mid back length

Name: Mei Himura メイ 緋村
Name Meaning: Mei= life , Hi= scarlet, dark red, Mura= town
Parents: Sara Himura (mother), Rin Himura (father)
Siblings: None
Age: 17
Race: human
Ethnicity: half Japanese, half Serbian
Blood Type: AB positive

Hair: Scarlet Red, Mid Back Length, straight
Eyes: Combination Of Red And Pink, But Mostly Red
Height: 155cm (5'1")
Weight: 55kg (121lbs)
Date Of Birth: 6. November
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Education/Job: 2nd Year High School Student

By Ayato: Snappy (Full Of Life), Melons ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), Mei-chan, Puni-Puni ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
By Kanato: Mei-san, Crimson Barbie
By Laito: Bitch-chan (You Expected Something Else?), Mei-chan
By Shu: Mei, Annoyance
By Reiji: Young Lady, Mei
By Subaru: Hentai/Pervert
By Ruki: Mei-san
By Kou: Hentai Neko-chan
By Yuma: Tomato
By Azusa: Eve

Favourite Colours: Scarlet Red, Black
Favourite Food: Pizza, Daifuku Mochi, Cheesecake
Hobbies: Baking, Drawing, Dancing, Reading

Personality: Kinda mysterious, smart, possesive, extremely perverted, she’s basically a female version of Laito.

Strengths: Full Of Life, Caring, Loyal, Smart

Flaws: Two-Faced, Introvert, Very Sarcastic (her sarcasm has come to the level where even she doesn’t know if she’s joking or not), perverted, jealous, possesive

Japanese Voice Actress: Yuko Kaida
American Voice Actress: Tia Ballard
Serbian Voice Actress: Jelena Stojiljkovic

Significant Other/Keeper: Ayato Sakamaki

I’d like to thank @diabolik-misaki for letting me use her order for character sheets, thank you again! All credits to her. ❤❤❤

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ok consider.... jess can't keep her hands out of corvo's hair - stroking it, brushing it, combing it with her fingers, pulling it - and corvo loves every second of it

look you absolutely cannot convince me corvo didn’t have long mid-back length hair in his Younger Years and jess obsessed over it every night, combing it out of its braid (bc he had a braid obviously) and washing and conditioning it w her fancy empress bath products so it would be sleek and shiny and soft and obviously she pulled the shit out of it during sex and 

anyway anon you’re on the right fucking track pal these are Real Corvojess Hours right here

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1/2 May I request a matchup? I'm 5'4", brown eyes. While my natural color is brown, I keep my mid back length hair dyed blonde. I try to be kind and caring, but come off as the opposite sometimes because I'm an intent observer. I really love drawing, though I don't do it often anymore. I also really like music from the 70s -early 2000s, and casual rpgs like Stardew Valley.

2/2 however, For all that I care for others, I don’t really care about myself. I have a few mental health issues that I won’t name, but they make me horribly socially inept, tired out easily, and intensely paranoid at times.

I ship you with: Avdol!

*He is perceptive enough to know that you mean well, and do care.
*He appreciates your intent observations, and views them as a sign of intelligence.
*Although you don’t do it often, he would greatly enjoy your drawings, and tell you how good they are.
*He would quickly become aware of the fact that you suffer from mental health issues, and try his best to help you work through it. It may be hard, but he believes in you!

I hope this suits your tastes!!! If not, feel free to let me know!

Don’t Let the White Gaze Make you Feel Like your Hair is Alien

Over the weekend I decided to finally take my mid-back length twists out after 3 months. It was time. The new growth was extremely apparent and my hair was just looking dusty as hell.

Today, I decided to take my hair out of the 2-strand twists they were currently in, tie my hair to the back and leave a little hair out front. Not a particularly interesting style, but that’s what I was aiming for today. I didn’t feel like being noticed or questioned about my hair.

It ended up happening anyway.

A white man I usually passed every day without a word decided to take our brief eye contact as an opportunity to ask “Did you get a haircut?” out of nowhere. My kneejerk reaction was to be clear, direct and concise with him.



After I got silent he immediately apologized and back peddled.  

“You’re fine,” I said while continuing in the same direction and staring at the Facebook updates on my phone on my way back to my desk.

He wasn’t fine.

Something about the interaction annoyed me and I couldn’t figure out why in the moments after the interaction. Was I overreacting? He literally just asked if I got a haircut. Harmless, right?

After giving myself a few moments to analyze my feelings and my perception of the situation I came to the conclusion that the interaction was odd. Why did he start apologizing profusely? Why was he so awkward about ending that conversation? Why did he momentarily forget which direction to go to after our interaction? It seemed weird for such a simple question for which I had a simple answer to.

As the lone black woman in the workplace (outside of the middle-aged part-time receptionist who I see approximately 2 days out of the week), I know I will be stared at and scrutinized much more heavily than many of my coworkers for simply existing while a black woman.

So I should have seen this coming already, right? Yep. I did and I handled it swiftly.

However, I still left feeling annoyed.

Oftentimes, white supremacy tries to invalidate and alienate black women for wearing varied hairstyles such as locs, braids or weaves. We’re mocked and vilified for the hairstyles we choose to wear while white people are given praise for the same hairstyles.

I preemptively said no because I didn’t want to explain how I installed my hair and removed my hair. I did not want to be made to feel alien for opting to vary up my hairstyles in ways that black women in particular and to remove any opportunity to delve into the nooks and crannies of my head.

I just didn’t have the energy for it.

The fact that he immediately thought to apologize and backpedal after I went silent with my curt “no” led to me to assume that the intentions behind those words may not have been necessarily about a genuine curiosity or appreciation about the “haircut” I may have gotten. It is likely that it was an underlying speculation about my hair as a black woman.

Did he expect me to drop knowledge about installing and/or removing twists from my head? Was he looking for me to say that I had a weave in? I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Also, let’s be real, white people fucking know that I didn’t get a haircut.

With the concept of weaves being mainstream thanks to the internet and a certain white celebrity popularizing black hairstyles, most white people today have the basic idea that many black women like to add hair with their own and take it out every now and then for their enjoyment.

I don’t believe that white people are as ignorant about black people’s hair as they like to pretend. I have found that, more often than not, ignorance is feigned in order to pry into how our hair is done or to remind us that what we are wearing in our head is not our own hair.

I truly don’t believe that a white person who saw my hair go from shoulder length to mid-length over the course of the weekend believes that I grew it out that fast. Likewise, I don’t believe that the same white person would be ignorant enough to believe that I had to “cut” that same hair that I apparently grew so fast.

I haven’t been convinced that these questions are coming from a genuine place of curiosity and appreciation. It seems like white people just want to make a spectacle out of black women for daring to do things they don’t readily do to their heads.

So, yes, “did you get a haircut” is a super harmless question to ask, but within the context of the white gaze it could potentially mean something more insidious.

Character Sheet: Phoebe

   General Information

Name: Phoebe Harrison

Name Meaning: Bright One, Son of Harry

Name Origin: Greek, English

Other Names: Phoebs

Gender: Female

Birth Date: August 29, 1995

Birth Place: Glen Cove Hospital, Jericho, New York

Dominant Hand: Left

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Autograph: Phoebe Harrison, Phoebs

Handwriting: Sloppy


Height: 5’ 7"

Weight: 152 lbs

Species: Human

Race: Caucasian

Blood Type: O+

Skin Color: Light tan

Birthmarks: None

Extra Anatomy: Beauty mark on left side of face near corner of mouth

Somatotype: Endomorph

Hair Color: Dirty-blond

Hair Length: Mid-back

Hair Type: Straight 1

Hair Style: Ponytail, Down, Braid, Sides pulled back, Twist-and-Clip

Widow’s Peak: Small

Ear Shape: Narrow Ear, Free Lobe

Eye Color: Gray-green

Eye Type: Hooded

Eyebrows: Natural, Narrow

Nose Color: Tan

Nose Shape: Medium, Rounded

Teeth: White, Straight

Face Shape: Diamond

Facial Hair: None

   Health and Image

Diet: Omnivore, Eats whenever hungry

Exercise: Goes to gym weekly

Running Speed: 5 mph

Posture: Slightly slumped but unnoticeable

Vulnerabilities: Hates to run

Handicaps: None

Medication: Adderal (ADHD) but never uses

Allergies: None

Diseases: None

Illnesses: None

Disorders: ADHD

Imperfections: None

Broken Bones: None

Reason for Health: None

Wardrobe: Over-sized sweaters, Jeans, Dark colors, Graphic shirts, Plaid, Uggs, Sneakers

Accessories: Scapular, Glasses, Hourglass necklace from HotTopic

Equipment: A book, Glasses, Scapular

Musical Instruments: Piano (vaguely)

Piercings: None

Hygiene: Proper

Makeup: Mascara, Eyeliner

Scent: Rosemary

Scars: Cat scratches on arms and legs

Tattoos: None


Accent / Dialect: American-Eastern

Range: Mid-high

Volume: High

Laughter: Soft bursts, Loud with snorts

Impediments: None


IQ: 119

Languages: English, Latin

Vocabulary: Excellent

Memory: Excellent

Learning Style:

Emotional Stability: Average

Mental Health: Below average
Instincts: None
Self-centered: Mildly
Selfless: Mildly

Linguistic: Very

Logical-Mathematical: Mildly

Musical: Mildly
Artistic: No

Naturalistic: No

Superstitious: No
Half-full or Half-emtpy: Half Empty


Religion: Roman Catholic

Devotion: Eucharistic Adoration, Receiving the Eucharist, Prayer

Superstitions: None

Spirit Animal: Hedgehog

Death wish: To have “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” to play at funeral

Attitude: Sassy, Defensive, Witty

Outlook on Life: Not too hopeful but wishes to keep a bookstore in buisness for a while

Perception: Harsh and depressing at times but never loses hope

Philosophy / “Motto: It could be worse.”

Taboos: Always leaves room for Jesus

Vices: Doubt, Impatience, Sloth (Mild)

Virtues: Assertiveness, Encouragement, Ethical, Honesty, Perseverance, Reliability


Primary Objective: Runnning/Managing a bookstore

Secondary Objectives: Making sure she spends enough time with friends

Priorities: Continuing to study after graduation, Making people happy

Motivation: Reading, Writing, Making the world’s best comeback

Self Confidence: Little

Self Control: Little

Self Esteem: Little

Quirks: Can finish a season of a show in an hour, Can make a perfect impression of Miranda Sings

Hobbies: Reading, Needlework, Writing, Doodling

Closet Hobbies: Needlework, Reading

Guilty Pleasures: Coffe, Chocolate covered blueberries

Habits: Bites nails, Hums to self, Twirls hair with finger

Desires: Blueberries, Books

Wishes: Successfully keeping bookstore in business

Traumas: None

Worries: She’ll not be able to pay bills, Not getting good parts in theatrical plays

Nervous Tics: Fiddles with things, Mumbles to self, Wrings hands

Soothers: Reading, Pacing, Listening to music

Soft Spots: Cats, Itane

Accomplishments: Opened a bookstore, wrote a 1,000 word essay on Macbeth

Greatest Achievement: Opened a bookstore

Failures: Her sense of humor, Saying rude things to people by accident

Biggest Failure: Couldn’t pay for apartment so she lives in back of bookstore

Favorite Dream: CIA was chasing after her and eventually stopped, and they joined hands and sang the friendship song

Worst Nightmare: Being crushed by falling shelves in bookstore

Earliest Memory: Running around the house naked (4 years old)

Fondest Memory: Having a “Roman Feast” in middle school with friends

Worst Memory: Switching from homeschool to private school

Funniest Moment: Her pants always falling down when she was younger (everyone saw her butt crack)

Happiest Moment: When she received a main part in a play for “The Headless Horseman”

Saddest Moment: When her cat Baily died

Most Prized Possession: Fox themed coffee cup

Most Valuable Possession: Books, Picture of mother

Collections: Pokemon cards, Manga, Quarters


Mannerisms: Rolls eyes, Crosses arms, Says “ugh…” a lot

Humor: Self-degrading, Movie/Book references, Pointing out text mistakes

Regrets: Not applying for literary scholarchip for Harvord

Secrets: Kissed a boy in kidnergarden

Darkest Secret: Her crush

Pet Peeves: Things that are slightly off, When people give opinions without being asked for them

Phobias: Heights, Abandonment, Rejection

Greatest Fear: Embarassing herself in front of others

Confident: Somewhat

Creative: Average (in the literary aspect)

Generous: Average

Honest: Very

Loyal: Very

Insecure: Very

Patient: No

Predictable: Minimally

Reliable: Very

Respectable: Average

Responsible: Very (for things wants, for certain goals)

Trustworthy: Very


Compliments: “Your hair looks nice,” “You’re such a cutie,” “”

Insults: “Dippies,” “Jerk,” “Uncultured swine,”

Expletives: “Crap,” “Crap on a cracker,” “Dagnabit”

Farewells: “See you,” “Bye,” “See you __”

Greetings: “Ahoy,” “Hey,” “Hi”

Mood: Sarcastic, Sassy

Words: “Whatever,” “Ugh…”

Emotional Status: Hyper, Tired, Annoyed


Element: Fire

Martial Arts: None

Immunities: None

Resistances: None

Strengths: Upper arms

Weaknesses: Not very balanced

Restrictions: Starting fights

Origin: None

Source: None

Specialty: None

Signature Move: None

Special Attack: None

   Home, Work, and Education

Abode: Back of bookstore
Bedroom: Small, Twin bed, Small chest of drawers, Small bookshelf
Bathroom: Small, Corner shower, Medicine cabinet with old medicine, Granite counter tops
Kitchen: Small, single oven/gas stove, Plug-in microwave, Small pantry, Excessively-used coffee maker
Living Room: None

Hometown: Fairfield, PA

Citizenship: American

Culture: American

Traditions: None

Routine: Get breakfast at Panera, Open shop

Sleep Patterns: Reads until early hours and then passes out

Eating Habits: Eats whenever hungry or emotional

Pets: Grey Tabby cat (Mara)

Employer: Self employed

Job Title: Manager/Clerk

Experience: Worked at library in teen years

Transportation: Walking

Criminal Record: None

Dream Job: Book store manager

Income / Salary: $19.87

Net Worth: None

Debt: A few thousand in payment for store

Savings: About $4,000

Splurges: Books, Hot Topic,


Mother: Lillian Harrison

Father: Jethro Harrison

Guardians: None

Siblings: Daniel Harrison

Children: None
Family Communication: Frequent until brother left for college

Close Relatives: Father and mother

Distant Relatives: Considers Daniel as a distant relative (they stopped most communication after he left college)

Ancestors: None

Best Friend: Ceol

Close Friends: Ceol

Confidantes: Ceol, Mother and father

Friends: Ceol, Loreli, Keegan, Joshuah, Depends on story

Role Models: Jane Austin

Heroes: Mother Teresa

Mentors: None


First Love: Boy in kindergarten

Love Interests: Keegan

Marital Status: Single

Orientation: Straight

Significant Other: None

Love Style: Pragma

Flirtiness: Bad

Virginity: In tact

   Story Information

Flaws: Socially awkward, Comes off cold-hearted, Will do anything for friends and family

Advice: “Read a book once in a while - but make sure it’s a good book.”

One Word: “Ugh…”
Theme Song: Izzard and Blankts - Threads

Soundtrack: Beauvoics: Little Lights

Date of Creation: December 26, 2016


Angry: Shouts, Cries, Sighs, Talks over others

Anxious: Stammers, Wrings hands

Conflicted: Wrings hands, Paces, Broods over situation

Criticized: Avoids eye contact, Keeps to self, Cries

Depressed: Cries, Keeps to self, Doesn’t speak

Embarrassed: Blushes, Keeps to self, Gets angry, Laughs

Excited: Jumps, Yells, Smiles, Sings

Frightened: Freezes, listens intently, Over-analyze

Guilty: Avoids eye contact, Cries, Tries to change subject, Tries to point out accuser’s flaws/faults, Looks regretful

Happy: Smiles, Laughs, Sings, Claps hands,

Nervous: Bites nails, Plays with hair, Stammers, Gets hyper

Offended: Gives silent treatment, Retorts/Insults person, Keeps to self

Praised: Smiles minimally, says “Thanks,” Feels happy inside

Rejected: Gives silent treatment, Gets angry, Cries, Keeps to self

Sad: Blinks a lot, Cries, Keeps to self, Expresses feelings to Itane

Stressed: Groans, Cries, Fiddles with things

Thoughtful: Writes, Stares into space


First: Awkward, Mean, Selfish

Self: Crazy, Sarcastic, Funny

Family: Quirky, Awkward, Sassy

Lover: Awkward, FUnny, Sassy, Sometimes serious

Friends: Awkward, Kind, Sassy, Funny

Enemies: Weak, Selfish, Cowardly


MBIT Personality Type: The Debater: ENTP (-A/-T), The Defender: ISFJ (-A/-T)

Anima: Parrot, Deer

Personas: Analyst, Introvert


Food: Beef Stroganoff

Beverage: Capri Sun

Book: Anne of Green Gables Series

Author: Lucy Montgomery 

Color: Tangerine

Movie: Spirited Away

Movie genre: Comedy

Book genre: Fantasy

Band/Music artist: Regina Spector

Music genre: Alt Rock

Song: blink 182 - Adam’s Song

Animal: Hedgehogs 

Actor/Actress: Chris Pratt

Subject: English

Since I’ll be cutting my hair soon (soon as in days, weeks or maybe a month), I took a few bobby pins, a hair tie and mocked the hairstyle I’m going for.

All of my life I’ve dealt with everyone controlling my decisions when it came to my hair. My grandma would punish me, scold me, or just talk with a demeaning tone if I ever mentioned cutting my hair or even went as far ad cutting it on my own (simple bangs to full on inches).
Past relationships that threatened to leave me or did leave me for cutting my hair from mid back length to should length because they had a “preference” and of course I was young and in love, it still fucking hurt, did damage intended.
Certain old friends who said I couldn’t be the one with a short haircut in a group of guys, I’d blend in too much and when I would reply with “So? My haircut has no gender and what if I get confused for a guy?” They would be so livid. So angry. They couldn’t dare to think that their little group’s “eye candy” was finally one of them. I didn’t know they thought this of me until I opened up about my sexuality, gender, style and it that was the end of those friends. Good ridence.

So much bullshit over hair because they associated gender to it. They made me feel like I could never rock even the shortest bob because that wasn’t for “me”. They dicated my identity with their bullshit.

No more. I know I’m going to cry alot when I finally get this haircut. It will be freeing. I’m telling myself to be super strong and be like “FUCK YEAH BOUT TIME! Time to feel like you!” but really, I’m going to need the support. I might post alot of pictures just to feel better. And Thats Okay.

C: I’m a little bitter about the natural hair movement. Growing up, I hated my hair. No one taught me to appreciate it and my mom tried her best with it. It was thick, soft and fluffy but I have flashbacks of being rejected at hair salons at a young age because it would take at least 2 hours to do my hair. I was embarrassed of it. I got a relaxer at 11 solely because I wanted to be able to put my hair behind my ear like a white girl. My mom said even the hairdresser’s recommended the relaxer but it was ultimately my own decision. When it came out, I got envious looks from the salon ladies because it was long, thick and silky and mid back length. Over the years I had split ends and ended up going natural 2 years ago. I’m bitter because if I had more people around me as a child that celebrated my coils or knew how to tame them, I would possibly have waist length hair. Features like my thick black eyebrows and hair are suddenly celebrated now when I remember hating everything about it. I remember being teased about it. It’s not fair.

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Ok so I was just gonna do a couple selfies like I did last year or a comparison pic, but I decided why not do a timeline so.
1: I was around 2 or 3 in this picture. So like 2000-2002. It’s really tho only age I feel fine showing pictures of so we’ll jump right to me being 17 now lol.
2: This was the first (good) picture I took after o cut my hair. It basically was mid back length and cutting it was sooo amazing. Around this time is also when I came out to my parents and brother. January 2015.
3: First time I actually bought boys clothes after coming out, besides unisex band shirts and shit. But like actual clothes like jeans and shoes and dress shirts was all around this time. January 31, 2015.
4: First picture after finally getting a binder. Obviously a v good and important day. March 26th, 2015.
5: This one was actually taking basically exactly one year ago. So that’s cool. Oh also I realised today that it was p much a year ago that I had finally decided on my name. March 30th, 2015.
6: After I graduated high school, and then I didn’t have to be closeted 90% of the time around students and teachers. It was really great for me to not have to hear my dead name every day. Also this is a few weeks after I had starting dating my datemate so that’s awesome cause they’re really supportive and helpful and great. June 9th, 2015.
7: Nothing really important happened here but I didn’t want an awkward time gap. I had dyed my hair tho so that’s cool I guess. October 3rd, 2015.
8. And me now! Right now I’m gonna be trying to change my name in a couple months, I’ve been coming out to more random people and extended family members, and I plan to be on hormones by next year so hopefully that’ll work out. I start college soon too so that’ll be something life related.
But yeah obviously so much has changed in a year and especially a year and a half like shit I didn’t even know I was trans till November of 2014. So all trans people out there who aren’t out or who are feeling hopeless about shit rn, you don’t know how much stuff can change in just a few short months and how people around you will grow or who you’ll meet.
Also I have a gofundme account set up to raise money for changing my name and saving for hormones and surgeries. It’s here gofundme.com/j3mxz76c thanks! I hope everyone’s having a good Transgender Day of Visibility,
~Cayden (he/him)~

If you need something to draw tonight you should draw my OC Gaius…….

He’s short with big curly and very long (mid back length) ginger hair. He’s got dark gold skin with brownish green eyes? Pretty features?

Snip Snip

Requested by: @awkwardsituation101

Since you take requests I’m going to annoy you some more if that’s okay. A Bucky x reader where she wants short hair so he helps her cut it? Thank you, you fantastic human

A/N: Idek I just really liked writing this it was so cute, thank you so much for the request! Keep em coming I’ll write whatever you guys want! Btw it took all the self-control in the world to not name this Snip Snap Padiwack or Snip Snip Motherfucker…

Warning: nada just enjoy!

Words: 1272

Bucky Barnes x Reader (they have like mid-back length hair but it’s gender neutral)

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ok so i have a headcanon that during the war, Lily Evans cropped her hair short (because realistically, long hair puts you at a disadvantage in a fight because of the risks of it catching fire, getting cut, getting pulled at, etc.) and she cut it while James was out on a mission and when he got back, after the squalling/hugging/tears/wound clean-up that happened every time one of them got back from a mission, he noticed. And at first he was like “woah, Lily what’d you do to your hair???’ because he’d never seen it that short and usually kept it at a mid-back length, and he couldn’t get used to it for a while, because to entertain himself, he’d fiddle with her hair all the time. He learned to love it more though, because it was easier to run his hands through and thought it made her look like “that little orphan girl from the comic strip they’re supposed to make a movie about”