mid 50s

Gellert Grindlewald was a brilliant and charismatic Nordic wizard in his mid 40′s/50′s, and they thought Johnny Depp instead of the obvious choice…???


I never thought I’d see water skiers in Minnesota in the month of February. We were walking the dogs along the Mississippi River when the ski boat pulled these two guys past us.

We saw several fishing boats and kayakers too. On the way home several motorcycles were on the highway.


“I’ve always been a little bit in awe of Alan because he’s always been incredibly solicitous of me. I wasn’t long out of drama school when I first met him. I was quite green and unsure of myself. He seemed to have an instinct for people who were in need of guidance of some kind. I’m in my mid-50s now — our age difference isn’t that vast — but I always saw him not as an older person but as someone who took me under his wing. There are some people you didn’t know how much they meant to you until you miss them, and I think Alan is one of those people. He wasn’t a person I expected to see on a daily basis, but I didn’t realize how important it was to me to have Alan there until we got the news." 

- Colin Firth

Fist Bumps and Life

As I was quickly scrolling Tumblr this morning and came across @jamesandclairefraser post about being with her mom in the hospital and I started thinking about the “big picture” and where and how we find our comfort and solace in this life. I too sit with someone, my husband of 28 years, at home with ALS. He is completely dependent on me, drools on himself all day, has pain, frustration, cannot talk, eats through a tube…….a formerly vibrant, athletic, kind, giving, articulate, creative man. Yesterday some close friends visited us. The woman has stage 4 lung cancer and has survived for two and a half years. What the disease has done to this wonderful woman is devastating. I have another friend who has Alzheimers and is cared for by her husband. The woman with cancer is in her mid 50s, my husband 59, the woman with Alzheimers is early 60s. LIFE IS TOO SHORT PEOPLE. There are too many things in this world to be sad about every day. For me, the fist bumps, twitter banter, the rugby, T2……..they make me smile, they make me laugh. What is wrong with that? I have plenty of situations in my life to make me sad if I choose to focus on them. I refuse to feel sorry for myself. There is always someone in the world who has a worse situation. I CHOSE LIFE. I will laugh at the fist bumps, the analysis of whose hands they are and I will squee with delight over all the positive banter, pictures, etc. WHY NOT? Its fun and many of us need that in our lives. It doesn’t hurt ANYONE. I could care less if someone laughs at me for it. Someone laughed at me yesterday because I told them I wanted to visit Scotland because I found out I have ancestors on both sides from the Highland Clans and I feel a real spiritual connection to the area. I could care less what they think……I’m going. So, choose to live your life, whatever that means for you. Laugh, squee, and rejoice. Excuse me while I go find someone to fist bump, send a donation to WCC, and go reread yesterdays banter to start my day with a smile.

So I’ve had this one customer who always comes up to me and like insists on waiting for me even if I’m super busy and my coworkers are free. He makes jokes about me being his girlfriend, about how we’ll run away together, and I just have to smile cause that’s my job, and my manager told me it wasn’t big enough to make a complaint out of. Keep in mind, I’m a 17 year old girl and he’s a man in his mid-50s. Last week, he comes in, talks to me for a good 15 minutes about his divorce, and once I’m done helping him he tries to pull me in for a hug. I duck around and get the hell out of there. Then, that night, when I get home I have a facebook message from a stranger. ‘Are you the [my name] who works at [store]?’ And I click the profile picture and it’s that guy. So I ignore it and go on with my life. Two days ago, he shows back up and finds me. Our store’s really big, idk how he keeps tracking me down. He asks me to get him something off a high shelf, even though he’s got a solid six inches on me, but I put on my customer service smile again and stretch onto my tiptoes to reach it, and when I do, he hugs me from behind and puts his hands on my chest. I scream, he runs, and two of my coworkers find me. When I tell my manager, he agrees that a line has been crossed, so we call the cops, and file a report. That night, when I go out to my car, I see a figure at the edge of the parking lot, and I get freaked out, go back in, and have one of my coworkers walk me out. Yesterday, the whole day goes by without an incident, but my coworker walks me out again to be safe. We get to my car, and I’m about to get in the driver’s side door when I see my coworker waving his hands, mouthing ‘no’, and gesturing for me to get back inside the store. I look around, and see through my back window, the creepy customer is LYING ON MY BACKSEAT. From the angle, I don’t think he can see either of us, so I loudly say that I forgot my jacket, and have to go back for it, while my coworker’s already dialing 911. We walk back to the store and it takes all of two minutes for the cops to show up (we’re near the police station) and arrest him. Turns out he had chloroform, duct tape, and a box of condoms in the car with him.

TL;DR Creepy customer got obsessed with me, escalated from hugging to stalking to planning to kidnap and rape me, got arrested. And yes, I’m already in the process of filing for an order of protection. Always check your backseat before you get in your car.

Why You’re Gonna (wanna) Fuck Alec Ryder
  • He was born in 2129 which puts him about early to mid 50′s when Andromeda starts (circa 2183) DAT DUDE IS 50. DAMNY DAMN DAMN.
  • THIS MAN IS THE CAPITAL ORIGINAL FUCKING GANSTA. He was with dem boys when they found the Charon Mass Relay and WENT THROUGH IT. BALLS OF MOTHERFUCKING IRON to approach a Mass Relay and be like lol where does this go having NO concept of a mass effect relay or what it does or what it could do you you.
  • You remember what happened after that right? Remember the first contact war? WELL HE FOUGHT IN THE FIRST CONTACT WAR. Not only that but at SHANXI. This means two things: He was either apart of the guerrilla forces that fought against the turians on the ground facing things like orbital fucking colony drops OR he was part of the alliance liberation operation that kicked the turians T U R I A N S off the colony. Either way. Bad. ASS.
  • He’s smart as shiiiiit. He invented the program that iterally jacks into your mind and matrix’s you. You need to know what the history of this planet? You’ll have that information downloaded directly into your brain. You need to learn kung fu? DIRECTLY INTO YOUR BRAIN/BODY. HE WROTE THAT SHIT. AIN’T NOTHING FINER than a smart-ass silver fox bad ass heroic ass mf-er like him.


He also might be Cerberus so….

Old White Men can and will ruin anything

I was running the cashier and drinks at the restaurant i work at and this mid/older 50′s looking guy walks up and orders a tecate 

since tecate is a mexican beer, I offered him a lime 

if you aren’t familiar with mexican beers or being mexican in general, limes go in that shit, they go in everything, fight me on this

and he says to me in a laughing way 

“No thanks, limes are for girls”


I look like a minor. I have a face that looks like 12 even though I’m 21. My coworkers thought I was 16 when I started (the youngest you can be to work there)

Despite my youthful appearance, an old man probably in his mid to late 50’s kept calling me “dear” and “deary”. It was very off-putting for me.
He was kind though, like not inherently creepy, i think it just felt awkward to me because I am very aware of how young I look and sound.

When he got his order, he had to pass by my register to go back to his table. He waited for me to finish handing change back to the customer I was helping (it was just a second or two) and then he leaned towards me and said “Thank you so much for talking with me, dear.” I guess bc while I was taking his order, I asked him about his day (the usual customer service stuff)

Idk I just don’t really understand it. Idk why he called me dear. Maybe I’m just too aware of how I don’t look my age, and maybe I just immediately thought the worst. But it just weirds me out in general when customers/strangers much older than me call me anything but “Miss”.