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George Harrison and Ravi Shankar, Big Sur, California, 11 June 1968.

Photo: American Veda

George Harrison, World-Music Catalyst And Great-Souled Man; Open to the Influence Of Unfamiliar Cultures By Philip Glass

The New York Times, 9 December 2001

“We all naturally remember George Harrison as one of the cornerstones (but weren’t they all?) of the late-20th-century phenomenon known as the Beatles. But for some, George, who died on Nov. 29 at the age of 58, was an icon of another phenomenon, equally influential in shaping the music of today. I’m referring to the world-music culture, which, starting in the 60’s, has become an inescapable aspect of our music life. George was among the first Western musicians to recognize the importance of music traditions millenniums old, which themselves had roots in indigenous music, both popular and classical. Using his considerable influence and popularity, he was one of those few who pushed open the door that, until then, had separated the music of much of the world from the West.

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Tamoure Hully Gully (du film “Les Tontons Flingueurs”) | Les Cappuccino | Album: Ultra Kitsch (de luxe) Vol. 1


Black Market” | Frank Valdor/Nana Gualdi | Original Soundtrack of the Ernst Hofbauer German romantic crime melodrama film, “Schwarzer Market der Liebe (The Black Market Love)” | Germany (1966)

honestly i think mid 20th-century electronic music is just, as an institution, a bizarre variation of poe’s law like objectively i know that this is just an incredibly pretentious piece of composition but like? the pure banter of making someone read the gettysburg address on helium while playing sine tones down a massive fuck off piece of cardboard and being like “yeah that’s music”? absolutely next level iconic if done as a joke