microsorum pteropus


My 29 gallon fish tank. Photos include past and present residents, but current stock is otocinclus catfish, rummynose tetras, blue rasboras (sundadanio axelrodi), chili rasboras (boraras briggitae). 

Plants (submerged):
Amazon sword (echinodorus amazonicus)
star grass (heteranthera zostirifolia)
red ludwigia (ludwigia repens)
java fern (microsorum pteropus)
java fern var. ‘needle’
java fern var. ‘trident’
java fern var. ‘lace/windelov’
peacock moss
anubias barteri var. ‘nana’
anubias barteri var. ‘golden’
anubias barteri var. ‘petite’
bolbitis heudelotii
jungle val (vallisneria americana gigantea)
tiger val (vallisneria spiralis)
blyxa japonica
staurogyne repens
marsilea minutia
limnophila aromatica
mystery plants!
duckweed (GROAN)

Plants (emersed):
peace lily
dwarf hair grass
pothos vine
philodendron (var ‘green’?)
unknown ivy
unknown dracaena
2x unknown tillandsia
unknown mushroom


The water’s a bit hazy since I had to move the plants around but here’s the setup now! I really hope I can keep those plants nice and healthy. I love how green and bushy and massive they are. There are plenty of places for the girlie to hide now, so I hope it makes her feel brave enough to stay in the open.

The plants in this setup include:

  • 1 x Anubias nana
  • 1 x Anubias bonsai
  • 1 x Microsorum windelov
  • 1 x Microsorum pteropus
  • 2 x Microsorum pteropus narrow
  • 2 x Alternanthera rosaefolia
  • ? x Bacopa crenata (I have probably 6 full-height ones and clippings of others floating around)
  • Duckweed

the-nefarious-nipplemancer  asked:

What kind of plants are in your shrimp tank? If you don't mind me asking.

1. Willow-leaf hygro (hygrophila angustifolia)
2. rotala macrandra var. ‘green’
3. rotala rotundifolia var. ‘green’
4. peacock moss
5. dwarf sword
6. blyxa japonica
7. dwarf lily (Nymphaea Stellata)
8. anubias barteri var. ‘nana’
9. java fern (microsorum pteropus)
10. fissidens fontanus
11. anubias barteri var. ‘petite’

Additions not shown in this photo include dwarf hair grass, guppy grass, star grass, bolbitis heudelotii, and some kind of mystery crypt (cryptocoryne wendtii maybe?)

This is a pretty old photo. At the moment this tank is wildly overgrown. The willow hygro has escaped the tank and is now tangled in the blinds and blooming out of control. Plants are Everywhere. Please send help.