The Photomicrographic Landscapes of Michael W. Davidson and FSU

Science-art (or at least art focused around obscure scientific processes) can be a hard genre to take seriously sometimes in all honesty. It’s easy to succumb to the hollow temptations of psychedelic, trippy art and just produce colorful work that one might wincingly imagine being plastered across the walls of your local college undergrad stoner. 

Surprisingly enough however, many of the complex, multihued “microscapes” that Florida State University has produced under the direction of Michael W. Davidson belie a thoughtful, enduring appeal that transcends the usual “cool spacey picture” into something more lasting. 

Be sure to check out the FSU Microscape homepage where you can learn about the complex processes of creating these pieces and how you can begin to produce these yourself.

(via io9.com)

Using multiple-exposure techniques in classical film photomicrography (photography through a microscope) we have succeeded in constructing a series of unusual photographs that we have termed Microscapes. These photographs are intended to resemble alien and/or surrealistic landscapes.”