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Reasons Why I Play Assassin’s Creed: A Pie Chart

Deke hadn’t expected to see Freak so soon. In fact, for once in his life, he didn’t want to see Freak for a long time. At the beginning, he missed Freak. His best friend and partner in crime. Deke had been selfish and desperately wanted to have his best friend at his side again. It wasn’t far that he had to go without Freak. But after a few days, or weeks, or however time works, he realized that Freak needed time. He deserved time. Even if that time was without him, he deserved it. Deke expected not to see him again. He accepted the fact. Thats why the sight of him made Deke sick to his stomach. He didnt want to see his best friend anymore. He wanted him to go back. Freak /shouldn’t/ be here. He should be with the others. Not here with Deke, even though, deep down, thats the opposite of what he wanted. The selfish part of him rejoiced at the sight of him much more then he resented Freak being here.

He loved his best friend, they were like brothers. And he wished the best for his best friend. He wanted Freak to live. Deke died, his chances to live were over, but Freak should’ve had more time. He can’t be dead. Deke looked at Freak, noticed Freaks big gap toothed grin, his tall frame, his disgusting purple hoodie which soon made his heart drop. There was a big bloody hole in his lower stomach area. There was no way a bloody sicko did that. Someone killed him. Someone bloody fucking killed his best friend before he even got to live. Or get laid. He let his eyes returns to Freaks, whose eyes were happy and wide. He saw Freak walk towards him slowly before quickening his pace, nearly pushing them both to the ground as he embraced Deke. Deke returned it, tears falling from his eyes. “Im so sorry.” He muttered, but he couldn’t tell if his sobs were from sadness or delight, but Freak didn’t seem to care. He was with his best friend again. He wasn’t alone.

Video Game Releases For December 2017
Video Game Releases For December 2017

With the rush of Christmas releases coming to a close, developers have just a few more big hits to squeeze in before the final dash. Here is a list of all the big releases currently scheduled for December. If there are any that you think I’ve missed out, feel free to mention them in the…

Dead by Daylight

Kill or be killed, it’s a dog eat dog world, fight or flight, etc. Forget all of these sayings, for in this world none of them matter. You either escape the clutches of death for one more fleeting moment, or you die by the hands of a psycho killer. There is no refugee, no safe haven, no home to go back to. This is your life now.

Dead by Daylight, a four versus one multiplayer survival horror game from developer -, pits you and your friends against a blood thirty killer looking for sacrifices. Though it’s not a fight to the death, but rather a dark game of hide and seek. Dead by Daylight was released -, but the game has been around for some time now. It was in early access for quite some time, but now it’s out in full. I first heard of the game thanks to streamers during it’s early stages; however, I never played the game myself until it was fully released much later. After playing the game I can say that it’s definitely a fun game, but not without it’s problems.

Now I put some thought into this, and my current way of reviewing games doesn’t really work for games like this. Dead by Daylight is a purely multiplayer only game; so there is a big lack in story and character development. That’s not to say it’s not there, but other than character lore and back stories, there isn’t much. So I’ll be switching things up from here on out for certain titles. We’ll start with the visuals and soundtrack of the game, and look into the gameplay and performance of the game. How does it play online? How’s the community? I will briefly speak on characters and how they play in the gameplay segment, but nothing overly in depth. This new format will be the overarching format for future multiplayer oriented games from here on out, with some minor differences depending on what the game has to offer. Also I won’t be going back to re-review games following this format; my opinion still stands on those, give or take, and I still meant everything I said. With that said; how does the game perform? It was interesting back when it was in early access, but not perfect, and the problems start at it’s visuals.

Dead by Daylight looks great, for what it’s trying to sell; dark, depressing, and above all frightening. The atmosphere presented in the game is one that really gets your blood pumping in a thriller sense. Each killer has a map that is made for them, and each map feels like their own special hell. One of my favorites, in how it looks, is Lery’s memorial institute; this map belongs to a killer known as the doctor. The design of the stage is built to look like a distorted hospital; the ceiling is missing, operating tables are through about the stage, and the best part being the center. In the center of the stage there are operating tables and chairs aligned around the center ring; the center looks like a furnace, where you can hear the screams of the doctors victims. 

The other maps of the game are a little more open than Lery’s, making the level a lot harder than others. 

Aside from level design, we also have the characters. The survivors are pretty standard; each one is an original character to the game, save for a couple new additions from DLC. Though what really shines is the killers; Dead by Daylight has a plethora of original killers, each with their own skills and back stories. The trapper, the wraith, the hillbilly; these are the base three among a steadily growing roster. One of my favorites to play is the hag, but in terms of design we’ll go back to the doctor.

The doctor was released in the Spark of Madness free update for the game, and at that point was the games sixth killer. Just like all the killers before him, he looks like an experiment gone wrong. The big eyes and grin being forced open by metal, or the decaying flesh that also serves to conduct electricity. Not to mention the way the doctor acts in game as well. When he shocks you all you hear is a distorted laugh escape his mouth. It’s such a scary killer, that leaves a lasting impression.

As for the games soundtrack, it’s very limited. Dead by Daylight relies more on the lack of sounds to convey it’s atmosphere, then utilizing music. When a killer gets close, your survivor will start to feel their overbearing presence and a loud heartbeat will drain out almost every sound around you.The only times in the game you might actually hear music is in the menu before a match, and when you’re being chased by the killer. Though when I looked a little deeper into this I found that the soundtrack has just above thirty different tracks on it.

A lot of these tracks are small; so they’ll most likely loop, or meld together with other tracks. I believe this is what gives the illusion of fewer tracks in the game. Though with what the game uses, it builds upon the atmosphere really well and gives this sense of dread as you’re being hunted. Now how does the game play? The game may look beautiful, but does it feels smooth to hunt or be hunted?

Dead By Daylight didn’t have a smooth upbringing; it was popular, but due to it being in early access, it had it’s problems. Now with the game fully released a lot of these bugs have been fixed, but not fully. For example, when a survivor is grabbed by the killer, sometimes the animation of being picked up won’t match with the models. This is a small graphical bug; it doesn’t really hurt gameplay, but I thought I should still bring these up. Since leaving early access, the game is definitely cleaner in terms of the glitches and bugs previously present. Though now the problems aren’t in the performance side of things, but the gameplay and the games community.

Dead by Daylight is a four versus one survival horror game; one team of four survivors must attempt to escape from the one psycho killer. Survivors must repair generators to power doors along the border of the map. Once five generators are fully repaired, the two door can then be opened. If the killer has killed all but one, or everyone but the one has escaped, a hatch will appear somewhere on the map. Escape by any means, but do it quietly.

As for the killer, they must hunt down the four survivors before they have a chance to power the generators. One by one, the killer must hurt the other four; then place them on hooks around the map to sacrifice to the entity. The killers score depends on how many survivors are killed; it’s considered a win if at least two are sacrificed.

Now the game is pretty simple for both sides; each has their ups and downs. For example, survivors are presented in a third person camera; while the killer sees in first person. This is a little disorienting, and makes killer games a little more challenging. Also, starting out both sides may feel under powered, survivors especially; though give the game some time and you’ll put up a fight.

Now basically speaking the game plays really well for what it’s selling; however, due to things like the ranking system or the lack of penalties towards poor players, the game takes a hit. When you start the game you are rank twenty. The system works where, depending on your performance, you’ll “fall” in rank. What I mean is that rank one is actually the highest rank in the game, and shows you’ve been putting the work in. This is fine on paper, but it’s easier to decrease in rank than rise. So there isn’t really anything keeping beginner players from playing with seasoned vets. The developers have said they’ll re-work the ranking system, but that will take some time.

One other problem, in my mind, comes from the newest killers. Recently Dead by Daylight has added some familiar face. Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface; three big name killers from popular franchises have joined the ranks. They play in an interesting manner, and I don’t doubt it’s fun to play them (Don’t currently own them myself); however, I find them extremely overpowered when looking at the original killers. Now Freddy isn’t out on console as of writing this, but the other two have been big among the audience. My biggest problem with them comes from how they can completely removes things that give survivors a fighting chance. Michael can remove his fear radius, meaning he could be right on your back and yet you’ll never hear that heartbeat. Plus, when he does this for long enough, he will go into a state that allows him to instantly down any survivor. Then you have Leatherface; he’s overly fast and can easily catch the survivor. Plus he has his chainsaw, which can down someone instantly. I wouldn’t have a problem with this if it was easy to avoid like the hillbilly; however, Leatherface can just charge the chainsaw and then get a speed boost throughout. Not to mention their perks are among some of the most broken perks in the game; many people play these two so they can get these perks on every killer. I hardly ever have fun when playing against one of these two; it’s not impossible to win, but still feels weighted heavily in their favor. Though this is more of a nitpick from my opinion, the real problems are universal to all killers.

The biggest problem comes from the lack of in game penalties towards players; you may wonder what I mean by this exactly. A good majority of this thought process comes from the idea of camping. A lot of killers will camp survivors that have been hooked; they’ll sit watching them from only a couple feet away, stand directly in front of them, or sit there hitting the survivor repeatedly. Killers gain nothing from hitting hooked survivors, and by sitting in front of them it makes it harder for them to be saved. In an old build of the game when the killer sat in front of the hook, the game wouldn’t allow the survivor to be unhooked. The developer changed this, making it possible to unhooked from different angles instead of straight on; however, this doesn’t stop camping. Even if you unhook someone, they’ll most likely just be hit down and re-hooked, or the killer will just grab the second survivor and hook them. The only saving grace is a perk named borrowed time; yet if the killer follows you, which they will, you’ll just be back on the hook. This makes the game extremely aggravating; there is no fun in this, when I play the game I’d like an equal chance of escaping just like everyone. Yet this becomes really hard when you have players like this. I can understand, with how the game is, that finding someway to remedy this is hard; however, this is one of the big things that kills how I view the game. This also brings me to my next point; like many online oriented games, the community is highly toxic.

Dead by Daylight is home to many, and among them are some fairly terrible people. The campers make up a good amount of these players, but there are a variety of people. Many of the toxic players you’ll meet will more than likely play killer, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t toxic survivors as well. Dead by Daylight is a team game in the end; unlike other survival game, you need to help each other if you wish to escape, and escape fast no less. Though you’ll get survivors that just wander the perimeter, or will purposefully lead the killer in your direction to save their skin for a few seconds. You may also run into those that will blame you for their death; you may not be able to save them for many reasons, but they just have to get their two cents in. Though as I said before, the most toxic players tend to be the killers. A decent amount of killers play in a very unsportsmanlike fashion. They try to find every chance to gloat, hence the reason they’ll hit hooked survivors. One example I can give in my experience comes from leatherface players; they’ll knock you down, in whatever fashion, and instead of pick you up and hook you, they’ll have you sit there and rev their chainsaw over your body as a means to gloat. This happened a lot for me; it was never warranted, and usually I was the first to get downed. So my team was still roaming and working, meaning the killer was just wasting time and effort to be an asshole. Though why stop their; no matter what you play, you’ll always find the players that have to get the last word. You could be an amazing killer, never camp and play to the best of your ability. Yet there will be times when player just can’t take the fact that they died. They use that Call of Duty logic and call you a hacker, or say you’re trash because they couldn’t take the fact of dying. Many people will rage quit; I have quit out of games, though mainly due to campers. When you quit the killer still gets points, but not as much as they could have. The community makes this game one of the most terrible experiences; it’s a fun game, but not without it’s share of terrible people.

Overall I give Dead by Daylight a 7.5 out of 10. My reasoning behind this doesn’t stem from the idea of the community. It may be a big problem, but the developer didn’t create the community, they created the game. Now I wish they would find a way to stop camping, and take these things more seriously, but that’s not up to me. My biggest reason for only a 7.5 and not an 8 is because of two things. The poor ranking system is a small part of it; sure they’re going to re-work it, but this has been a problem for a while now. The biggest reason is because the game feels extremely limited. The game adds flair through new killers, but in a basic sense it’s the same game as it was in early access. There is no diversity among objectives; just repair generators, and escape; this starts to get a little repetitive for me. I don’t like to overly compare games, but think in the sense of Friday the 13th. In that game you can repair one of two cars, repair a boat, kill Jason, call the police, or just wait out the time. There are many ways for the survivors to win, while Dead by Daylight only has the one. It’s essentially the same idea as a game like Overwatch having only one game mode; you may like team deathmatch, but playing only team deathmatch will start to get boring. This idea mixed with the community has caused me to take long breaks from the game; I have fun at first, but leave either angry or somewhat bored.

Next review is on the manga Ajin; once that’s done I’ll try to get things back in order for November. Thanks again for sticking with me and reading my reviews. Until next time.




JonTron inspired rp starters pt. 2!

“How do you forget a face? Especially one like that.”
“That…was…louder than I was expecting. I’m outta here.”

“Ladies and gentlemen of planet earth, you can’t make this shit up.”
“Is that our main character? I guess he doesn’t wanna be here either.”
“It is so good to hear THAT voice coming out of THAT dog.”
“Raisins? I don’t see anything wrong with that.”
“Wow! We’re just gonna go right there?”
“What did they film this movie on, Microsoft Kinect?”
“Am I dead yet?”
“Am I threatenin’ you? Are you threatenin’ me? Who’s the threat here?”
“You monster! Let me see those melons!”
“I’m looking for a guy…bout your height.”
“Like, they FUCK you up, dude.”
“Someone MADE this.”
“And my dialog was written by a four year-old.”
“She’s outta there! She’s the smartest person in the room!”
“Now (name), you know that’s a loaded question.”
“For the first time in my life, I’m…I’m fuckin’ speechless.”
“Aw, (name), that’s just rude, that’s TASTELESS!”
“Lady/Dude, you just got turned into a horse! I’m gonna say sky’s the limit!”
“I don’t know what that is on the right, I think IT MIGHT BE A PHARAOH GOAT!!”
“The game story – fiction. Oh, thank god they cleared that up!”

“I think I’m bleeding from the chest.”
“Oh, nope…nope…don’t do me like this!”
“Ohhhh, here he comes!! Comin’ in from DOOOOWNTOOOWN!!!”

taken from foodfight and the zoo race. part 1 here.

Microsoft Kinect officially dead, technology to live on in HoloLens

After years of floundering sales and unannounced games, Microsoft has finally decided to kill off the Kinect. It is a sad day for fans of the revolutionary (at the time) voice recognition and depth sensor which sold more than 35 million units since its introduction in 2010.

The news was shared by Alex Kipman, creator of the Kinect, and Matthew Lapsen, GM of Xbox Devices Marketing via an interview with Co. Design. They revealed that the Kinect will officially die once retailers run out of existing stocks as Microsoft has no plans to produce any more units. Microsoft will continue to support Kinect for customers on Xbox.

Initially, the Kinect attracted decent traction. In fact, Kinect for Xbox 360 became the fastest-selling consumer device in 2011. However slowly and steadily sales started to peter out. What was once was seen as a revolution in gaming sadly turned out to be more of a damp squib. Hardcore gamers viewed it as a gimmick and casual gamers found it too complicated.

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Eventually Microsoft was forced to un-bundle the Kinect from the Xbox One and offer it as a standalone accessory. The technology itself was quite future forward - the Kinect tracked a players movement via cameras and depth sensing which was quite useful in fitness and dancing games like Just Dance.

The Kinect might be on its way to the graveyard, but its technologies will continue to live on. Many Kinect technologies are being used in products such as Windows Hello - which uses Kinect tech to recognise people’s faces.

One of the biggest application of Kinect technology is being seen in Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality headset. The sensors in Kinect which were used in the gaming device to analyze the distance of users to the television ended up becoming a core component of HoloLens.