He tells me sunsets are cool but you used to whisper that the sunset was almost as beautiful as I am. You called
me honey like the thick sweet stuff that fell from your lips and left me messy.
—  I’m nostalgic for our unlived love (coffeekisseswords)
11:28 pm
Don’t expect me to wish for you to be mine
or for us to be together forever,
For I’m not a fan of wishing upon a star
nor believing at 11:11 wishes..
but know this,
I’ll pray for you. 
With all my heart and soul,
I’m praying for you.
—  and that’s how you know how much I love you // s.j.
i can’t be alone 
in this darkness.
in this silence.
every song I hear 
a little piece of you,
a little piece of us.
where can i go
that the echoes 
of your laughter 
won’t find me,
won’t remind me 
that i’ll never 
hear your voice 
—  how can i explain how much the silence kills me? ((b.r.))

They say it’s a fine line between love and hate.
If it’s so fine, let’s erase it.
Let’s embrace those who fear us
(hate is fear and fear is hate)
Let’s love those who can’t love themselves.
Most of all, let’s love ourselves without guilty feelings of being selfish.
You are a human being:
you deserve love.