mid air shots are the best

so just a reminder, these are things that maine’s done in canon:

  • straight up posed with the brute shot to ask wash if they looked cool using it
  • grumbled about the building they were about to jump off was “too high”
  • sent a car flying through the air, straight out of a parking garage, whilst blasting rap music to catch their teammates mid-air
  • took a bullet for carolina
  • is seen waiting for wash and connie’s pelican to land

and that aiden price is a manipulative liar who was using locus’ sudden interest in the meta to manipulate him, and so everything he says about maine should be taken with a pinch of salt, at best.

  • Izo: Where's Marco?
  • Thatch: Busy being an stalker.
  • Izo: stalker? Marco? I'm sure it's not that.
  • Thatch: What else do you call creeply staring at someone from far away then following them and taking pictures?
  • Izo: ....
  • Thatch: on the bright side his cámara angels are to die for. The last three of Ace are all from mid air and Sabo's side shots are the best.