“H-hey there, lil guy…you’re not hurt are you? Don’t worry…you’ll be safe with me.”

Macro-ish POV thing of my wuff Lucio. He really is a cinnamon roll ;v; Helping out little lost smols from getting stranded out in the middle of nowhere! <3

Originally was gonna not put a BG but then decided, a bit of scenery would make it more interesting so there. x3


G/T idea:

Ok so picture this, you know the whole two sad people meet at the bar of a restaurant trope?

Imagine someone sitting there with their head in their hands because, I dunno sad stuff happened, when the ground sort of trembles and their drink ripples.
Something huge shifts beside them and bumps into them, they turn to see a giant (sitting on several barstools at once, which aren’t holding up great) who’s unfortunately close enough they could rest their elbow on the humans head- they probably don’t mean to, but if mean there’s not much space.

Then a hand three times their own pats their shoulders and a big voice just says ‘rough day too, huh buddy?’
And like the human feasibly should be scared but their day has been awful so they just open up to the giant and start talking about their day, they’ve got a gigantic shoulder to cry on and the giant softie just tries their best to comfort them.
Turns out the giants days been rough too so they’re just glad of some company, they tell the human it’s the first time someone hasn’t ran away from them or yelled at them today- the human tears up at that because omg why would someone be mean to you???

The two end up being pals (even though the human still thinks the fact they eventually sobbed into the giants chest is a lil awkward) and regularly meet up to chat!

I love shy!giant and bold!tiny duos and their dynamic so much, but have you considered:

A G/T couple/friends who are both shy, nervous people and spend their life in a state of constant flustered blushing!
The giants got shaky hands and a whispery voice and the tiny just has to look at them and they’re blushing (o-oh jeez….they’re so cute!)
The tiny’s easily scared and spooked but whenever the giant picks them up or is near them they start giggling and messing their words up! (How are you cute, you’re so huge!?)

Also scary movies are a no go, they both try to hide behind each other!

They’re cuties!

Mighty Max vampire shrunken head playset! I always have loved micro stuff and had a bunch of mighty max and Polly pocket when I was little! Love how fun this little playset is and I can take it everywhere! And wants more fun than a bloody stake also becoming an eyeball!! Lol #mightymax #bluebird #micro #mini #plasyet #vintage #collector #toys #sdcc2016 (at San Diego Comic-Con International)

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Today the Department of Miniature Marvels is enjoying these itty-bitty dwellings from the Micro Matter series by Amsterdam-based artist Rosa de Jong. She uses traditional model-making materials to create exquisitely detailed trees, buildings, tree houses, and even teeny-tiny tents, each so small that they’re suspended inside glass test tubes.

Visit Rosa de Jong’s Behance portfolio to check out more of her Micro Matter sculptures. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these pieces, sign up for an e-mail alert here.

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SURE! it’s 7am on Monday morning… but i haven’t slept yet! so that means it’s still Sunday to me and i’m totally NOT late posting this!!! ((.O [ ]O.)) GWAAHHHHH~!!! (-^ O^-) OHHH MAN!!! LOL! well~ regardless! here it is!!! The winning piece for MFM week three! <3 and yeah… i kinda cheated… (but can you really cheat when you’re running something though?!?! LOL!) but  @plinys , @aiambia , and @moonwalkingcrab all submitted Pokemon Go themed micro fics and i just… i just had to do something about it!!! LOL! so i didn’t really want to single just one of them out… so i just drew what seemed right to me! LOL! I debated not doing it, since Pokemon Go is everywhere right now… but then i reasoned that that was exactly WHY i should do it! i’m totally into it AND i like the idea of going back through my archive one day and saying “OMFG yeah! XD that was that time!!!” hahahhaha! (-^ O^-)

Still ~ in doing this theme though, i gave up doing some REALLY emotional stuff… and i’ve been going back through the last three weeks of submissions and i think i’m going to do a bonus week somewhere where i’ll pick something from among the old submissions! cuz there is just GREAT stuff in here!! <3

AMYWAY!!! (-O wO-) i really hope you guys enjoy this one!!! <3 <3 <3 Now i’m gonna go catch a few precious hours of sleep!!!! But i’ll be back on in a few hours to get us all ready for today’s Micro Fic Monday!!! (-^ O^-) so i hope your brains are stirring with little tiny sparks of ideas!!! I can’t wait to see what you all have in store!!! We’ve reach the one month mark!!! WOW!!! So great!!! <3 thank you all so much for making this so enjoyable every week!!! *INFINITE HUGS* be back shortly!!! LOVE LOVE!! <3 <3 <3

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