microphone tricks

Luna’s just super delayed just one more PriPara McDonalds giveaway!

Yes, seriously. (I got this one after my previous giveaway and have been sitting on it ever since haha.) 

This giveaway is for the light-up Holic Trick microphone, deco stickers, and the Asian Nadeshiko flower onepiece coord from the Japanese PriPara McDonalds promotion in February 2016. (As well as probably some extra bonuses.) Sorry, this time there will only be one winner!

So, rules!

Reblogs and likes count for one entry each, 2 entries per person. You must be following this blog.

Contest ends May 16th 2016 at 1:00 am JST. No likes/reblogs will be accepted after this time. I will reblog this post with the winner (chosen by a random number generator) and contact them shortly after sometime during the 16th to ask for a mailing address. Please either have messaging from non-followers enabled or an ask box, or else I cannot contact you. Also if you are under 18 please make sure your guardian(s) are cool with you giving out your mailing address. I’ll ship wherever!

Good luck!