mid century development

Lichfield’s medieval city seal (devised in 1548) depicts three martyred Christian knights. In the mid-13th century, a legend developed that in around 300AD, a thousand Christians were massacred by a Roman army under orders of the Emperor Diocletian and their bodies left unburied in a place that would become known as the ‘Field of Corpses’ aka Lichfield (from the Old English “lic” - corpse).  However, this legend is unsupported by either archaeological evidence or the cathedral chronicles.

Lichfield, April 2017.

Bizarre Victorian fact of the day...

When photography began to take off it captured the public imagination. Throughout the mid-19th century a craze developed for people to have portrait photographs taken of themselves and made into visiting card-sized prints. Such a print was known as a carte de visite or ‘pho’. People exchanged these portraits with family and friends and displayed their collections in specially made albums. As this hobby increased in popularity it became fashionable to collect and trade prints of famous and influential people such as artists, actors, politicians, and royalty.