Lesson Plan: Reading & Writing Go Hand-in Hand!

Our WriteToLearn microgrant winners have been announced and we are ecstatic with the results. Although we would have loved to give prizes to all who participated, the WeAreTeacher members and visitors have cast their votes for the top 10! To honor the winning entries, WriteToLearn will be highlighting the top 10 lesson plans for helping students maintain writing and reading comprehension skills over summer break. 

This lesson plan, “Reading & Writing Go Hand-in Hand!”, was shared by Suzanne Mini.

Description: I want my students to maintain their writing and reading comprehension skills over the summer. So therefore, I give my students a summer reading list of books on a slightly higher level. I encourage them to go to the local library and check out some books. I also suggest to write a book over the summer. If they did this, their writing skills would not slip. Aspects of writing can be forgotten if not practiced regularly.

Education Level: 1-2, 3-4

Learning Objectives: If my students wrote their own books, they can use the Flip Video Camera to read it on. When they play it back, they can see how it sounds, as others would hear it.

 Materials: Flip Video Camera, Book bindings, reading books for suggestions, and paper.

 Other Information: I think if they heard themselves reading their book, it would improve their writing.


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