E3 2018 Kicks Off Today! Here’s the Schedule

     The biggest gaming conference begins today in Los Angeles, California. But you can watch all the announcements from the comfort of your own home or even on your phone! The entire conference will be streamed by IGN. Here is the breakdown with links to where you can watch the streams. 

Saturday, June 9th

 - EA (Electronic Arts)  -  11AM PT // 2PM ET // 7PM BST // 4AM AEST (6/10)

Sunday, June 10th

- Microsoft  -  1PM PT // 4PM ET // 9PM BST // 6AM AEST (6/11)
- Bethesda  -   6:30PM PT // 9:30PM ET // 2:30 AM BST (6/11) // 11:30 AM AEST (6/11)

Monday, June 11th

- Square Enix  -  10AM PT // 1PM ET // 6PM BST // 3AM AEST (6/12)
- Ubisoft  -  1PM PT // 4PM ET // 9PM BST // 6AM AEST (6/12)
- PC Gaming Show  -  3PM PT // 6PM ET // 11PM BST // 8AM AEST (6/12)
- Sony  -  6PM PT // 9PM ET // 2AM BST (6/12) // 11AM AEST (6/12)

Tuesday, June 12th

- Nintendo  -  9AM PT // 12PM ET // 5PM BST // 2AM AEST (6/13)

*Every conference, outside of Square Enix and the PC Gaming Show, has a pre-show from IGN. Tune in 30mins before the listed times to catch it!
Microsoft has reportedly acquired GitHub
Deal could be announced on Monday
By Tom Warren

got an email from one my client who is Github private repo business customer. They want to move out of Github to a personal GIT server hosted either in AWS or Google Cloud. They fear that Microsoft might get insight into their codebase. Small startups/business do not trust MS. Why? Because Microsoft is going to acquire Github. If you host open source code move away from Github today. Do not use it. Microsoft has a history of stealing users code.

Fallout 76 trailer thing.

Thank god Fallout 76 looks good, there is legit so much to dissect from that trailer.

First of all the T-51D power armour is basically confirmed in the game. but does that mean the enclave will be in? maybe a earlier version of the enclave, such as the us military. There will most likely be no brotherhood of steel, because the pipboy in the trailer says 2102 which is 32 years before the BOS was formed.

Pic related

Now this area could be in the same area as point lookout, or another where it is said that the bombs didn’t fall. Could be a swampy/boggy forested area, but the watch towers point out that it might be a spot of importance later into the game.

This shot in particular caught my attention. It is clear that to the right is an abomination. Maybe an early FEV super mutant behemoth. Considering that west Virginia is border capital wasteland, were there was lots of enclave/ex us military. Even in the lore it is not confirmed it is safe to assume that some enclave were still around in the capital with the president at the time.

The reason I say early FEV behemoth is because of its stature. but I am almost 90% sure as well that it be a new mutant type. This is because it is so recent to the day the bomb drops and the ecosystem wouldn’t be as screwed.

I honestly have no fucking clue what this is a space station? Giant’s bicycle wheel. I have no idea, looks fun though!

THIS NOW THIS, i have no clue other than it might be a early mole rat, but could be a new species as well.

OK, with this I get a massive Pitt feeling to it like the industrial look, it may not look like Pittsburgh would be in the new fallout, but it is possible. the outskirts of the Pitt could be featured. this is a quick prediction with a rough estimate with the size of the map possibly with DLC locations.


Idk where this is but by the look of the securo-tron and the sentry bot. I’m guessing its a place of importance like a old enclave HQ or US military HQ. who knows at this point.

Nice little throwback to the first Fallout game Bethesda.