mid century store


Sims 3 Store Mid-Century Set, converted to Sims 4

After a lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth I finally, finally, managed to convert the loveseat and the sofa properly, it’s my first time really working with meshes and I still have a lot to learn, but well, one has to start somewhere, right? Big big thanks to @baufive for putting up with my frustration and for pointing me in the right direction, and to @inabadromance for handing me that one piece that was missing, and to all of you who have helped and shown support and encouragement, @peacemaker-ic, @zingssimblr, @simsza, @quiddity-jones, @starkknaked, @vicarious-sims, @bustedpixels, @deelitefulsimmer, @phyresimblr, @stsciurussimblr, @srslysims… I hope I’m not forgetting anyone!

All BGC, standalone objects, chair, loveseat and sofa have 16 swatches (8 solid and 8 retro prints), coffee table and end table one swatch (the original S3 dark grey top with a new wood texture).


DOWNLOAD MERGED (includes the chair, in case you downloaded it previously)


Mid-Century Living Chair - S3 to S4 Conversion

After much struggling here it is: my conversion of the S3 Store Mid-Century Living Chair… it’s my very first time working with meshes so let’s say it’s some kind of beta/testers wanted before I continue with the rest of the set, please let me know what you think. Base Game compatible, 150$, 8 solid colors (including the original green) and 8 retro prints to satisfy your Mid-Century cravings. A million thanks again for all the help and words of encouragement!