microkorg xl

Dusting Off The Hardware

My beloved MacBook Pro has a wonky battery, and because of it somehow the CPU is working harder and hotter than usual. This is preventing me from using my DAW and my soft synths. I just don’t want the laptop to blow up. So in the meantime, I’ve brought out my hardware setup. 

My setup up at the moment has my microKorgXL going into my MicroSampler. Into the mixer I have my EMX. A MIDI cable connects the MicroSampler to the EMX - so I can control the sampler with the EMX’s sequencer on Parts 4 - 5. The microSampler goes into mixer slot 2. This allows me to sample the microKorg to my hearts content into the microSampler and have the EMX control it. I have a mini-KP which is attached to the mixer’s Send and it’s usually set to reverb, which allows me to control reverb across all channels. The mixer goes out to my KP3 - allowing me to mangle and sample the song as a whole. From there I can hook up my Zoom h1 recorder to capture. 

This gives me multiple instances of synth sounds and loops from my microKorg into my microSampler. The microSampler I have control of both of the sample channel and the keyboard channel. I have access to the EMX’s drum channel (the drums go into a separate slot in the mixer via the 3 & 4 audio outs) and 3 synth parts. That’s quite a lot of sounds to mess with. I also have extra slots on my mixer for my Kaossilator and other instruments. If I want to add vocals I can either do it through the microKorg’s vocoder - or through the microSampler’s mic. A very versatile setup.


Beat Maker Profile
Artist: Sarah, The !llstrumentalist
Reside: Raleigh, Nc & Bay Area
Weapon of choose: Maschine, SP 404sx, MicroKorg LX
Style: Soulful Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, Warped/Broken Beats
Influence: J. Dilla, Dibiase, Knx, Just Blaze & Q-tip

Beat: https://soundcloud.com/sarah2ill/wannabe 
SUBSCRIBE!: https://youtu.be/S5Llu3ejE8g

My set-up for this tentative live show i’m playing in Sacramento on Friday. I’ve decided to do a noisier set for this one considering Sac-town seems to have a preference for noise acts (they held NorCal NoiseFest). Sadly, this will be the first show I ever play without the aide of my beloved Omnichord, however, it’ll be the live debut of my “Cacophony Crutch”. Someday soon i’ll purchase a mixer with more inputs/smaller than that damn tape machine in order to incorporate most of my instruments (or at least a bigger table).