i feel like i don’t talk about brainstorm enough, so here are some things to appreciate about everyone’s favorite weapons engineer:

  • he actually is as smart as he thinks he is (he built a friggin time machine)
  • he’s a made-to-order soldier who’s never personally killed anyone
  • he tried to talk chromedome out of erasing his memories of rewind, even knowing that it was probably pointless (even knowing he failed the last two times)
  • seriously it’s been millions of years and brainstorm still remembers chromedome’s dead husbands’ names (because if he doesn’t, who will)
  • nautica’s wrench
  • the “brainstorm is an ass” button on nautica’s wrench
  • he started off the series with only one (1) friend and now has an amica endura i’m so happy for him
  • he used the time machine, that he invented, to try and save the guy he loved
  • he says chromedome “jumps in with both feet” but he isn’t actually any better
  • he loves smart microcopes so much?? give him a bf
  • his face