mid calf socks

🎀 Just a Bite 🎀

This morning in the Phantomhive manor has been nothing short of lovely. Ciel, after finishing his regularly scheduled morning tea, sat atop the fluffy comforter of his bed to await the finishing touches to his attire. 

The darling earl was dressed in an immaculate deep gray outfit, the ribbon at his neck a wonderfully red silk. His fingers splayed across the bed’s spread as he awaited the final adornment to his outfit, this, of course, being Sebastian’s favorite part.

The butler crouched in front of his master, taking a slight ankle in one of his palms as he held up the mid-calf sock in the other. Ciel twisted that beautiful face to the side when Sebastian raised his foot into the air, placing a light peck on the tip of his toe. Setting it down gently to rest upon his knee, his gloved hands stretched the fine fabric of the delicate stocking, gliding it over the propped up foot. 

What a sight it was, Ciel’s cheeks were the very color of pink petunias in the spring. And deeper did that color get when he felt Sebastian’s slow and fluid movements. The butler slid the sock up the delicate curve of Ciel’s calf, making sure to go at an agonizingly slow pace. Taking his time would be an understatement for this leisurely activity. The soft caress of his fingertips had Ciel’s mind in an uproar that seemed to end as quickly as it started. 

When the sock was at its full height, Sebastian added the other, repeating the same process and this time snapping the elastic band at the top to grant him with the quite the adorable jump from the small and irritated little earl. 

Ciel whipped his head around, ready to object when he was silenced by the rough grasp of Sebastian’s hands right below both of his knees. Sebastian softened his grip, sliding his hands up the above the blushed, rounded joints to prod and brush over the creamy skin on Ciel’s thighs. Feathery touches from the gloved hands had the little lord curling his toes and squinting, the ticklish sensation causing him to become sensitive. Sebastian continued this tiny torture, lightly caressing the thin stems, gliding his gloved hands up the entire length of them both before bending down to give each exposed thigh a silky kiss. 

Oh, how he wanted more, but alas, the time for dawdling was not then. Tasks must be done so a quick little nip at the apex of those sultry little stems would have to do for now.

What a wonderful start to the day.