mid autumn day

Hope everyone is having a nice day! :)

(Have a Hinata enjoying some cool tunes)


Which tourist destination in China is full of sh@t during the Golden Week, an 8-day holiday for the Mid Autumn Day and the National Day? Probably all of them…According to news by China National Radio, before October 1, China’s National Day, as many as 8 tons of trash were cleared out of Tiananmen Square, including almost 80 pounds of chewing gum (simply gross)…Situation at the 3-kilometer-long beach at Sanya, Hainan province, was even worse. Over 50 tons of trash were cleaned out, all left on the night of the Mid Autumn Day when tourists stayed on the beach to enjoy the beautiful full moon. And sometimes, trash kills, too. Piles of trash were left on highways after some epic traffic jams.