronounced with a “d” rather than “t”), which means roughly “master” or “lord” and has a usage similar to the English “milord” or the French “monseigneur”. A polite title rather than a mark of nobility. You’d use “sama” for someone who outrank you. You’d use “san” for someone you don’t know very well, who are of the same or lower rank than you. “Kun” is often used for boys but can be used for girls, for example daughters or employees by their parents or seniors. When used by male friends or family, it’s a more familiar way to address someone than “san”.[3]

I am not sure how the shogun would be addressed exactly since I can’t seem to find information. I would assume that they were addressed as their title and “sama”. Or with their name and “no kimi” or simply by the word “tono”. It would likely depend on who is addressing them and in which setting. It’s a rather complex system for an outsider to be honest.

What this means is that the sons of a shogun would, if addressed in a formal way, be addressed with “san” if they are children and, maybe, “sama” as an adult. Possibly “no kimi” for an adult son of a shogun. It would also seem that the word “shogun” was not used during the Tokugawa shogunate - which is the one you are interested in. They used “kubo” (short for “kuge no kata”, “people of the noble houses”), “taiju” (great tree) or “taikun” (great prince/lord).[4] This means this is what you’d use in formal settings for other characters to address your shogun character. The Tokugawas did use “king” (kokuo) but that created problems in their dealings with China, as it suggested subordination to the Chinese emperor. Thus the usage of “taikun”. Unfortunately this still created problems in their dealings with both Korea and China and the Tokugawa shogun went back to the title of “king” with the added “of Japan” (”Nihon kokuo”).[5] Despite these different titles, they weren’t monarch, kings or princes the way a European would be a king. The words don’t carry the same connotations. They were the ones with political power, absolutely, but they were not divinely chosen as European kings were chosen by God and Chinese and Japanese emperors were Sons of Heaven. They were feudal lords (”daimyo”), similar to those in Europe.[6] 

That’s the best I can do, hope it was helpful! Good luck with your writing!

Signed, Captain.

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I am led to question just how public the universe allows Bart’s assassinations to be. It would appear that all of them are done in secluded areas with no witnesses but then again, she was extremely comfortable with the notion of walking across a city street and shooting a guy in broad daylight. By her own claim, she has “killed A LOT of people” and so some of them would have to have been in public, right??

Which then makes me begin to wonder just how bizarre have some of her holistic assassinations been? Like has she ever marched out onto a college basketball court mid-game and done someone in, instantly vanishing in the ensuing pandemonium?? Just HOW MUCH does the universe allot her???

Thranduil’s Queen Headcanons

Okay everyone, sit tight, because I’m going to unleash a year’s worth of headcanons. 

General Headcanon about Elves

  • Since Tolkien did say that Middle Earth was our Earth in the distant past, the geographies should roughly line up. the twilit mere of Cuivienen would roughly be situated around the Caspian Sea area in Central Asia. Thus, I’d imagine that the earliest elves as well as the Avari who refused to depart from Cuivienen to have more Asian features, with slanted eyes and darker hair. 
  • Following the same logic, the Silvan elves who settled east of the Misty Mountains, and that area would roughly correspond to Central Europe, which is dominated by, you guessed it, temperate forests. The Sindar elves who settled in Beleriand would occupy Western Europe. 
  • The argument becomes a little more tenuous for the Vanyar and Noldor, most of whom (or in the case of the Vanyar, all) sailed to the West, which, pre-eleventh century, was considered the Great Unknown. 
  • Though blonde hair is not particularly prevalent in Central Asia, it does occur, and I’d like to think that the Vanyar were a group of elves who had such genetic predispositions. 
  • As for the strain of silver hair that runs in Telerin royal houses, that might just be due to a genetic lack of pigmentation.
  • Regarding Thranduil’s golden hair, he might have had an ancestor who was a Vanya (we can assume that elves married outside of their clans with the case of Indis and Finwe, a Vanyarin lady who married the High King of the Noldor). 

If only I put this much effort into my actual research. 

Okay, so this brings us to the main topic of this post: Thranduil’s queen. 

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ART SCHOOL | Andrew Pommier (Vancouver) | VANS US OPEN OF SURFING 2017

We’re excited to announce artist Andrew Pommier as one of our muralist at this year’s 2017 Vans US Open of Surfing along side Lauren Asta and Jack Graydon!  His signature style and characters have decorated the walls, skate decks, wheels and just about anything you can name! As our veteran artist of sorts this year, Pommier recently painted in the skate bowl during the Vans Park Series in Vancouver, which we featured in our Mural Mondays post.  We’re excited to chat with Andrew and find out about his experiences with art school, painting the bowl at the Vans Park Series, and what his favorite pair of Vans are! 

Photographs courtesy of the artist

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Its FRIDAY FASHION FACT time! Today’s topic is long overdue: mid-18th century French court mantuas and panniers. You know what I’m talking about- those crazy-wide gowns that sort of look like wearing a fancy silk box. Whether you consider the style to be gorgeous or absurd (or both!) I’m sure you will agree on how fascinating it is that such an impractical fashion became the apex of style. So how did it happen?

The origins of the style can be traced back to the 17th Century. At this time, gowns known as mantuas were created as an alternative to the heavy bodices and petticoats (not to mention several layers of underpinnings) worn in court at the time. Mantuas were relatively light, with the top layer of the skirt pulled back at the hips. Unsurprisingly, the more comfortable style took off. Women quickly realized that the swags of the skirt at their hips caused their conically-corseted waists to appear smaller. Naturally, they began to widen the hips of the mantuas to emphasize their small waists. This was done with panniers, which were essentially stretched-out hoop skirts, though they only shaped the top of skirts, and did not extend to the floor.

The women of Versailles were the ones to take the style to new heights, or rather, new widths. As the French court was the epitome of opulence, women strove for the widest panniers possible to show that they could afford vast yardage of incredibly expensive silks, often painstakingly embroidered with elaborate designs. The peak of the mantua was in the 1740s and 50s, when it achieved the infamous boxy shape. By this time, the draped overskirt had evolved into crisp pleats in the back, perfectly paired with a smooth bodice cut close to the body in the robe a l'Anglaise style. However, sometimes the wide panniers would be paired with the robe a la Française style, in which pleats extended loosely from the shoulders.

The wide style seems absurd to us today, and it was often seen as equally ridiculous in its own time. There were plenty who questioned and mocked the over the top look. By the latter half of the 18th Century, the softer forms of the Rococo style prevailed, and the boxy mantua began to soften. By the 1770s, rounded skirts spelled the end of the dramatic manuta and panniers. It is worth noting that while many people associate Marie Antoinette with this crazy style, the look had already fallen from its most dramatic form by the time she ascended to the throne. Of course, she wore styles that were incredibly dramatic in other ways, however, that is a topic for another day.

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Sport/Rob finally getting top surgery

Big ups to this post that talks about post- top surgery things. Also to ftmtopsurgery.ca which has a lot of good info for those who need it.

Sportacus sat on the park bench, his leg jiggling with energy. He watched Stingy, Trixie, Pixel, and Stephanie play two-on-two basketball and wished more than anything that he could join in. He scratched his chest absently before he grabbed his own wrist and pulled his hand away. With a sigh, he slumped against the bench.

It had been nearly two weeks since his top surgery.  For most of that time, he had been cooped up in the air ship, propped up by all the pillows Robbie could bring up from his lair. Robbie himself had helped Sportacus through a lot of the first few days, making sure he ate and getting him cold compresses for his massive headache. 

By day 5, Sportacus was sick of being inside. By day 10, he was begging Robbie to let him leave the ship. Robbie had been worried Sportacus would be tempted to strain himself if he went outside but, after extracting several promises from the elf that he wouldn’t do more than walk around, he allowed Sportacus into Lazytown.

It was a beautiful day and Sportacus loved the fresh air. But his chest itched and he couldn’t scratch it for fear of messing up his stitches. He watched to play with the kids and run around like normal but he couldn’t. The one day Robbie had been out and Sportacus had done some pushups, he had been sore for two days. As happy as he was to be free of binders, Sportacus was so frustrated

“All done!”

Sportacus looked up. Ziggy and Robbie were leaving Ziggy’s house. Robbie held a fruit smoothie in one hand and an ice cream cone in the other. Ziggy’s face was covered in sticky ice cream residue.

“One grossly healthy smoothie for the strapping young man,” Robbie declared, holding out the glass to Sportacus. Sportacus couldn’t hold back a smile at the phrasing. “And one scrumptious ice cream cone for the valiant caretaker.” Robbie went on. He took a lick of his ice cream and moaned in satisfaction, plopping down on the bench beside Sportacus.

“I was a big help!” Ziggy pipped up, “Right Robbie? Didn’t I do a good job?!”

“You did a great job, kid!” Robbie lifted his cone to Ziggy, “My favorite part was when you took 20 minutes to find your mother’s blender. Now go play with the others!”

Grinning ear to ear, Ziggy took off for the basketball court. Sportacus watched him go, envious.

Robbie nudged him, “Drink your thing.”

“Thank you for making this,” Sportacus said. He took a sip. It was delicious. He drank it as he watched Pixel score a point from the mid-court line.

“It’s only 4 more weeks until you can join in,” Robbie reminded him. He leaned against Sportacus, watching the game.

“The doctor said I probably won’t be back to normal for three months,” Sportacus reminded him.

“That’s true,” Robbie suddenly sounded serious, “But is it worth it?”

Eyes still on the game, Sportacus ran a hand over his chest. His flat chest. He smiled.


In Hackers, how did Dade keep up with new programming standards, languages and networking going from the early 80s to the mid 1990s if the court ordered him not to be able to use a computer or touch tone phone until he was 18? Just reading books would not have kept him on the level he was at

Aaron + Kevin // Late Night Practice
  • Aaron knows that Katelyn has late night cheerleading practice at the courts that finishes around 9pm

  • He was supposed to stay at hers that night and watch movies and study together cause nerds

  • He just hitches a lift with Neil, Kevin and Andrew to the court

  • when he gets inside there is only a note with Katelyn explaining that she has a girls night tonight with her team mates and that they’ll do it another night

  • he knows that he’ll either have to walk back to the dorms or wait until the other three are done for the night; so he just thinks that he can wait until their done

  • Kevin isn’t taking this shit, Aaron needs to pick up his pace, they haven’t lost a game yet and last week was a close call

  • Kevin literally grabs Aaron’s workout clothes and chucks them at him

  • after 5 minutes of Kevin and Aaron arguing Aaron just puts on the clothes to shut Kevin up

  • why Aaron actually participates in this session is unknown but it gets intense

  • Kevin is screaming at Aaron to side step with his left leg and then put his right foot in front and not behind

  • But Aaron just WONT, he trips every single time he tries

  • Kevin is still screaming at him while Andrew swiftly blocks Neil’s attempts of scoring

  • Aaron scoops up the ball and aims straight for Kevin

  • but c’mon its Kevin and he dodges the ball but only missing him by inches above his helmet

  • this literally just starts more and more arguing between the two

  • cause they’re not drunk?? why are they not,, BBbbuT

  • Kevin decides to make Aaron defend against him to get him to pay attention and work harder

  • this does not end up such a great idea

  • Kevin is running from half court towards Andrew in the goal

  • but Aaron the sneaky shit does the sidestep that he “couldn’t do” and SLAMS into Kevin

  • knocking him onto the floor boards and scooping the ball out of his racket mockingly

  • Kevin looses his shit

  • taking back at half court Kevin starts again running towards Andrew maneuvering so Aaron couldn’t sidestep into him

  • flinging the ball straight for the goals

  • Andrew standing completely still letting the ball easily into the net

  • after the third try Aaron maneuvers with Kevin so that Kevin can either try to score from where he is or get pushed into the side of the court

  • that didn’t end well for Kevin’s shoulder and Aaron’s back

  • but no way are either of them letting one another win cause competitive

  • Kevin knowing that he will be sore tomorrow is not ending this now

  • not when he has Aaron so actively involved

  • the scent of sweat is so thick filling the atmosphere between both Aaron and Kevin a mixture of heat and ferocity

  • going to mid court for the last time tonight

  • Kevin pounces around the court, with Aaron right beside him awaiting to tackle

  • just as Kevin takes his final step to go to score

  • Aaron, smol Aaron, rams his shoulder right into Kevin’s ribs and fucks him up knocking Kevin straight down and taking the ball and aiming straight for the goal

  • for the first time all night Andrew blocks the net

  • Kevin just laying on the court absolutely dumbfounded that Aaron actually participated

  • not thinking twice about his injuries he just tells everyone to go clean up

  • Neil already was,, our lil Neil was witnessing this just unravel, Kevin was so invested with Aaron he completely forgot about Neil

  • Andrew takes Neil back into the locker rooms

  • Kevin walks to the showers surpassing Aaron and giving him a small fist bump

  • Aaron lifts his knuckles to meet Kevin’s

  • was this going to be the only late night practice Aaron participates in?
ACOTAR dates

***Edit: I’ve changed the calender around so that it reflects things that SJM revealed after I made this.

Hello everyone! 

So, I was speaking with @her-misplaced-wings recently, and we were really curious as to find out when Starfall was! Because (obviously) we’d like to celebrate it! I also spoke with @sarahviehmann to find she was also curious, and our timelines are pretty similar!

So, I created a timeline of ACOTAR/MAF based on our own calenders.

First let me state that historically, Calan Mai is a Welsh holiday (May Day) that happens on May 1st. This entire calendar of events is based off of that date. 

Please, feel free to make corrections! I was going mostly on memory, and our own Solstice/Equinox dates.

So, I’m going to start at Calanmai in ACOTAR.

Calanmai - May 1st - Tamlin the Tool screws some hoe and then bites Feyre.
Summer Solstice - Mid-End June (around the 20th or so) - Feyre gets drunk on faerie wine and parties hard
Feyre returns home - End June/Early July.
Under the Moutain - Mid July - Early-Mid Oct.  Fall Equinox happens around this time too. 3 months’ stay.
Between Books - Early-Mid Oct - End Dec 
Winter Solstice - Mid/End Dec. Happens just before the book starts. 3 months between books. Big party. About 2 weeks before wedding.
Wedding - Early Jan - Just after the new year. Our favorite dark hero rescues Feyre!
Night Court Visit 1 - Early January.
Spring Court Tithe - Mid January - 1 Week after Feyre returns.
Night Court Visit 2 - Early February
Tamlin Locks Feyre Up - Mid February - 9 days after she returns home.
Night Court Visit 3 - Mid Feb - Early May. Feyre takes a few months to fall in love with Rhys.
Nynsar/Starfall - Late March! Yay! Probably around the Spring Equinox in our calendar.
Mating Bond Shenanigans - Late April/Early May (as per SJM, Feyre and Rhys were in the cabin for Calanmai)
The Dream Team Goes To Hybern - Early-Mid May.

And there you have it, my pretties. Tell me what you think!

EDIT: After doing some research on Nynsar, I found that Ninsar is the Sumerian Goddess of Vegetation. Her mother, Ninhursag, was Mother Earth. So, I guess Nynsar taking place around the Spring Equinox makes sense :D


I had a request for Anakin/Padme Historical AU portraits! (from @ultracomicfan)

*turns up “Across the Stars”*

Tudor court (mid 1500s) - a princess and a young gravely injured knight? (I couldn’t figure out why it was so easy to picture Padme in this style of costume and then I remembered that The Other Boleyn Girl happened. Anakin’s attire is …er… timeless?)

American Civil War (~1865) - Union officer Anakin who grew up in the West and New England abolitionist Padme (they should probably live happily with the twins in some AU, right?)

WWI (~1918) - Of course Anakin is a pilot.  I mean.  Of course.

Welp apparently I read that prompt as “chop off Anakin’s arm throughout history,” but at least Padme is blocking the pinned up sleeve in the second pic?

see also Obi-Wan/Satine historical AUs

Gold jewellery with painted enable portraits of ladies associated with the French Court, mid-late 19th C

Including Marie Antoinette, the Princesse de Lamballe, Madame Elisabeth, the Marquise de Sevigne, Madame de Montespan

The British Museum, London

Andrew probably learns French on his own so that he can keep up with Neil and Kevin’s side conversations. Neil knows Andrew understands French. But Kevin? No clue.

- Years down the line when they’re on US Court together, Kevin and Neil are having one of their iconic Exy Arguments™ during practice.
- It’s gotten to the point that everyone is used to Kevin and Neil shouting at each other in French.
- Except this time Andrew fires back a single response in French.
- Kevin stops mid rant. The court is silent.
- Andrew causally walks to his spot in the net.
- Kevin is still slack-jawed staring at Andrew. He can’t remember what he was arguing with Neil over.
- After practice Kevin tries to interrogate Andrew in French.
- “When did you learn French? How long have you known French? Why didn’t you say anything earlier about speaking French? Do you know how useful this could have been on the court before?? Are you ignoring me?”
- Andrew blatantly ignores him.
- Kevin is forever paranoid over whether it was a fluke or if Andrew actually knows French.
- Plot twist: Jeremy wins the bet.