mid air shots are the best

so just a reminder, these are things that maine’s done in canon:

  • straight up posed with the brute shot to ask wash if they looked cool using it
  • grumbled about the building they were about to jump off was “too high”
  • sent a car flying through the air, straight out of a parking garage, whilst blasting rap music to catch their teammates mid-air
  • took a bullet for carolina
  • is seen waiting for wash and connie’s pelican to land

and that aiden price is a manipulative liar who was using locus’ sudden interest in the meta to manipulate him, and so everything he says about maine should be taken with a pinch of salt, at best.

Long Forgotten Sons | pt 2

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Pairing: OT7
Genre: Zombie!AU, mature (includes violence, gore, death, explicit language, future major character death)
Word count: 4.3k


The voice on the other side of the line was hoarse and out of breath. “Hoseok, are you there?”

“I-I don’t understand.” The older boy sounded even more exhausted than his friend. “Why is this happening? I came home and they- they’re gone, Jimin. My entire family’s gone.”

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~Christmas baking~

The powdery heap on the table looked like a small volcano ready to erupt any moment. The steep slopes of sugar and flour were slowly but steadily sliding down into the egg-filled crater in the middle, and the lumps of butter around them did little to keep everything in place. If he were to be honest, Lavi found it a tad concerning.

“Are you sure we need all this baking powder?” he asked, turning the little packet in his hand to read what it said on the back. “That looks like a lot.”

“Yes, it’s fine. Put it in.” Allen gestured at him with a spoon before sticking it in the can to measure out the cocoa. The dark dust coated the sides of the mound like ashfall. Lavi looked at it with a raised eyebrow, unconvinced.

“All right, here it goes.” He tore the packet open and dumped the contents down the unsteady crater like an offering to the ancient gods of baking. The powder puffed up in a white cloud, swirling over the table and immediately tingling in his nostrils. Just as Lavi’s face scrunched up with an incoming sneeze, Allen reached up and gently pushed at his cheek to turn his head away.

“Don’t sneeze into our cookies!”

“I— I— I’ll try!” Finally, Lavi stifled the sneeze safely into the crook of his arm. “Man, that was close. We’d never have managed to clean it all up.”

“You would’ve been cleaning it yourself.” Allen smiled sweetly, sprinkling the heap with gingerbread spice mix.

Lavi sniffled, the remains of the sneeze still fluttering in his nose.

“That’s harsh.” He rubbed at his cheek, brushing off the flour Allen’s touch left there. “What if it were you? You think I wouldn’t help you clean up if you blew our cookies up all over the walls?”

“Maybe once you’d have finished laughing…”

“Well, duh.” With a grin, Lavi took a pinch of flour from the table and flicked it straight into Allen’s nose.

“Hey!” Allen winced and swatted at his chest, leaving a ghostly flour handprint in the middle of his shirt. Lavi just laughed before scooping up some more flour for another attack.

“Look, it’s snowing,” he called, scattering the white powder over Allen’s head.

“Seriously, Lavi.” Allen grabbed his hand and pushed it away, making Lavi rub the rest of the flour into his own hair instead. “Knock it off or we won’t have any flour left before we even start.”

“Okay, okay,” Lavi huffed, wiping his hands on the back of Allen’s shirt. “So what’s next?”

Allen scanned the recipe for a moment, his lips twitching as he checked the ingredients off the list under his breath.

“I think we’ve got everything,” he decided, rolled up his sleeves and carefully sank his hands into the pile before him.

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Rose (Joker x reader) 5

Pairing: Joker x reader

Warning; Smutty smut smut

A/N: Sorry, it’s a little short!!

Storyline:  You are a young student, respected and admired by your family members. One night, you attend your father’s banquet for his business, when the gangster king himself catches you snooping around in places where you don’t belong.

Chapter 5

You shivered as you heard the doors being kicked open. ‘’Daddy’s home.’’

Seeing the frightening man stand before you with his arms open and a devious grin planted on his deranged face, you jumped out of bed and backed into a corner. ‘’Is the little kitty scared?’’ he said in a baby-voice as he started walking towards you. You were scared out of your mind. Looking around you desperately tried to check for ways to escape. All the windows were shut and locked. Probably in case you woke up before he got home and tried to escape

‘’Get away!’’ you yelled as your back hit the wall. Realizing that standing in the corner would eventually trap you, you looked at the bed and started sprinting towards it. At this point, he was rounding the corner at the bed, walking towards you. 

You figured your best shot was to jump over the bed and out the door. You lifted your feet off the ground and jumped over the bed, but the joker was quick to wrap his arms around your waist as you flew in mid-air. Pulling you back, you landed with a big thud on the bed and bounced.

That’s when you started kicking. ‘’I said, get off!’’ you screamed as you tried to kick his arms away. You were able to hit the arm that was gripping your leg and quickly crawled towards the edge of the bed. But before you could jump off, Mister J grabbed your ankle and pulled you back. 

He was laughing frantically at your pathetic attempt to escape him. Pulling you to him, he jumped on top of you and pinned your arms down over your head. Then he placed one finger over your shivering lips and shushed you. ‘’Don’t be scared little baby, daddy just wants to play with you a little bit.’’

You were so scared you wanted to throw up. You had no idea what his definition of fun was, but it most likely wasn’t a tea party. Inhaling sharply, you eventually managed to calm your breathing and looked up the monster over you. ‘’Give me my necklace back’’ you commanded as sternly as you could. This caused Mister J to cackle as he put his hand around your neck and forced your head back roughly. ‘’You’re not getting your necklace back, toots. You just made a deal with the devil, and the devil doesn’t play fair. Now, you belong to me’’ he growled in your ear as he bit your earlobe roughly and grunted.

 ‘’God, I knew I had to have you the first time I saw you. You’re gonna be my very own little baby. Those pink round lips and your cute little cheeks. You looked like an innocent little bunny and I can’t wait to tear you apart.’’ Your eyes were wide in shock.

Hitting his back with your fists and raising your knees, you tried everything in your power to kick him off you, but he was too big and too strong. ‘’I’d rather die’’ you spat in his face. ‘’Ah ah ah, baaad bad girl’’ he shook his finger at you and dragged you by your foot to the edge of the bed. Forcing your body over his lap, he began sliding your skirt down with your stockings. You bet your lip and shut your eyes, powerless. 

When you felt him place his hand on the back of your thigh, you pressed your legs together as tight as you could. Mister J grunted and slapped your ass hard, making you moan in pain.

‘’Bad little girls get punished’’ he purred and started continuously slapping your bare ass with his rough palm. For each slap and each little whimper that excited your mouth, he growled. After the tenth slap you could feel his cock growing hard under your clit. ‘’You look so good on daddy’s lap, babygirl.’’ He purred and started squeezing your ass.

Then you felt him place his finger on your inner thigh and movie it up to your crotch. Even though you felt ashamed, your body reacted to his touch and you knew that your pussy was wet for him. However, there was no way in hell you would admit that to him. You squeezed your legs together, blocking him from sliding his finger further opp. ‘’Don’t you wanna play with daddy?’’ he spoke in a low growl as he forced your legs apart with his strong arm. 

The feeling of being so exposed caused your cheeks to redden but you could also feel your pussy grow even wetter. Damn you stupid body. Biting your teeth in annoyance over you own body betraying you, you gasped when he suddenly forced your panties down to your knees.

With your legs spread, Mister J had the perfect view and chuckled to himself as he grabbed your ass and smacked it. ‘’God, look at that pretty little pussy.’’ He murmured and forced his finger past your thighs and pressed it slowly and hard on your throbbing clit. 

You couldn’t help but moan. His big finger felt so good touching your most private part. ‘’Yeah, you like that?’’ he said as he slid his finger up and down your wet slit.  

Without even thinking, you moaned again and arched you back. ‘’Mmm yes.’’ Cursing yourself inwardly, you made a grimace and pouted to yourself. Stupid stupid stupid. He knew he had you wrapped around his little finger. ‘’You’re dripping for daddy, aren’t you, you naughty little girl?’’ You could hear the satisfied smirk on his face. 

You face was so warm and your entire body was shivering in pleasure. The reasonable part of your brain wanted him to stop and wanted you to force yourself out of his grip and run as fast as you could. However, once you felt his cock twitch in his pants under your throbbing clit, you lost all control over your body, the sexual desire driving you into madness as your body desperately begged for his touch. ‘’Fuck’’ you moaned as you grinded on his throbbing member.

Hearing you respond to him, made his cock twitch and he growled, slapping your ass. ‘’Daddy wants to taste his little girl’’ he growled as he licked his dripping finger. ‘’You want daddy to taste you baby?’’ Your body was now operating on sex mode and words kept slipping out of your mouth. ‘’Y-yes daddy.’’ You whimpered at his words, surprising yourself with giving in to him and his fantasies. 

His dirty talk was enough to make you cum. Mister J lifted you up and threw you on your back, onto the mattress. Spreading your legs, Mister J panted heavily as he looked down at your aching pussy.

He bent down and slid his tongue up your thigh, keeping his eyes locked on yours. You were a shivering mess as he kept teasing you. Wiggling and twisting your body up, desperate for him to lick your pussy you groaned in frustration at how slow he was. When he finally slid his tongue up your slit, you arched your back and moaned sweetly for him.

His tongue found your clit and he started circling it with the tip of his tongue. ‘’Your clit is so fucking swollen.’’ He growled, sending vibrations through your entire body. ‘’Mmmm, don’t stop, please-‘’ Mister J applied more pressure and circled his tongue faster at the sound of his little kitten surrendering before him. ‘’Such a good girl’’ he breathed and kissed your swollen clit. 

Before you were able to catch your breath, Mister J pressed your lips to your swollen clit and started sucking viciously on it, making you moan so loud the entire floor could probably hear you. His tongue and lips were rough and hard, massaging your wet clit.

Your moans were getting louder and you felt your orgasm starting to build up. ‘’Come on baby, cum for daddy. I want you to cum in my face kitten’’ he growled between heavy breaths and placed your clit between his silver grilled teeth, nibbling carefully on it. The vibrations of his words and the ice cold feeling of his silver grills devouring your pussy sent you over the edge and you screamed, gripping his hair and pulling it hard.

Mister J looked up at you with lustful eyes as he licked you clean. Panting after your breath-taking orgasm you slowly began to come back to your senses. What the hell did you just do? You felt your cheeks redden in embarrassment after giving in to that mass murdering clown. Mister J crawled on top of you with a sickly satisfied grin on his face. ‘’We’re gonna have so much fun together.’’

How we met

Kanan and Hera tell Ezra how they met

It was supposed to be simple supply run on the most remote place of this already remote jungle planet. No imperials, no nothing. They were supposed to meet with their contact, pay them and they would give them the supplies. Hera had taken him on this mission so he would get out of the base, breath some other kind of air besides Atollon’s dusty, dry one. And she took Ezra along because he and Kanan had started to drift apart and she was afraid she would lose them both. That the fracture between them would end up breaking the family that she loved so much, that it would cause a damage far too great to repair.

The mission was so simple Kanan almost felt a little insulted. Although he couldn’t really blame Hera if she was wary of his abilities, he was wary of them too. He really hadn’t seen any action since Malachor, bad choice of words he thought, and he was out of practice. But he went along to humor Hera and because he was getting tired of Atollon’s monotonous days.

So he, Hera and Ezra took the Phantom and left. The ride there was awful. None of them really spoke much, the awkward silence only enhanced the tension between Kanan and Ezra. Kanan hated this. No matter how many times he told Ezra that it wasn’t his fault, the kid just wouldn’t believe him and an anger would start up inside him because he absolutely detested that Kanan was sugar coding things and that he was treating him nicely even though he didn’t deserve it.

When the Phantom touched down on the pickup location it was relief to get off, the air in the Phantom was starting to get heavy. Even Hera, who is most definitely not Force sensitive, could feel it. Of course, that relief was short lived because their “contact” turned out to be an entire gang of bounty hunters looking to collect. They had a fleet composed of three ships, nothing outrageous but they were heavy on the artillery. Kanan and Ezra deflected blaster shots (he never did need his eyes for this) while Hera got in the Phantom and got it ready to take off. Once it was ready the two jedi took their respective seats and Hera put them in the air.

Once they were in the air, Kanan really wished he could see. He could only feel the ship turn and spin while listening to Ezra’s occasional “HERAAAAA” “WOWOW CAREFUL” “OOOOOOOH”. Then he heard the missile alarm go off and the hum of the engine suddenly stopped.

“What are you doing?” Kanan and Ezra yelled in unison.

But before she could answer Kanan felt the Phantom plummet to the ground. He didn’t know how high they were, he couldn’t see where they were falling or how fast. He could only feel fear, a vacuum in his stomach as uncertainty hit him and he cursed himself for being so utterly useless in this situation.

“HERRRAAAAAA” Ezra yelled.

“Hang on!” She responded and suddenly the hum of the Phantom started up again, the ship changed position and then landed softly on the ground. Everyone collectively sighs in relief then Hera says:

“Phew! That was a close one,” Turning off the engines as she speaks.

“Yeah, you almost killed us all!” Ezra responded. Considerable irritation in his voice.

“I knew it would work. You should have a little more faith in my flying, you ought to learn that by now Ezra”

“Why did you turn the engines off while we were in mid-air!?”

“They shot heat tracking missiles at us from all directions there was no avoiding them”

“Unless she went down” Kanan completed, glad to have some idea of what just happened.

“Exactly” Hera agreed.

Ezra just sighs in response then says “So why did you turn the engines off now?”

“They must be tracking us, but there’s so much life on this planet that their sensors won’t do them much good. They have really heavy artillery, it’s best just to wait it out ‘til they get tired and leave. Then we can go”

“So that’s it?! We’re just stuck here?!”

“Patience, Ezra” Kanan says calmly “We’ll be out of here in no time.”

Ezra just grumbles something Kanan and Hera pretend not to hear then settles back in his seat.

A wave of exhaustion starts hitting them all, adrenaline wearing off. Kanan takes it the hardest, being out of practice and all will do that to you, and a familiar ache starts settling in his neck and shoulder. He groans and leans forward putting his elbows on his thighs, now his hands can reach his neck and massage it.  

“You okay, love?” Hera asks

“Yeah, yeah it’s just that pain on my neck again”

“Need any help?”

“Well I wouldn’t complain…”

He hears Hera chuckle then get up from her pilot’s chair so she could seat next to him. He feels her weight as settles beside him then sighs in relief as her fingers start slowly massaging his neck. He can’t help but lean into her touch. Eventually he ends up with his head on Hera’s crook between her neck and shoulder, she changes the position of her arm so she can keep massaging his neck without jostling his position.

Meanwhile, Ezra is just sitting there feeling a little uncomfortable and surprised at the same time. It’s not like he didn’t know that they were together, he wasn’t that stupid, they just rarely showed affection in front of the crew. But all the signs were there: the both of them coming out of the same room in the morning, Hera’s pet names, Kanan’s loving looks…. A strike of guilt goes through him at the thought loving looks that he can never give her again and it’s all your fault he thinks. Kanan seems to sense it because he asks him:

“Ezra, you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine”


“I’m fine.”

“Okay.” Kanan sighs.

They fall silent after that but Ezra is still uncomfortable, not because of the show of affection. Well, maybe a little because of that. But, because things like these reminds him of his parents. He doesn’t remember too much of them but he does remember the ease that they had when they talked to each other, the comfort and the happiness that comes with it. The same ease the Kanan and Hera have. Now a wave of sadness sweeps through him and he has to hold back tears.

“Seriously, Ezra what’s wrong?” Kanan asks.

Ezra doesn’t feel like crying right now, so instead he deflects the topic, “How long have you been together?”

“That’s what’s wrong?”

“No, I just… It’s related”

Kanan senses he’s telling the truth so he decides to go along with it.

“Ok… Hmpf! Ummm… well we’ve flown together for what, 7 or 8 years now?”  

“Yeah, something like that I suppose,” Hera says.

“Wait you don’t know?” Ezra asks, a bit shocked.

“Well I have a… general time frame…” Hera says defensively.

“Ha!” Kanan laughs stretching his back, “She ain’t big on anniversaries, kid.”

“Like you know…” Hera says smiling.

“I would! If you ever reminded me…”

“So you don’t…”

Then they just laugh. It’s been a while since they have all laugh together, it feels good. Kanan straightens his back and Hera puts her head on his chest, he places an arm over her shoulders and holds her more tightly. Silence falls over them again, but this time it’s comfortable, nice. Like nothing had ever happened.

“Just for the record I’m really glad I met you” Kanan says “Force knows where I would be today if I hadn’t”

Hera melts a little at that “I’m glad I met you too, love”

“What do you mean?” Ezra asks.

“What do you mean what do I mean?” Kanan responds.

“‘Force knows where I would be today’?”

Kanan sighs “Oh right… you don’t know”

Ezra feels like he has pushed a boundary so he starts apologizing but Kanan stops him.

“Don’t be sorry, kid. I was just a very different person back then; I was throwing my life away and Hera made me realize what I was doing wrong. She saved my life.” The last part he says softly but Ezra can still hear him. She lowers his chins and gives him a peck on the lips.

“You give me too much credit”

“You deserve it. I was a jackass when we met” She laughs at that.

“Yeah you kind of were…” They’re both smiling now, laughing at themselves. Ezra can’t help but smile with them, but suddenly a flashing memory of his parents teasing each other strikes and he has to shake his head to get it out. He knows Kanan sensed it so before he can open his mouth Ezra asks

“How did you meet?”

Hera tattooed eyebrows shoot up “You don’t know this story?”

“I know it’s something about a moon… I think”

“It’s a long story, kid” Kanan says.

Ezra just shrugs “It’s not like we’re doing anything right now anyway”

“And we have time” Hera adds. Happy that for once the shadow of Malachor isn’t looming over them, that they feel like a family again.

“Well kid, settle back. I’m about to tell you the most important moment of my life…”

To be continued…

Kylo Ren Imagine-

 [Author’s note: I would like to start off this post by saying that I came across this piece of art and immediately fell in love with it. I messaged the lovely artist @adahlen-art and asked if she would graciously allow me to repost her art as a visual for this imagine. I give all credit to her for this art and the inspiration. I would also like to give credit to Alexsolya for the original fan fiction that this wonderful piece of art is written about. I have not had a chance to read it since “along the blade” is in Russian but I will have to once it is translated. I am by no means trying to copy along the blade. I just saw this piece of art and I was inspired. I hope you all enjoy and please give these two people the credit they deserve and please go check out their pages.]

The rise of The First Order has not come without challenges. Between the warring factions of the galaxy, and the persistent efforts from the Resistance to combat The First Order, you have seen too many people you love destroyed. Something about The First Order is alluring though, their relentless passion is what drew you to them. 

As a child you were told stories of the brave warriors that defended the lands. Your mother would gush about the Jedi, fabricating entrancing tales of how they dueled siths with their lightsabers. You longed to see one of those lightsabers. You remember running around your house, spinning around a broken twig as if it were a lightsaber of your very own. All of that changed though when disaster struck your home planet of Aargau. 

Aargau has always been a disputing planet but it has never seen such devastation as this. One of the factions declared war on The First Order and swore their allegiance to the Resistance, leaving the years of their alliance in the dust. They came storming in one late afternoon attracting a large crowd as they broke the Aargau laws. Fleets of ships landed just outside of the city limits. Pugnacious warriors trudged into the city, weapons blazing in their hands. They fought a fierce battle that demolished over half of the city and killed hundreds of innocent civilians in the process. You ran around the streets in search of your mother. You found her in a beat up state, a small pool of blood forming underneath her. Tears began to freely flow from your eyes as you mourn the loss of your mother. Behind you approaches a man dressed in black attire whom now you would identify as a Knight of Ren. He reassures you that everything was going to be okay. He spoke malicious lies of the Resistance, convincing you to join him in the war against them. You took one last look behind you, leaving all of your precious memories behind you vowed to help aid them in destroying the Resistance once and for all. 

You were then paired with a young member of the Knights of Ren. You could tell something was different about him, but those thoughts were waived away as he made his way up in the ranks. The two of you would spend countless hours together, running around the base dueling each other and enjoying being kids. Soon he would assist the older knights in their missions. Watching them destroy other families and cities in search of Luke Skywalker brought a disquieting joy to you. Other people’s suffering was a coping mechanism for you, that is until you saw a little girl crying over the vacant body of her mother. You saw yourself in that little girl, so desperate and irate. The familiar sight pulled at the strings in your heart and you had to reevaluate your decisions, but it was too late. So you lived with this guilt building up inside your chest. 

Before you knew it your friend Kylo Ren made his way up to the rank of leader of the Knights of Ren. You saw something change in his eyes, like someone lit a match. He became puffed with greed and he started to gravitate away from you. It started with missing a few meetings to then ignoring your messages. You never established if the two of you had mutual feelings for each other but it stung when he ignored you. He went from being your best friend and confidante   so this detached figure whose ghost haunted you. Every now and then you would pass him in the halls. Even though his face was concealed you could tell he was staring at you, desperate to talk. You would scurry on by, minding your own business. 

Today was D-Day, the day everyone in The First Order has been anxiously awaiting. Led by Kylo Ren, the elite army of stormtroopers were going to invade the Ileenium System where the rumored Resistance base is located. The Resistance kept their whereabouts top secret, only on a need to know basis. Being one of the handful of people who know Kylo’s secret, you ponder over how agitated he must be right now. 

You sit in the bustling command room behind a wall of screens and radars. General Hux stands on a pedestal watching the ship depart from the base. Your chest becomes heavy as you see Kylo’s command shuttle take off. If the Resistance sympathizers are anything like the way your mom talked about the Jedi, then everyone here should be worried. 

“Do they have their shields up?” Hux asks. 

“No sir.” you reply. 

Your eyes stay glued to the monitor as you watch the ships enter the territory of the outer rim. There they are defenseless. The outer rim is a place that captivates many for it is uncharted territory. In recent years, many new species have been discovered when explorers took on the daunting task of starting to chart the region. 

“Good. According to our satellite they are minutes away from D’Qar.” he responds. 

You twitch nervously in your seat as they go further in. The person next to you becomes irritated as you flinch at everything that comes their way. You know that they are bound to be attacked at some point, but not knowing when or by whom was what tears you apart. 

“They are approaching D’Qar sir!” someone calls out. 

The room goes silent as the ships enter D’qar’s shield. No one moves a muscle. An overwhelming sense of impotence fills your body as you sit there. You hate not being there next to him. Truthfully you would take a bullet for him any day. 

“Sir I see tight fighters at three o’clock.” you yell. 

“I see them. Kylo incoming at three o’clock.”

“I wouldn’t worry.” Kylo responds. 

Your fingers cling to your face as you watch them dodge explosions. Kylo only has the best pilots and you know that, but a part of you still gets nervous when they are in an air strike. The ship to Kylo’s left is struck in the air, bursting into flames. The shrapnel from the explosion connects with Kylo’s shuttle. The sounds of the team jarring inside of their ship echo’s through the command room. A soft whimper departs your lips.

“General we have to land.” Kylo informs. 

“Ren I haven’t authorized that!”

“I don’t care wether you authorized it or not, I have to do it.” 

As the ships land on the planet, a large group of Resistance fighters approach. With his lightsaber in hand, Kylo exits the ship and surveys his surroundings. You knew he dreaded the moment of confrontation between him and his mother, but he has no option. 

“Ben.” Leia gasps. 

Leia, a woman wise of age and strong in heart never thought she would see her son again. Her greying hair and wrinkling skin reflects the stress she has gone through over the years. She stares at her son with gleaming hopeful eyes. 

“You got some nerve showing up here Ren.” Poe Dameron steps forward. 

“We come in search of Luke Skywalker. It would be a shame if we couldn’t work something out.” 

“You well know we don’t know where he is either. Even if we did know where he was, what makes you think we would just give him to you?” poe taunts.

Kylo stretches out his arm towards the pilot. Beads of sweat begin to roll down his flustered face. As she sifts through Poe’s thoughts, he ignores everyone around him. Being ill tempered was one of Kylo’s greatest weaknesses. He can easily become distracted with trivial things.

“Kylo!” you scream.

All of the command officers turn and look at you. You cover your mouth as you watch someone with a crossbow slowly approaching Kylo from behind. 

“Ben stop that!” his mother pleads. 

The archer releases the bow, directing it towards Kylo’s chest. Without changing his position, he flicks his wrists and stops the bow mid shot. The bow levitates in the air before it disintegrates into mere dust in the wind. 

“Ben died many years ago.” he scoffs. 

“Wait!” she yells. 

He ignites his lightsaber and turns around to face the archer. Sauntering over with heavy steps, he twirls his weapon around dauntlessly. Kylo has become one of the best warriors that The First Order has come across in a long time. His determination and audacious attitude is what makes him dangerous. His weapon is a mere extension of his arms as he effortlessly strikes back. There is a certain beauty to his swordsmanship. He gracefully glides on his feet and twirls around while maintaining his strapping composure. 

You gnaw on your fingernails as he duels the Resistance fighter. His troops take to fighting other people. The Resistance base is surrounded by clouds of dust as the battles burst. The edge of an arrow tears through Kylo’s outer garment amidst all of the chaos. He inhales a sharp breath as he clutches his arm. 

“He’s hurt General.” a man calls out. 

At this point you can barely see straight. The room around you spins causing you to become nauseous. 

“Ren will be fine.”

Overhead Resistance pilots begin an air strike. The building to Kylo’s right bursts in flames, jarring him momentarily. After he gains his composure he tumps into the burning building in search of the droid that was holding the missing piece of map. The structure begins to sway as it’s frame melts away from the intense heat. 

“Sir he has to get out of there now!” you shout. 

“Don’t you think I know that miss (Y/L/N). Ren abort!” 

“We have what we need.” he snickers. 

Kylo emerges from the collapsing building moments before it crumples. His troops fall back and pile into the remaining spacecrafts. The room cheers around you as Kylo holds up a small chip, presumably the lost piece of the map. You are unable to join in the festivities, all you can do is blankly stare at the monitor replaying the events in your head.

“Well done General.” 

“Thank you. You are all dismissed.” 

You collect your files and make your way out of the command room. Still stunned you mindlessly wander down the the halls. The sounds of the ships returning to the depots draw your attention. The crowd cheers as Kylo exits triumphantly. He scans the crowd over for you but to his dismay you are no where to be found. As he slides his helmet off you enter his vision and your eyes lock.

“Kylo!” you scream. 

You drop the file in your hand and run toward the victor. Anger bubbles in you as the distance between you two lessens. It feels as if a hundred miles separate you two, and the distance is only getting greater. Your breathing is short and rapid. You see the gash across his arm as you get closer to him. You can sense his exhaustion but that doesn’t change your feelings at this moment. 

“(y/n) wait.” he sighs. 

“Kylo No! Don’t tell me to wait!” you pant.

Hot tears threaten to escape your eyes as you look up at him. You shake with outrage, your emotions pulsing through your veins. 

“You can not tell me to wait after I watched you almost die! I have sat around long enough to watch you get into trouble way too many times. Your rash decisions aren’t only affecting you you know!” you yell. 

He remains silent, taking in your beauty. Under normal circumstances he would be furious if someone was yelling at him, but your relationship with him is anything but normal. He admires how your cheeks get rosy when you are angry. 

“Are you even listening to me Kylo! This is so selfish of you. You know honestly I knew you had changed but I thought maybe somewhere deep down that you were still the same man I met years ago.” 

You pause for a moment, unable to form new words. Your thoughts are swirling in your head incessantly, and you are unable to grasp a certain concept to rant about. Kylo’s strong hands fall to your arms. 


His voice is soft and inviting, unlike any other tone you have heard him speak in. The sound of his voice is what broke you. Your mother raised you to be a strong, independent girl but in this very moment you felt vulnerable. A heavy sob racks your body as all of your emotions flood out. You pound your balled, sweaty fists against his chest as you cry into his shoulder. His hand cradles the crown of your head tightly as you let everything go, his other arm guiding your into his sturdy figure. 

“I could have lost you. You almost died.” you wail. 

You feel guilty for pounding against his already beaten body but that was the only thing you could do. He tucks your head underneath his chin in an attempt to calm you down, diminishing the space between you. 

“I love you and I almost watched you die.” 

As your tears subside his grip around you tightens. You wanted nothing more than for him to never let go. All of this time you have craved the soft touch of his embrace but never said anything in fear of distracting him from what is important. Despite everything you have been through he is still your rock, the only thing that keeps you anchored in a place that is full of waives. 

“(y/n) It’s okay. I’m here.” he whispers. 

Unable to speak, you listen to his rich voice rattle in his chest. He hates to see you falling apart like this but it kills him even more that he was the cause. 

“I’m right here.”

Sure Thing

I wrote fiddauthor instead of sleeping
First fic, be nice please
Summary: Fiddleford’s day is OK.

Fiddleford paused outside his partner’s door. It had been propped open with some strange glowing rocks - most likely to allow air circulation - and as he peeked inside, he saw his friend’s backside hunched over his desk. His snoring could be heard even in the hallway. Fiddleford stifled a chuckle when he saw his glasses on the floor. He almost tip-toed inside to pick them up and put a blanket over his shoulders when he looked up at the door.
A huge single eye inside a triangle stared down at him.
He shivered and instead proceeded down the stairs.
While Fiddleford had grown up on a farm and was used to waking up with the sun, his accomplice was far more prone to late-night calculations and rituals, which usually lead to very late mornings. Fiddleford didn’t mind, though. It left him time to make himself breakfast in the quiet morning light and also indulge in one of his favorite hobbies - music.
Although his parents had never been able to follow him when it came to mechanics, they were more than happy to teach him how to play the banjo. He sat himself down and pulled out his instrument from underneath his chair, kicking his feet up on the table. As he leaned back and began tuning the strings, he closed his eyes and allowed his mind to wander. He saw the sun paint the sky with oranges and purples as it sank below the horizon and saw the moon take its place, setting the stage for the countless stars that littered the night. He saw a sprout grow and blossom and saw it shrivel up and die, turning into the soil below to help another grow. He saw Stanford.
He couldn’t stop a smile from crossing his face. He began to strum a few chords. Stanford had to be one of his best friends of all time. While some kids had liked him alright at home, his nerdy and needy side had rubbed many of them the wrong way and made it hard for him to connect. With Ford, though, he could be himself. He could talk about math, physics, universal theories, music, peace, war, hate, love…
But there was one thing he couldn’t talk to him about.
He grabbed the strings, silencing them mid-chord.
He opened his eyes.
Even at that moment, while Ford was sleeping peacefully away upstairs, he could feel the muse’s presence. Ford had tried to keep it a secret at first, but it was pretty obvious, considering all of the tapestries and scrolls and inscriptions and whatnot.
The kettle began to whistle.
He placed his banjo down on his seat. As he poured himself a cup of coffee, Fiddleford considered Bill’s motive. Ford insisted that he was a muse - a being from another dimension that had chosen him to inspire and help achieve his goal. But all of the worshipping, the candles, the equations beyond comprehension - Fiddleford never felt comfortable when Bill took over. It would be at the worst times, too. He would be having a personal conversation when those eyes would roll over yellow and that inhuman grin would spread across his face. It looked like Ford, but it wasn’t. It was Bill. It was sinister.
He leaned against the sink and took a long sip of coffee. Of course he’d tried assuaging Bill’s influence, but it didn’t help. Ford was obsessed, almost addicted to Bill. He’d confessed to having scopophobia as well, towards which Ford was sympathetic, but just as he was apologizing he started to laugh. He wouldn’t stop laughing. And it wasn’t Ford’s laugh.
He washed out his mug. He stayed for Stanford. He wanted to help him - both in building the portal, but also in case he got in trouble. He couldn’t say that he understood who or what Bill was, but something had happened to Ford between college and then, and he wasn’t going to let his friend get in trouble. He would stay by his side and help him in any way he could.
A disheveled Ford stumbled into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes with his six fingers. He yawned loudly and scratched his back. “Mornin’, Fidds.”
Fiddleford poured another cup of coffee. He couldn’t help but smile goofily. “Goooooood morning!” He handed the mug to his friend, who took it with both hands. He squinted at it intently for a while, as though he wasn’t really sure what had just happened or what he was holding. Finally he took a sip, and coughed. “Hot!”
Fiddleford quickly opened the ice box and handed a few cubes to his friend. “Here ya go. You alright?”
Ford took the ice and dropped a couple cubes in his coffee, putting the remaining on his tongue. He was quiet for quite a few moments. “Mmmmm-hmm.” He shifted it around in his mouth, still standing in the same spot.
Fiddleford raised an eyebrow. “You sure?”
A pair of yellow eyes glared up at him. “We’re fine.”
Fiddleford almost yelped as he jumped backwards into the sink. Bill laughed his unnerving laugh. Fiddleford breathed heavily. Why was he here so early in the morning? “W-what are you doing here, Bill!?” he demanded.
“Well, well! You remember me! That’s a surprise. I wouldn’t get too used to that.” He still hadn’t moved. His shoulders were hunched forward, even his head looked as though it should have been hanging. Yet he stared straight at - straight into Fiddleford.
“What in tarnation is that supposed to mean?” The room had become absolutely freezing, but Fiddleford started to sweat. Those eyes…
“It means mind your own business, buster. Just because Sixer’s not here doesn’t mean I can’t see or hear everything you’re doing. I have eyes everywhere.”
Fiddleford looked around the room at all of the various Bill paraphernalia. Every single eye, each and every inscription and statue, all seemed to be focused right on him. He gulped.
“I-I don’t understand. What do you want from me?”
“Jeez, do you humans ever listen? I just said that I want you to leave Sixer alone. We’ve got our own goals. I’ll tolerate your staying here, but you won’t get in the way of anything we’re doing. Understand?”
Fiddleford was shaking. The eyes wouldn’t stop staring. There were so many…
“I said DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!” The house began to shake. Papers flew everywhere. Various utensils and dishes began soaring violently across the room. Fiddleford couldn’t move. Even the table was -
Fiddleford gasped.
Everything froze in mid-air as Bill looked confused for a moment. He followed Fiddleford’s gaze and saw the banjo in smithereens. Bill smiled widely. He cackled maniacally.
“Oh, wow! Is that your guitar thing? Boy, that sure is smashed up good!”
Fiddleford felt as though he had swallowed ten tons of pure lead. Bill turned back to face him, grin still plastered across his - across Ford’s face. “Listen up, hillbilly, because I’ll only say this once. You’re replaceable. In the grand scheme of Sixer’s life, you don’t mean anything. Trust me! I can see the future! So don’t go getting any ideas of stopping us. Nothing you say or do is going to have any effect on him - especially when he’s got me!”
Bill was lying. He couldn’t see the future. And of course Fiddleford meant something to Stanford! They were best friends! He wasn’t replaceable - was he? Still frozen in place, his eyes drifted over to a photograph that was stopped in mid-air. It was a photograph of Ford getting his diploma.
Was he?
“He doesn’t feel the same way, you know.” Fiddleford shot his head to stare straight at Bill. The smile was gone.
“You know what I’m talking about. I know how you feel about Ford. I know-”
“Lots of things. Yeah, I get it.”
“Don’t interrupt me!” The house began to shake again. Bill was downright scowling now. He wasn’t showing off anymore - he was aggressive. Fiddleford had to hold onto the counter to keep his balance. He saw Ford’s diploma picture crash to the ground.
“You’re in way over your head, McGucket,” Bill began to hover above the ground - or was the ground hovering? He could barely tell what was up or down anymore… “You’ve already picked a very dangerous partner. Make sure you don’t pick a dangerous enemy, too. Are we clear?”
Fiddleford felt a single tear fall down his cheek.
Bill grinned sadistically. “Good, good! Then I know you won’t have to tell any of this to Sixer, either,” he glanced around the room at the mess that was floating above the ground. “Have fun explaining this, by the way. Don’t forget anything I’ve said. There isn’t one thing I don’t see. Good luck, McGucket!” His eyes rolled back in his head and Ford fell to the ground, as well as half of the contents of the shack.
Fiddleford regained his strength and ran to his friend. “Ford! Stanford, can you hear me?!” He picked up his head, but it lay limp in his hands. Finally he gasped to life. Fiddleford huffed and hugged Ford’s head to his chest tightly. “Oh, sweet sarsaparilla, Stanford. You gave me a mighty fright.”
Ford groaned and pulled away from Fiddleford. “Oof… what just happened?” He looked surprisingly calm as he surveyed the mess that surrounded - that is, until his eyes fell on the table.
He gasped. “Fidds! Your banjo!” He sprung up and ran over to inspect the shattered fragments. “Gee, how long was I out for? Did Bill do -” he was stopped by a sniffling noise coming from behind him.
He turned and saw Fiddleford staring at the ground, wiping away tears. Ford’s heart sank. He looked like a child who had lost his parents. He picked up some broken banjo pieces and ran back over to his friend.
“Hey, hey there… it’s okay, see?” He wrapped his arm around Fiddleford’s shoulder and showed him a few strings and pieces of wood. “I-it’s just a little bruised, that’s all. A little bit of glue and it’ll be…” Fiddleford continued sniffling. He wouldn’t meet his gaze.
“Hey, you know what? Forget that piece of junk!” Ford threw the pieces over his shoulder. “We’ll make you a new, even better banjo, huh? It’ll be high tech - an electric banjo! Isn’t that something? An electric banjo, and it can also double as an oven - ”
Fiddleford buried his face in Ford’s shirt, sobbing. Ford was a little taken aback, but just chose to hug his friend. “There, there.”
They sat in silence for a while, surrounded by the rubble of Bill’s tantrum. Fiddleford continued crying and Ford rubbed his back. Finally, Fiddleford pulled himself away.
“I’m alright, Stanford,” he said, wiping away a tear. “I just got a little worked up, is all. I’m fine now.”
Ford furrowed his brow. “I’d hardly say this is fine. I think I ought to have a talk with Bill.”
Fiddleford’s heart skipped a beat. “N-no! Don’t!” Ford looked confused. He took a deep breath. “It… it was all my fault. I provoked Bill. He was just defending himself. It’s really not a big deal.”
Ford scoffed and put his hands on his friend’s shoulders. “What are you talking about? You’re obviously very upset. That seems like a pretty big deal!”
Fiddleford sniffed. “Really?”
Ford rolled his eyes. “Of course it is! You mean a lot to me, Fiddleford.”
Fiddleford smiled meekly and began to tear up again.
“Heh… don’t cry, Fidds,” Ford pulled him in tightly in a hug. Fiddleford closed his eyes and hugged him back.
“I really am sorry about your banjo.”
“Aw, shucks. It’s not a problem. I’ve got plenty of other instruments to play!”
Ford pulled back again and looked him over. “…No, you don’t, Fidds.”
Fiddleford raised an eyebrow. “Clearly you’ve never seen me play the spoons.”
Ford laughed and stood up, offering his friend a hand. Fiddleford took it happily. “Really, though, I’m going to have a serious talk with Bill about this.”
Fiddleford’s stomach churned. “Really, I’m doing just fine. We talked it out amongst ourselves.”
“You sure? That Bill can get pretty touchy.”
Fiddleford chuckled. “Would I lie to you, Stanford?”
Stan shrugged. “I guess I can’t argue with that.” He gave Fiddleford another hug, which was accepted gleefully.
As he pulled away, he gave Fiddleford a little peck on the cheek. Fiddleford blushed, completely frozen in place. Ford headed back up the stairs. “Would you clean that mess up, please? I’m going out to do some more research.”
Fiddleford raised a hand gently to his cheek.
“Sure thing…”


Catching Air with Kiteboarder @hopelevin

For a dose of saltwater action and sunshine, follow @hopelevin on Instagram.

“Kiteboarding gives you the chance to focus on that moment and truly live in the present,” says Hope LeVin (@hopelevin), a kiteboarder from the Turks and Caicos Islands, who picked up the sport at the young age of 11. A year ago, the now 22-year-old turned her passion into a career when she began riding the waves professionally.

Although Hope enjoys traveling for work, she loves returning to her home island and following certain routines, and begins the day by feeding her two senior cats, Moody and Coaly. She adds, “I’ll try to fit in an hour of fitness with my trainer Nancy, respond to emails and do social media. I may be writing a blog or article for a kiteboarding magazine, so I’ll do that and then in the afternoon I’ll go kiteboarding for several hours.”

Hope has now mastered the art of taking selfies while suspended in mid-air above (or below) her board. “Getting good shots with my GoPro isn’t always easy. The angle is often wrong or I get an amazing shot but then there’s a huge water drop in the middle!” explains Hope. “It’s weird, but usually it’s the days where the conditions aren’t that great that I get my best images. I guess I’m focusing too much on having fun on the good days!”

CW ADS, Felicity Smoak and Laurel Lance

There’s been a flurry of comments over the CW’s latest sizzle reel (x) and an ad that was placed on the CW Twitter feed (see below).

Immediately you’ll notice Emily Bett Rickards/Felicity Smoak is missing from both ads. Obviously this has a lot of people upset and I’ve engaged in a quite a few Twitter discussions about it. I 100%, absolutely and completely understand why fans would be angry.

I am not one of them.

Sorry folks. This stuff doesn’t get me worked up. Nor will it ever get me worked up. Why? Well…for one because of this….

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dirtycorzaharkness  asked:

Number 7 for the oc meme?

someone describing a time your OC hurt them

Commander Cullen,

While I am certain you had the best of intentions in pairing me with our Lady Inquisitor, I must confess that I am not nearly as skilled a marksman as you think I am. Ask me to shoot an apple in mid-air, and I will. Ask me to pin the collar of a mage to a tree, and I will. Our Lady Inquisitor, however, can not only shoot an apple and pin a collar, she will do these things with a singular shot. Which she did. Several times.

Perhaps it is her Dalish upbringing. Or perhaps I have room to grow. It is likely both; my pride was hurt, to be sure. I served with the best archers in the Ferelden army for several years. Indeed, you would not have recruited me if I were a wet-eared pup. The Lady Inquisitor (who insists I not call her “Lady,” by the by,) is truly skilled, and if you wish it, I will train with her again.

She did buy me an ale after we were finished. That helped my hurt pride a great deal.

My thanks,


some wonderful little got7 trailer things
  • these dumb idiots singing confession song at the beginning and making us question whether or not they ever actually sing
  • hearing jackson’s voice and just knowing it’s him bc who else would it be
  • driver!jb
  • bc like who else is gonna drive them anywhere lol
  • the lighting????? it felt like summer and i was happy
  • jackson & yugyeom happy faces!!! you know what i’m talking about
  • jinyoung waking up and the first thing he sees is mark & every markjin shipper in the world was like :-) r :-) we :-) even :-) alive :-)
  • yugyeom dancing like an idiot and making us love him more god wtf
  • seeing jackson smiley again :) idc if it’s for a vid it still feels good
  • that fucking gift to the world of a shot when jaebum levitates off the bed in his sleep and just looks so perfect the whole time and is surrounded by his bird army i swear to god that is the best shot in the whole flippity floppin video and i rewatch it multiple times every time i watch the trailer bc wowowowowowWOWOW!!!
  • everyone’s having a great time and THEN JINYOUNG COMES AND WE KNOW SHIT’S ABOUT TO GET REAL AGAIN!!!
  • the foggy shots wow they were so cool and beautiful
  • jinyoung looking at the sky all sad bc it’s beautiful but his friends are probably dead :( 
  • thE ACTUAL JINYOUNG/TAEHYUNG PARALLEL IT’LL BE THE LAST THING I THINK OF WHEN I GO TO SLEEP FOR A WEEK NOW honestly though that sequence was too good jinyoung was meant to fall through mid air
  • it’s his calling