mid autmn festival


Happy Mid Autmn Festival!

When we moved to Deyang, a student took us to a restaurant we now affectionately call Piggies (the students nickname). We quickly fell in love with not just the food, but the people. They were friendly from day one and would sneak discounts or extra food into our orders.

When our school gave us large boxes of dried mushrooms, we looked to get rid of them. Not thinking much of it, Jivas gave his to the owner of Piggies. Incredibly grateful, she invited us to join her family and friends for their Mid Autumn Festival dinner.

During this festival, like most Chinese holidays, you’re supposed to spend it with your family. Unfortunately my family is a 10+ plane ride away. Despite that, for that short time last Sunday, I felt like was surrounded by family again. They even had shrimp that tastes exactly like what I’d get from the Jamaican store back home!!! It was also the first time we enjoyed moon cakes