Thumpety thump thump thumpety thump thump look at Kinesin go

Myosin, kinesin, and dynein are important proteins governing internal transport. Myosin attached to organelles associates with actin microfilaments to enable the continuous flow of cytoplasm called cytoplasmic streaming.

Kinesins and dynein enable the movement of organelles along microtubules. They attach and move along microtubules. Most kinesins transport organelles from the center towards the periphery of the cell, anterograde transport. Dynein, and a few types of kinesins transport towards the cell center, retrograde transport.

[twitter convo between Sonica Kuroi Tenshi @SonicaKuroi and James Roberts @jroberts332 on 31 October 2013.

SKT: talking about tears, when transformers “cry” what happends exactly? We saw Tailgate crying a lot but… how exactly?

JR: When TFs get emotional, their optical gauze (the microfilaments over their eyes) overheats and you get the ribbons of light.


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I'm sorry 7 has to happen. ❤️

7. “If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass.”

A beautiful tale of coffee and booby traps. 

Garrus x Nia

Garrus observed the glass near the apartment entrance, they did a great job at setting the traps up last night. Zaeed suggested microfilaments, 5 by 5, a great idea… 12 by 12 was better, more impact that way. The man was right about the kitchen, there were a lot of vantage points that they set traps up in, no clone would–

“Please tell me you didn’t,” Garrus turned around to see Nia with a raised brow and the slightest hint of a smile on her lips.

Clearing his throat, Garrus began. “And what exactly did I not do?”

“‘What exactly did I do?’,” she mocked. “Asking me like you don’t know.”

Garrus tilted his head and watched Shepard with squinted eyes. What were all the places they booby trapped again?

Rolling her eyes, Shepard sighed and chuckled. “You two fucked with the coffee machine.”


Garrus let out a breath. “Not fucked, per say. More… improved.”

“So why was your improved coffee machine beeping a few minutes ago?”

“Waiting music?” Garrus smiled sheepishly.

“You and Zaeed are lucky I know you so well, Mister I HEART GARRUS,” she shook her head with a grin.

“In retrospect, I should’ve told you the password this morning…” he mused. “You got your coffee at least,” he pointed out the mug in her hands.

“Vakarian,” she started in a warning tone. “If I died getting my morning coffee, I would come back and haunt your ass for the rest of your life and still after that.”

“Shepard, sweety–”

“No, that worked last night but not again. You fucked with my coffee,” she cut him off.

“After the coffee then.”

“Good idea.”

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Prompt Fill #3

Title: “You are my Sunshine”

Fandom: Supergirl
Pairing: Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor
Rating: General Audience

Prompt: This one is a combination of two prompts.

“Snuggle + Supercorp,” and “Kara blowing out her powers and catching the flu and Lena being all protective.”

Notes: I took a few liberties… there’s no flu, but there is snuggling, and blown out powers, and protective Lena, and some fluff (after the angst *cough*)

I’m sorry. I apparently suck as much at following prompts as I do at following my own outlines. :S But I like this one? Even if the muse has a will of her own. 

This may be the last one for a bit, though. I have to get back to work on Fifth Wall tomorrow, but if I get stuck, I may do a few more of the ones left in my inbox, and I will get to them all eventually :)

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Confession:  I like to think that after the Citadel party, if you choose the lively + calm sequence, the booby traps Garrus and Zaaed set up actually kill a couple of keepers when the Reapers take the Citadel. Or maybe this giant explosion just goes off randomly, sending glass shards flying everywhere, and shorts out the Catalyst for a bit. Just to piss it off. Microfilaments laid across the glass in a 5x5 grid. First line of defense in home security. Maybe a keeper wants to get in the hot tub? BIG MISTAKE!