You really think you're ready for the field? I once used defibrillators on myself. I put shards of glass in my fuckin' eye. I've jumped from a high-rise building using only a raincoat as a parachute and broke both legs upon landing; I still had to pretend I was in a fucking Cirque du Soleil show! I've swallowed enough microchips and shit them back out again to make a computer. This arm has been ripped off completely and re-attached with *this* fuckin' arm. During the threat of an assassination attempt, I appeared convincingly in front of congress as Barack Obama. I watched the woman I love get tossed from a plane and hit by another plane mid-air. I drove a car off a freeway on top of a train while it was on fire. Not the car, *I* was on fire.

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They aren't sending EXO to Mars apparently, just a microchip with their names in it? lol

i have to do everything i cant believe i have to send exo to mars myself

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Yeah I try doing that with my friends too sometimes it works and other times it doesn't speaking of April, she followed me and she and I are now officially riddle buddies but she's still the queen as I still haven't got her yet I was sooo close a few times but she still got it.

That’s great! Yes, April is very good with riddles. Her and Donnie good at it sometimes in his lab just to kill the silence. They are both very good at it. It take me awhile.

I sometimes think that Donnie has a microchip for a brain. Something has to explain why he’s as smart as he is…

hello everybody

life update: i rescued a kitten someone tried to throw in the garbage, she is so sweet her name is tofu. I cleaned her with a flea comb multiple times but there were just so many and she’s so tiny. Anyway, I’ve been taking care of her and potty training her and stuff and today I took her to the humane society to get shots/dewormed/FIV tested/microchipped and then later that evening I took her to the vet. They did a red blood cell count and apparently a normal count for cats is 36 per unit and she only had 8 per. The vet said it’s the lowest she’s ever seen and my lil tofu is severely anemic. It’s probably (hopefully) just due to the fleas sucking the blood out of her faster than her body can produce it so today the vet and I gave her two big kitten flea treatments and I’ve pulled at least 150 off of her. I think I’ve gotten like 85-90% of them off at least and she seems so much happier and she’s running around a bit and isn’t scratching herself and is using the litter box so I’d appreciate your positive thoughts in hopes that next week her red blood cell count is up.

here are some pics of lil Tofu.

Our first night together, she’s so little she sleeps in my hat:

After her FIV testing, shots and microchip (she looks traumatized!):

Right before I woke her up for her vet appointment:

After her vet visit and 2 flea treatments, when most of the fleas are finally gone. I’d like to think that lil smile means she’s feeling better:

This baby was covered in fleas, had worms, was dirty, and stenched of cigarette smoke, I will do whatever it takes to get her better!


‘Predictive Programming and the Human Microchipping Agenda confirms the reality of the microchip agenda, and shows that the weapon of propaganda has been used against the public for decades in order to familiarize us with the idea of being chipped. This process is called predictive programming and its purpose is literally to program the mind of the victim so as to accept without question whatever is required by the programmer - in this case, the idea of being microchipped at some point in the future. The victim is generally unaware of being programmed, believing that it’s all just harmless entertainment. For this reason it can be a powerful and effective weapon against us.

By explaining this process and giving example after example, Predictive Programming and the Human Microchipping Agenda is an attempt to alert the viewer to some of the ways in which we have been manipulated throughout our lives for the specific purpose of slowly but surely shepherding us all into a Hellish world of microchip implants and totalitarian control. We hope that by exposing the programming we can break the program and derail this diabolical agenda. To be successful we need your help.


Join the movement at wethepeoplewillnotbechipped.com

“I mean, it might be a teensy bit OTT, but really, it’s just a microchip implanted at birth, without choice, to allow us to track people anywhere in the world.” says Denis, with a carefree shrug. “I mean, there’s no way that could go wrong or be abused, is there?”

(charmingly enough? Not the first time someone has featured on Pointless Letters suggesting this!)

Today’s the big day!!! Grab your #dirtydog & join us at the 8th Annual #ScrubAMutt Fundraising Dog Wash. Doors open from 11AM - 4PM at Strawberry Fields Soccer Complex, 6100 152nd St NE, Marysville, Washington 98271. Visit the pet-based vendor booths including #OriginalBully, visit dozens of #DogRescue groups, watch #DogAgility demonstrations. Get your pooch washed and a #nailtrim . Buy some fun #dogswag & don’t for get to visit the Raffle booth - always a favorite with amazing gift baskets and prizes. Food and fun for the entire family.

FREE #Microchipping provided by the #EverettAnimalShelter .

#SaveAMutt #Adoption Reunion at 1PM, can’t wait to see those familiar faces - all grown up!

The first 400 dogs get a goodie bag. Suggested donation is $5 for small dogs, $10 for large dogs, and $5 for nail trims. Hope to see you all there!
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Due to the recent number of lost dogs we’ve seen this month, we’ve decided to offer microchipping at a discounted price from now until the end of May. Microchipping is a very affordable way to ensure that your pet will always be identified as yours. Unlike licensing, microchipping only has to be done ONCE and never expires - all you have to do is make sure to update your contact information whenever you move or if your phone number(s) change. Our microchips are UNIVERSAL and can be read by microchip scanners at all vet clinics, shelters & humane societies and pet stores. 

Even the most responsible pet owners can’t always guarantee their pet won’t get lost. A leash could break or slip out of your hand, a pet could push through a screen door or window, or a contractor or friend might accidentally leave a door or gate open.Call or email us to find out how much it costs to microchip your pet

  • Akashi:You really think you’re ready for the field? I once used defibrillators on myself. I put shards of glass in my fuckin’ eye. I’ve jumped from a high-rise building using only a raincoat as a parachute and broke both legs upon landing; I still had to pretend I was in a fucking Cirque du Soleil show! I’ve swallowed enough microchips and shat them back out again to make a computer. This arm has been ripped off completely and re-attached with *this* fuckin’ arm.
  • Kuroko:I don’t know that that’s possible… I mean medically…
  • Akashi:During the threat of an assassination attempt, I appeared convincingly in front of Congress as Barack Obama.
  • Kuroko:In black-face? That’s not appropriate.

June is National Microchipping Month in the UK and it aims to raise awareness about the importance of chipping. All of our cats are chipped and I highly recommend it to all cat (and dog) owners. Lots of vet practices put on special offers at this time of year so check yours out to see if you can get it done at a reduced rate.

Photo/words via Beth Wilson - Cats, Art and Photography – Home of Doodlecats

Microchipping Dogs: Government Ignoring Common Sense

‘In continuation of a proposal first pushed by Labour, the Coalition Government are going full force behind plans to microchip all puppies in England with details of the owner. The reason? They claim it will help reduce attacks by dangerous dogs, but this flies in the face of all common sense and basic facts.

The controversial chips that are implanted under the animal’s skin will store the name and address of the owner, as well as a unique number to identify the dog in a database open to the RSPCA, a charity that ordinarily would be breaching data protection laws by accessing the information. As well as all puppies, the proposal seeks to chip existing dogs before they can be sold on or handed in to rescue centres. According to estimates the procedure will cost between £5 and £35.

Although the likes of Government mouthpiece the BBC are repeating the proposal ever hour, stating that “some dog charities say it just isn’t enough”, ministers and mainstream media outlets completely fail to address the fundamental question. How will microchipping tackle the problem of dangerous dogs? Why is it even part of their plans?

The Blue Cross pet charity have been framed in to the debate to bolster the proposal because they support legislation that would muzzle dogs after instances of anti-social behavior, but they openly admit that microchipping “will not help to protect the public from dog attacks or tackle the wider problems of irresponsible ownership.”[1]

Common sense tells us that irresponsible owners or yobs who lack the ability to train stronger dogs are not all of a sudden going to gain the motivation or ability to train their dogs correctly just because they are microchipped. The presence of a chip cannot physically stop an attack or freak accident. Angela McGlynn the mother of John Paul Massey admitted during an interview with the BBC this morning that: “It wouldn’t have made a difference at all” if the dog who mauled her 4 year old son to death was microchipped.’

Story from the Cumberland County Animal Shelter: An older black Lab mix was brought in to the shelter today for owner requested euthanasia. They wanted to have the dog euthanized because it had bad hips and was having difficulty walking. Given the dog’s age and condition, we were prepared to honor their request. However, we discovered a microchip when we scanned the dog prior to euthanasia. We called the microchip database and got contact information for the owner. The contact information was different than the person who turned the dog in. We were told the person that brought the dog in was the owner’s son(the owner had called the shelter to ask if this was acceptable) so we weren’t surprised to see a different name. A staff member called the owner registered by the microchip company to verify that the owner knew the dog was at the shelter and that the person that brought it in had requested euthanasia.

The gentleman we spoke with was shocked to hear from us. The dog, Molly, had gone missing around Christmas 2007. They believed she had been stolen from their yard and had long given up on getting her back. They absolutely did not want her euthanized and said they could be at the shelter within an hour to get her. Attached is a picture of the Lott family’s reunion with Molly at the shelter.

Guys!!!! this is my friend Marilyn! her dog, Molly, was finally returned home after being lost since 2007!!! All thanks to microchipping, PLEASE GET YOUR ANIMALS CHIPPED!!!


Hi there! I am looking for a home. Would you like to learn more about me & the importance of #microchipping? Call us today!

- Smith & Shedd Family Pet Hospital
#homeagain @cosagov #CheckTheChipDay 08.15.2015