mid century eclectic

I love my egg pot. 

I do realise someone has converted Gelina’s plants to TS4 already, but I wanted a different take on it, so I made my own. And I wanted a really bushy plant. Plus TS4 allows for double-sided faces now (pretty sure TS3 didn’t allow that, or not for this plant anyway), so yay for lower poly count without ruining the look :D

Updated Object Sets

I have updated all of my buy mode custom object sets. I managed to get the rest up on simfileshare this morning since i wasn’t getting the upload errors. 

All updated sets:

Grove Furniture Collection

Grove Furniture Collection: Separated Bedding

Bayside Bedroom Set

NOX Dining Set

Atwood Living

Mid Century Eclectic

Shaker Kitchen

Serenity Bathroom

Lennox Kitchen and Dining

Hamptons Getaway

Myra Living

Atwood Dining

Hamptons Getaway

If you are unsure that you have updated packages, please check the date created for merged files and the date modified for separated package files (from downloading the archives). If any of them contain files edited in January 2017, then you have updated files. I did not need to update every file so don’t freak out if all of them don’t say they were modified Jan 2017. The amount of edited files varies depending on the set.

If you downloaded files individually there is no way for you to tell if they are new or old so best to redownload any bookcases, seating, counters/islands or items specifically mentioned in the update notes. If you think I have missed updating anything from my custom objects, let me know as soon as possible so I can check it out. I still have addons and recolours to do, which will be next so i am aware of those. 

Now time to move onto more updates for my other creations. Yippee

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Merged Files should now be correct.

If you have downloaded Mid Century Eclectic, Shaker Kitchen, Serenity Bathroom, Lennox Kitchen and Dining, Hamptons Hideaway, Myra Living, Atwood Dining, and Hamptons Getaway prior to the 24th of January, please redownload those files. There was a bug when merging and overwriting my old files that led to the new merged files not being updated correctly. 

This is going to be a small set. Atwood Living pretty much drained me of any motivation for that kind of commitment, and I don’t plan on doing anything the size of that project for a while. So I decided to make an eclectic random set, just to try new skills out and have a bit of fun. That is what you have been seeing over the past few days. This will probably be a trend in the future, because making items from nothing is time consuming, no matter how easy I may or may not make it look. There will most definitely be large sets in the future, but they wont be a priority unless I am committed to seeing it through to the end. The next large set i want to make will probably in larger then Atwood, simply because of the type of set it will be (hinthint), but until i have the motivation to start it, it is pretty little sets like this eclectic MCM one XD

There are 10 unique items so far (the pendant is in 3 sizes), but I am putting a cap at 12 items just to save my sanity. This set does make me realise that i desperately in need of more wallpapers, including some MCM ones though.

I love my mother-in-laws plant! We had a rocky start (showed up black ingame, but chose another base this time) and I am happy with the height. Now I just want to do a slightly smaller floor plant, shrink the moth orchid, and I have one more idea in mind for an item, I just need to make it. 

added the leafy plant to the game and scaled down the orchid. I am much happier with its size now I am debating about making an EA-sides side table though. They look like the right scale here for the seat, but they are about 75% smaller then a standard side table. I need to think more about that. 


Ok, can I just say how much I love the gradient effect on those glass vases? so much visual interest. I also fixed up the tilted vases and tweaked the shape. I am seriously considering doing them solid colours instead of the white+colour combo I have going now. I will think about it more. Overall I love them both, This is definitely a decor-heavy set, but I am always looking for more decor to help fill up rooms when I decorate, so I am good with that. Afterall, this is sort of designed to work will all my other sets to a degree, so it is not like it needs a lot of large peices.