Here’s a Breakdown of what was swapped out and done to the stock Ruger 10/22:

- Green Mountain Barrel – 901962 Heavy Fluted Bull Barrel 17.5" x .920" (Barrel necked up from .920 to 1.06" for approximately 4" at the muzzle)
- Kidd Two Stage Trigger
- Mueller 8-32X44 Scope w/ Target Dot (Ya, I know – I chinced on the scope)
- Richard’s Microfit Marksman Stock (Ordered “AA” wood and a little disappointed in what I received as I’m sure you’ll see in the picture)
- Rimfire Technologies Bolt Handle (just for looks)
- Rimfire Technologies V-Block Barrel Stabilizer
- Rimfire Technologies 20 MOA Scope Rail
- Burris Xtreme Rings (had to lap them)
- Oversized Pins (forgot where I bought them)
- Bolt Buffer (forgot where I bought it)
- Polished the bolt & inside of the receiver
- Free Floated the barrel 1” forward of the receiver
- And probably a few other minor tweeks

Any and all comments welcome – Enjoy and Be Safe.


G-Dragon - Moonshot ‘Microfit Cushion’

Credit: inusakuna@instagram


G-Dragon - Moonshot ‘Microfit Cushion’ CF 

Moonshot Making: HERE

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