mid century graphics


Lefor Openo is the pseudonym of French illustrators Marie-Claire Lefort and Marie-Francine Oppeneau. The two women worked together to produce some amazing poster art during the 1950s and 1960s. They met while studying art in Paris and began working together collaboratively in the mid 1950s. Their subjects ranged from working with the French government, Electriticy of France (or EDF; an example of which is shown here), advertising, and film posters. At some point, they even created dolls, dishware and textires based on their drawings.

Their style is reminiscent of someone like Mary Blair, with a fantastic graphic sensibility, bright colors and simplified shapes. I wish I could find more information about them! Please send it my way if you have it (or if you speak French, help a girl out with some of these websites that I can’t read or make sense of). Regardless, I am a big fan of their style and am very excited to learn more about these women.

Admiral Triple Thrill - Advert for the complete home entertainment system from Admiral – a “triple thrill” featuring a 10-inch Magic Mirror television screen, an FM-AM radio, and a 2-speed phonograph that plays “the sensational new L.P. records”. This was indeed a luxury item at the 1948 price of $549.50. 1948 issue of National Geographic. (Available at Arcanium Antiques)