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Nickname: Growing up I was called Twinkle Toes….I fell a lot as a kid

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Height: 5'6"

Last Thing You Googled: Microsoft Security Essentials- We went to BestBuy to buy tower fans for a computer, and I walked a way with a new laptop……it was a blur

Favourite Music Artists: I have pretty eclectic tastes, I like a little bit of everything. But right now I’ve been very into the Moana sound track. Although, i guess I could expand that into being very into Lin-Manuel Miranda’s work. 

Last Movie you (re)watched: Friday After Next, it’s terrible, but I have a soft spot for the first two, and I hadn’t seen the third in a really long time. I now remember why that was.

What are you wearing right now: A dress

Why did you choose your URL: It’s similar to my email, and I wasn’t feeling very creative when I was setting up my account.

Do you have any other blogs: Jackwantstosiezethedavey

What did your last relationship teach you: I’m still with that person, so I would stay i’m still learning things. The most important thing i’ve learned so far is to be very clear with what you mean, even if you feel like its not necessary. You have to make sure that you’re on the same page. 

Religious or spiritual: There may be a god, there may not be. If you find the idea of religion comforting, cool. But it’s not even remotely my thing. 

Favorite colour: Orange

Average hours of sleep: Between 5 and 8, and I wake up a few times through out the night.

Lucky Number: 69- it looks funny I know, but things usually go well when I see that number.

Favorite Characters: Steve Rogers, Davey Jacobs, Katara (AtLA) Belle, Finn…This could become a very long list, so I think I’m going to stop there

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 and a sheet, but typically it gets thrown off at some point, I tend to run warm at night.  

People I want to get to know better: I’m trying to be a little more out going. I won’t take it personally if you don’t want to participate. @jackscrutchie @racetrackhuggins @dont-sneeze @letsprayitwritesitself

#FSecure is the best antivirus

After trying a number of Anti viruses and Internet Security programs, I figured out that F-Secure, is the best in the market.

I’ve been using Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG, Kaspersky and a others. But The only one I really trust right now is F-Secure. It’s reliable and user-friendly.

Below a screen shot after removing Microsoft Security Essentials and installing F-Secure.

External image


Update Process of The Month: Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 7

  1. Hit the colossal Upgrade Now button
  2. Get hit with a wizard that serves as an advertisement for the software that I (perhaps mistakenly) opted to download and install months ago. Software which, of course, required its own wizard to install
  3. Receive a system tray warning during the update installation process that Microsoft Security Essentials has been turned off and must be turned back on manually
  4. Accept (and read!) yet another astoundingly concise, clear, digestible, uplifting, and useful license agreement
  5. Once the update is complete, receive the first warning message during the entire process that you must stop everything you’re doing and restart because no one involved in the drafting, designing, coding, or testing of this update had the thought that hrm, maybe people don’t like to be forced to stop everything they’re doing just for what is perceived to be some spit and polish lobbed from Redmond’s general direction
  6. Wish that Valve would vastly improve Left 4 Dead 2’s experience on Mac OS X so you don’t have to keep putting up with this steaming pile of malicious failure
  7. Weep for humanity’s utter lack of progress in the fields of technology and experience, drown sorrows in assorted alcohol

It just occurred to me that some of my friends on here might have PC’s and don’t know that the best anti-virus is 100% free. It’s made by Microsoft itself, and it’s updated ALL THE TIME. I’ve used Norton, and I’ve used McAfee, and both let viruses through that nearly destroyed the computers they were on. I got Microsoft Security Essentials, and it handled the same viruses like they were NOTHING.

MSE is incredibly powerful, and it’s always been and most likely will always be free for any Windows user. It’s easily the best anti-virus I’ve ever encountered, and I have yet to hear otherwise from more tech-savvy friends. So. If you’re using Norton or McAfee, DITCH THEM and go to microsoft’s home page to get security essentials. (Don’t download it from any other site. There are copycats that will try to charge you money.)

Big help, please? ; u ;


My Microsoft Security Essentials isn’t working and that really worries me, since I have a habit of wanting to quick scan my laptop at least once a day.

The problem with it is that I literally can’t click a thing. It’s stuck exactly as it is in the picture. No matter what I click, nothing happens. It has been like this since yesterday. I’ve reset my laptop and everything, and when I turned it back on this was still open on my screen. I can’t even close or minimize it.

Help I’m freaking out. ; u ;

binarytimespi answered your question: windows recommendations?

Is Avira okay? Together with Microsoft Security Essentials.

oh right i totally forgot about microsoft security essentials. the last time i played with it, it seemed pretty quick, not a resource hog like the other free ones. but, i often ran into ugly problems with MSE if other scanners were installed… so it was either uninstall all the free ones and just use MSE exclusively. maybe MSE is a lot better and plays nicer these days?