mid century sign


Eugene, Oregon.

Circa 1957.

Top to bottom: Broadway looking west, Highway 99 North and Roosevelt Boulevard, Twin Oak Builders Supply Company.


It’s been a little while since I’ve regularly posted on this blog, but I just wanted to acknowledge the demise of some more relics of the PNW past.  It almost feels like a daily occurrence in Portland lately.  New Portland is rapidly pushing out “old Portland”.  What old mid-century commercial institutions have disappeared in your area?

Pictured above - Smokey’s Pizza in Vancouver has partially covered up this sign (the cute part).  I don’t know what the story is, maybe somebody bought them out?  The Crab Pot in Lincoln City burned down a few months ago.  The mid-century Denny’s at Jantzen Beach was demolished for reasons I do not understand. The Holiday Motel on old Route 99 in Portland got rid of one of the last spectacular vintage signs in town.  Steakburger on old Route 99 in Hazel Dell/Vancouver closed a few months ago to make room for development.  The Cuckoo’s Nest in North Portland apparently closed long ago but the sign was recently removed.

* Photos by Vintage Pacific Northwest