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KTERA 2016.01.26 Notes

1. New Class: Ninja (Ninjutsu User)

  New Ninja class has been added.

  Ninja class is race-locked to Elins only.

2.   Flight System

  You can now use flying mounts in the following areas:

Ø  Velika Outskirts, Velika

Ø Island of Dawn

Ø  61-65 Area (Savage Reach, Spring Valley, Ex Prima, Arx Umbra, Highwatch) 

※     More regions will be added in the future updates.

  Flight system features the following:

Ø  Stamina-like gauge for Flight: FE or (Flight Energy) which is consumed during flight

Ø  FE regenerates while grounded.

Ø  Three different flight speeds: Normal, Acceleration, Descent. Each flight mode has special traits.

- Normal flight(Press spacebar while jumping): Normal flight

-  Acceleration(Shift): Instantaneously move faster, but consume more FE.

-  Descent©: Slowly decreases altitude, but consumes less FE during flight.

[Tip] Aiming towards the ground while Descent© causes you to move very quickly towards the ground.

Ø  Some regions may have invisible walls where you cannot proceed forward during flight.

-  You cannot cross oceans while flying.

Ø  Each flight mode has different altitude modifiers, and each zone has different settings for maximum altitude.

Ø  When mounting a flying mount, a flight guide pops up.

  Your first flight mount can be obtained through an event.

Ø  [KTERA ONLY] Any player who logs in between 1/26 through 2/25 will receive a 30-day flying mount.

Ø  More flying mount options will become available in the future updates.

3.   New Dungeons

  Verno’s Laboratory (7-man dungeon)

Ø  Requires ilvl 397 to queue through IMS.

Ø  You must use the dimension stone to teleport into the dungeon once matching is completed.

Ø  Dimension stone is located in Arx Umbra

Ø  You can acquire Verno Gear, Goddess Totem, Cleansing Totem, Vengeance Gear materials (VM7?)

  Sky Colosseum (Solo Dungeon)

Ø  Can be entered via Highwatch NPC.

Ø  Can also be entered via Vanguard Initiative(’H’ hotkey)

Ø  Total of 12 waves of monsters are spawned and players are ranked between 1~5 based on clear time and kill points.

Ø  Rewards include Vengeance Gear material box, Crystal box, Mid tier Arborea holywater (?)

  Wonderholme (Magician’s Fortress) Returns! (10-man raid)

Ø  Dungeon now has increased difficulty for level 65 players.

Ø  Entrance is located in Bastion and requires ilvl 409 to queue via IMS.

Ø Rewards include Durion’s Ring, Cleansing Totem, Starfall Belt, Starfall materials and Vengeance materials

  The Abscess returns! (5-man dungeon)

Ø Dungeon now has increased difficulty for level 65 players.

Ø  Entrance located in Frymount and requires ilvl 409 to queue via IMS.

Ø  Rewards include Durion’s Earrings, Cleansing Totem, Starfall Belt, Starfall and Vengeance gear materials.

  Cave of Darkness returns! (7-man dungeon)

Ø  Dungeon now has increased difficulty for level 65 players.

Ø   Entrance located in Frymount and requires ilvl 355 to queue via IMS.

Ø  You can acquire Kalivan (corvette/galleon/argosy/man-o-war) accessories and rare brooches.

  Dungeons Removed as of 1/26

-       Solo Dungeons

-       Dreadspire

-       Timescape (HM)

-       Kalivan’s Dreadnaught (NM)

-       Forsaken Island (HM)

-       Bathysmal Rise NM, HM

-       Sky Cruiser (HM)

4.   Leveling route for level 11-20 Revamped

Ø  Made the leveling process more linear

Ø  All of the quests are in Fey Forest

Ø  Balanced the monster AI

Ø  Removed out-of-date guides, items and rewards.

5.   Better returning user incentives.

  Returning users level 58 and above has better rewards for returning from hiatus. 

Ø  Reward 1. Gear for appropriate level, Village atlas, 100% XP boost (15 days) Travel book (That elite bookmark location thing) and weapon/defense crystals.

Ø  Reward 2. Instant teleportation to new questing zone.

Ø  Special reward. Lv.58~59 characters become Lv.60 instantly.

6.   Fodder System (Enchanting)

  Fodder system is back for BoP gear.

  Same tier items can be used to enchant gear.

  Using a fodder, you do not need feedstock/alkahest.

  You can enchant gear up to +12 using the fodder system.

  Tier 8 and above gear no longer has base feedstock amount for dismantling. (48, 36, 24, 24 for weapon/armor/glove/boots respectively)

Ø  You still get feedstock used to enchant the gear when dismantling.

7.   Battlegrounds

  Revamped battleground stores. [Will post the actual items later]

Ø  Bellicarium Credit Store

-       Vengeance Gear Materials added

Ø  Killing Spree Credit Store

-       Vengeance Gear Materials added.


Ø  Poison, Suicide, Protection stones are the only statues that will respawn now.

  Corsairs Stronghold

Ø  Players no longer die when siege weapons gets destroyed.

Ø  Siege weapon damage / health increased by 30%

Ø  Running over other players with siege weapon will kill the player.

8.   Gear Stats


Ø  Behind PVP damages / PVP defense from behind stat is removed.

Ø  Base damage increased.

Ø  Lance/Fists +13, +14, +15 Options now give damage instead of aggro.

-       +13:  1% more damage

-       +14: 2% more damage

-       +15: 3% more damage

  Dreadnaught Gear

Ø  Masterwork Success Rate is greatly increased.

Ø  Dreadnaught gear will now have the same number of re-rollable stats as Schisma gear.

9.   Island of Dawn

  Increased difficulty to match the new gear.

Ø  Common

-       Monster respawn time is now 20-40 seconds.

Ø  Mid-tier monsters

-       Increased difficulty to match High-tier monsters of last patch.

Ø  High-tier monsters

-       Increased HP/Damage.

-       Added resistance to knockdown

-       Increased attack speed by 20%

-       Changed location of where minions get summoned.

  New quests for 65 to get gear!

Ø  Kalivan’s Challenge→Cave of Darkness→Channelworks→Verno’s Laboratory

-      Rewards Dreadnaught gear (instead of Schisma)

-      Rewards enchanting materials and gems

  ilvl for various quests have now changed for instance matching

Ø  low tier 355, mid-tier 397, high tier 409

10.  Class Balances

  Difference between plate and cloth armor classes become greater when taking damage from boss monsters.


Ø  The traps set by archers (Ranged / Melee) is no longer visible to opposing players.

11.  Achievements

  Due to removal of dungeons, the total possible points is now reduced to 12,055 points from  14,080 points.

  Current achievement points are removed and then re-calculated upon logging into the game.

12.  Items

  Desolarus Tokens

Ø  You can no longer get rare glyphs from Desolarus tokens.

Ø  You can only get Kalivan accessories.

  Item drops

Ø  Masterwork alkahest from dungeons, loot boxes and credit shops now become untradeable extensive/premium alkahests.

  Noctenium binding material costs 10g now.

13.  Vanguard Initiative

  Reward changes

Ø  Each quest now rewards 10 less credits.

Ø  Each quest now rewards 5 less feedstock.

14.  UI

  Now you can move to TERA homepage directly from the UI.

15.  Others

  Dreadnaught weapon/armor craft proficiency is now lowered by one tier.

  Requirement for 650 proficiency in weapon/armor crafting includes Dreadnaught gear.

  Crafting recipes now show labor point consumption.