mid autumn day

Hope everyone is having a nice day! :)

(Have a Hinata enjoying some cool tunes)

Happy Mid-Autumn Day || 听了王菲的 《半途而废》 过后,我发现自己感到很自卑。(我中文写的还OK吗?)我不知该怎么解释这种心情,因为我自己都不晓得现在感到的是否是真正的困扰,或者只是像父母所说:被宠的孩子那种 “生在福中不知福” 的态度。四年前,抱着梦想搬来澳大利亚留学的我,当年对自己的未来充满着希望和悬念。十六岁的我是那么的努力,倔强心又强。四年过去了,二十一岁的我干生么呢?上了爸妈所选择的大学和课程。每天为自己不在行的科目和行业努力奋斗,嘴边挂着一句 “梦想不能当饭吃” 的念头。虽然不论付出多少时间和精力,成绩考得还是马马虎虎。在班上虽然外表充满自信,其实自己真的自卑的不得了。我很糟糕吧?“这个死丫头,每天只知道埋怨,这么不感恩,没机会出国留学的朋友都嫉妒死了,你还埋怨生么?!” 每天就是这么责怪自己。总而言之,这几个月来我对自己感到特别失望,今天写这些只是想要发泄一直以来所埋没的心情。千万不要误会我有生么想不开的念头。希望大家中秋节快乐


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 

The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated by Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese peoples to celebrate the end of the autumn harvest. Celebrations can vary with cultural or regional customs, but often involve friends and family gathering to eat (yummy mooncakes!) and admire the full moon. 

So whether you are lighting lanterns, burning incense, watching a dragon or lion dance, or none of the above, I hope you take a moment to admire our beautiful moon in the sky!

And if your sky’s cloudy like it might be for me.. well, here’s a gallery of paintings of the moon for you to enjoy.

Images Shown:

Chang'e Flying to the Moon, Ren Shuai Ying, 1955

Mid-Autumn Festival, Liu Guosong, 1969

Mid Autumn, Chu Hing Wah, 1995

Full Moon and Autumn Flowers by the Stream, Ogata Gekko, ca. 1895

Rabbit and Moon, Watanabe Shotei

The Moon Over a Waterfall, Hiroshige 

Pine in Moonlight, Ong Schan Tchow

Lotus Pond at Night, Henry Wo Yue Kee, 2003

Bamboo, Yun In-ham, Joseon dynasty, approx. 1590-1600


Which tourist destination in China is full of sh@t during the Golden Week, an 8-day holiday for the Mid Autumn Day and the National Day? Probably all of them…According to news by China National Radio, before October 1, China’s National Day, as many as 8 tons of trash were cleared out of Tiananmen Square, including almost 80 pounds of chewing gum (simply gross)…Situation at the 3-kilometer-long beach at Sanya, Hainan province, was even worse. Over 50 tons of trash were cleaned out, all left on the night of the Mid Autumn Day when tourists stayed on the beach to enjoy the beautiful full moon. And sometimes, trash kills, too. Piles of trash were left on highways after some epic traffic jams.

[Trans] SHINee's Official Site Message Board Update 140907 - Have a Nice Thanksgiving Day~ ^^

빛나는 샤이니 입니다!

네, 저희가 정말 오랜만에 다섯명이 다 함께 인사를 드리게 되었네요~
그리고 온유 형이 컴백했어요~!
그 동안 팬 분들이 많은 걱정과 우려의 목소리를 보내주셨는데,

온유 : 네, 여러분이 그렇게 많이 걱정해주신 덕분에 열심히 치료도 받고
      굉장히 많이 좋아져서 이제 복귀할 수 있을 거 같습니다.
      앞으로 많이 많이 기대해 주셨으면 좋겠습니다.

지금도 회복하고 있는 중이니까 많은 분들 응원의 목소리 계속해서 보내주시구요,
또 곧 추석이에요~ 오랜만에 친지 분들과 가족 분들과 함께 계실 거 같은데,
맛있는 음식 많이 드시고, 또 추석하면 저는 사실 송편! 제일 좋아요.
드시면서 살찌는 걱정 안 하시고 일단은 하루 이틀 동안이라도
행복을 느끼셨으면 좋겠습니다. 푹 쉬세요~ 푹~~
즐거운 추석 되세요 여러분~

또 만나요~~


Hello Everybody~

We are shining SHINee !

Yes, it has been a long time since we greeted as 5 together ~

Onew hyung is back~!

This period of time, fans have been very concern over Onew’s voice,

Onew: Yes, with everyone being worried for me, I have been trying my best to receive treatments and recovered well, now I am back, do look forward for us.

Now, I am also recovering well and fast, and I am still hearing much cheering and support from fans.

Moreover, it is Thanksgiving day (Mid-Autumn Festival) ~ Meet up and gather with your families and friends ~ eat many delicious food and Thanksgiving for me, actually I will eat songpyeon (traditional Korean food made of glutinous rice)! I love to eat it. 

Don’t worry about growing fat after eating, just a special one or two days, feeling blessed. And have a good rest~

Happy Chuseok Day Everyone ~ 

Bye ~~

We will meet again~~

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