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League of Legends Ask Meme
  1. First Champion played?
  2. First Champion you mained?
  3. Champion you main/play currently?
  4. Best or Favorite role to play?
  5. Favorite Top champion to play/have on your team?
  6. Favorite Jungle champion to play/have on your team?
  7. Favorite Mid champion to play/have on your team?
  8. Favorite ADC champion to play/have on your team?
  9. Favorite Support champion to play/have on your team?
  10. Best champion design(no skin)?
  11. Best champion ability/kit? 
  12. Worse champion design(no skin)?
  13. Worse champion ability/kit?
  14. Favorite Female champion?
  15. Favorite Male champion?
  16. Favorite Yordle?
  17. Most annoying champion to play against?
  18. Favorite champion laugh track?
  19. Favorite champion Taunt track?
  20. Favorite champion Joke track?
  21. Favorite champion dance track?
  22. Thoughts on Surrendering?
  23. Favorite game mode? (including temporary game modes)
  24. Best event for the game?
  25. Demacia or Noxus?
  26. Piltover or Zaun?
  27. Winter Claw, Avarosan, or FrostGaurd?
  28. Shadow Isles or The Void?
  29. Favorite champion associated with Shurima?
  30. Favorite champion associated with Ionia?
  31. Favorite champion associated with Bilgewater?
  32. Praise the Solari or Lunari?
  33. Static Shiv or Phantom Dancer?
  34. Favorite item in game?
  35. Flash on D or F?
  36. Current game icon? Do you ever change it?
  37. Have/do you watch(ed) LaLaLa Demacia?
  38. Best skin in game?
  39. Best splash art(skins included)?
  40. What ping do you play on?
  41. Do you keep up with pro play? If so, favorite pro player(s)?
  42. Favorite ship?
  43. Do you listen to music while playing? What kind?
  44. What season did you get into league?
  45. Favorite type of Poro from Blitzcrank’s Poro Round Up?
  46. Pref playing AD or AP champions?
  47. Favorite Rioter?
  48. What do you play more Ranked or Normals?
  49. Do you prefer Red side or Blue side?
  50. If you could remove one champion from the game who would it be?

The small giant looks like a kagehina lovechild because okay well okay so

the small giant was said to be insanely strong and powerful as a player for being the ace and all. however, if you saw in episode 5 (forget which chapter of the manga) keishin ukai says “if Hinata could hit that at will in mid-air… but maybe if he could actually do it, that duo would become even greater champions of mid-air battle than the Little Giant.” 

basically what I’m getting at is that the ultimate player was supposed to be depicted from the small giant and having him look like a mix between hinata and kageyama represents that. but having kageyama and hinata be two people, ultimately represents how they will be superior in strength because, as the anime/manga has said many times and is very true in a sport, you are stronger as a team in volleyball. by having this ultimate being be split into hinata and kageyama shows that this ultimate being can be a team.

basically it the small giant looks like a kagehina love child to show that is the ultimate player, but kagehina is the ultimate duo leading to even more power and strength as a team.

U12 Mid America Champion Megan Stuart of Corda Mor. I don’t understand how someone so small can get so high off the ground. (Also, I am so happy that my timing keeps getting better and better on action shots. A year ago, I had a lot of “almost” leaps/kicks/big moves, but I am so happy to have hit so many of those big moves this year.)

Photo by Shannon Cohoon in partnership with Shamrock Photo. All Mid America Oireachtas photos can be viewed and purchased at shamrockphoto.photoreflect.com


Mid-America Oireachtas 2015 Sunday POC

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQKt7ZWDSP0)

Was talking to @danceoffools about Hawke’s hair greying prematurely and it gave me feels, so have this drabble that’s been sitting on my hd for ages. 

Judging by the light pouring through the draperies, it was mid-morning.

The Champion of Kirkwall, however, had yet to rise from his bed.

Fenris watched, frowning his concern as the human’s eyes darted beneath closed lids. He’d noticed that Hawke rarely slept like one resting. More often, he slept like a man who’d collapsed.

Hawke lay on his belly, one thickly muscled arm draped across the elf’s hips. Every so often, the limb would shift and brush against his manhood, swollen with the morning’s flow of blood, though arousal proved elusive. Hawke’s hair was a tangled mess and Fenris combed it with his fingers, noting the strands of silver amidst the mass of ebony and sable. He’d counted a few such strays in the months since their romance rekindled. The number was growing and much too rapidly for his liking.

Hawke was a mage, strong as he was stubborn. Even so, Fenris had watched many a man crumble beneath the weight of obligation and the duty upon his lover, was greater than any he’d seen another bear.

Hawke jerked suddenly. “Fenris?!”

It was not the first time, not even in the present hour, that those sterling-blue eyes had snapped open, his name on Hawke’s lips and an edge of fear in the other man’s tone. He said nothing; merely continued to card his fingers through the long, mostly dark hair and allowed his presence to speak for itself. He watched Hawke calm; felt the tension shudder from broad shoulders. Hawke’s face nuzzled against him, all sleepy stubble and the tender brush of lips against his thigh.

“…time’s it?” the human mumbled, already drifting out of consciousness.

“It’s early yet,” Fenris lied. “Go back to sleep.”

Mid Year Mage Updates - Vladimir Direction

You know what time it is!

[it’s Vladimir’s direction post time!]

With all the other mage posts coming out, you probably already know what to expect here, so let’s dive right in: What sorts of things are we looking to do with our Crimson Reaper? Off the bat, we’ve heard you and we strongly agree that his sustain is what sets him apart both strategically and thematically, and we’re looking to keep it that way. With that out of the way, let’s get a little more specific:

We’re not likely to change:

  • Sustain – Vladimir is the best sustainer in his class and likely the best in the game (Mundo might take that one).
  • Health costs – Risk management in the form of his own HP bar has always been core to Vladimir, and we’d like to reinforce that.
  • Stat Affinity – Vlad has always been the AP + HP guy, and we think that’s pretty cool.
  • Q Targeting – Not everything has to be a skill shot, and we think retaining the old paradigm here is important to the spell’s feel.
  • Strengths / Weaknesses – Vlad is the Mage who can out sustain low-damage foes but falls to teams with reliable gap-closing and burst damage.
  • Sanguine Pool – An iconic ability that should be preserved.

We’re looking to improve:

  • Stack management – We like the cerebral health cost management aspects of E, but we do not like the resulting unintuitive upkeep game.
  • Binary matchups – Vlad is sometimes thought of as the king of stat checks, leaving his opponents (and often himself) with few options other than ‘be stronger,’ and that’s not a reputation anyone wants. A lot of this comes from unclear windows of strength and weakness (they exist, but are difficult to perceive), so a lot of our work will be in exposing those.
  • Counterplay – Closely related to the above point, Vladimir’s opponents often feel there’s nothing they can do to avoid his damage once in range of him.
  • Satisfaction – Mostly looking at E here (‘Tides of Blood’ inspires a much more powerful image than the current E delivers on, and we’d like to change that), though there’s a few other areas that can feel better. TLDR; Needs blood. MORE BLOOD.

When we’re done:

  • Vladimir’s kit should feel very familiar, and his overall strategy will be largely unchanged!
  • Vladimir’s windows of strength and weakness will be clearer to both himself and the opponent, giving everyone an increased understanding of how he succeeds or fails and allowing him to plan and set up plays.
  • Vladimir will continue to deal loads of DPS and heal buckets of HP, but in more satisfying and less diffuse ways.

Anddd that about sums it up! I know I’ve been pretty abstract here, so please ask any question you may have – we’re not through with all the nitty gritty details on our end yet, so I may not have all the answers you’re looking for, but I can definitely share our thoughts and the relevant guiding principles. Also, and most importantly, if any of the above breaks your expectations of what Vladimir is or should be, now’s definitely the time to let us know!

Alright, that’s it from me for now but I’ll be around over the next couple days! See ya then,


To all my book-loving Tumblr friends, especially BlueStockingBookWorm, BookPorn, Books-Cupcakes, Falling-inLove-With-Books, BookRiot, TeaandaBbook, and all the other literature addicts out there-

This Saturday, April 30th is National Independent Book Seller Day! Kind of  like Small Business Saturday, it’s an opportunity to show our love and appreciation to mom and pop bookshops, specialty bookstores, used bookstores and
other indie book dealers. I hope everybody who truly loves to read will skip Barnes & Noble and Amazon on Saturday, and visit their local indie book store, because they are the best friends of emerging and mid-list authors, the champions of undiscovered gems, and they genuinely love to introduce their customers to new books, new writers, and they are instrumental in building careers from the ground up. They provide much more personal, professional and informed service that you will get at a big box store like B&N.

I don’t know if I am going to Book Soup, or  Hennessey & Ingalls, the art and architecture book dealers, or Skylight Books, but it is wonderful to still have choices. There used to be so many wonderful indie and specialty bookstores in LA- mysteries, sci-fi, travel books, cookbooks, art books, all that their own unique storefronts  (RIP A Change of Hobbit, Dangerous Visions, The Cooks’ Library, The Mysterious Bookshop et al) before Amazon and the Internet killed them off. For those of us who love to browse, to hold real books in our hands, to get lost among over-crowded bookshelves, there is no replacing them. 

“Ambrose was a mid-card champion, a champion on paper, and has been jobbing ever since The Shield, actually while he still was in The Shield, he was portrayed the weak link. If he wasn’t so over with the crowd, he probably wouldn’t even be on tv right now. How can someone ever say that he got just as much favoritism as Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins, or especially as Mr. Record Setter Reigns who got on the fast lane to Wrestlemania!?“