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what's it like being microphobic? don't wanna sound morbidly curious but it sounds quite interesting, I hadn't heard of it before

(Microphobia is the fear of miniatures, for anyone who didn’t know.)

I’m sure there’re different degrees of it; for me, I get uncomfortable when I have to look or touch anything that should be normal size but isn’t. Dolls and figurines don’t bother me, but small animals (like mice, squirrels, and hamsters, because of their tiny bones, though I’ve mostly gotten over this) make me squirm, and those photosets of teeny tea sets or fake food or furniture– ugh! I get nauseous just thinking about it! I literally can’t look at them, especially when somebody’s moving the parts. The more realistic they look, the more unnerving it is for me. My fear’s not so bad that I’ll run out of the room, but I probably couldn’t handle long-term exposure without getting upset, which is weird, because I used to play with miniatures as a child.

When I get the flu, I’ll have hallucinations where the entire world feels like it’s swelling and then becoming pin-thin. The sensation of your fingers doing that is way not pleasant, and I can’t hold really slender sewing needles without shaking and wanting to barf. Basically, if I could crush or snap it easily with my hands,I want no part in it.

tldr: they squick me the heck out and I’d love if everybody tagged those videos and photos of tiny replica food from Japan. 

Pentatonix Album Tracklist

1. 🙅🏼🙅🏼🙅🏼 - XXX For Explicit Content
2. ❌😴♥️ - Prohibit Slumber Amour
3. 🎤😮 - Microphobia
4. 😈 - The Devil Wears Grassi
5. 🏁 - Stay in Your Lane
6. 1⃣1⃣ - I’m Not the Only One (Feat. Sam Smith)
7. 🌹🏆 - Flower Power
8. ☝🏼👀🍂➡️💗 - Looking to the Right Because You Left (With my Heart)
9. 💔🔨 - Fractured
10. 💧💦💧💦💧 - Pentaholics When Mitch Takes a Selfie
11. 👫➡️🏠 - Practice Safe Sex at Home
12. 🎉💥🎉💥🎉 - Boom Clap the Sound of My Heart
13. 💡➡️🚪 - Shut the Lights Off When You Leave the Room