okay so I thought I was settled in my opinions and I though I knew where I stood on the whole subject of ethical breeding but I am really starting to second guess myself. Going through this experience with Billie and talking with so many breeders, vets and animal professionals has really made me need to sit and re-think my ideas of ethical breeding. 

I think that there are some breeders who people would say are great and really care about their dogs but when you look past the facade it really looks like they are just doing it for the money. 

take for example a breeder I know who is registered and has a tonne of titles. 
puppies are $2000 each none come vet checked, all vaccinations and microchipping is done by the breeder, the breeder has 8 bitches and each bitch has one litter per year thats 8 litters a year, the breeder also has twin 3 year old kids and works full time I just can’t imagine how they have the time for the dogs 
each dog is on contract but imagine if each litter was say 10 puppies (large breed) if each person said I cant look after this dog any more and gave it back he would be stuck with 80 puppies (judging from one year worth of breeding)
I understand this is very unlikely but if you breed a litter you should know that you will be able to take each and every puppy back if need be

IDK maybe I am just being picky but it seems yucky to me  

kitties need help

pls reblog the crap out of those adoptables as I’m hoping to sell them and use the money to take both my cats to the vet. Kiska has a possible ear infection and Yuki still needs to get her vaccines and to be spayed. Also because of Kiskas special needs, we need to give her a special brand of food which Yuki will eat if we don’t hide it away from her. But we’re going away for a month during the summer so we need to buy her special microchip feeders. Those also cost a lot. The money I earn will be helping my mum pay for the vet bills as she can’t afford it on her own.

So please reblog my adoptables in the hopes that someone will take an interest. Thanks guys! :)

the signs as voltron conspiracy theories

aries: keith is part galra

taurus: alfor was the former yellow paladin

gemini: lance will die but his brain will be uploaded into the blue lion

cancer: the blue glowy mask guy from the s2 trailer is matt holt

leo: thace is keith’s dad

virgo: allura was the former blue paladin

libra: shiro has some kind of microchip that allows the galra to track/control him

scorpio: thace is alfor in disguise (couldn’t find a link to this one but i’ve seen it, lol)

sagittarius: the garrison works for the galra (also couldn’t find a link for this one––the garrison is probably covering it up)

capricorn: haggar is allura’s mom

aquarius: the linda holt conspiracy

pisces: shiro will die (and/or get captured again) and allura will become the black paladin


**Ohio missing dog alert** silken windhound (Enya - medium sized mostly white long haired greyhound type dog) and schipperke (Luthien - small, black, tailless dog with erect ears) missing since approximately 3 pm on 12/12. they are missing in Bolivar, OH, a bit south of Canton.  Enya the Silken Windhound is microchipped.

Reward- No questions asked… Sadly,, still missing….. Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. I Peter 5:7 Thank you kindly for all your kind prayers and support of sharing…. 17 days ago, my two furbabies escaped off the deck and left our farm, to where I do not know, Praying for their safe return.. Beloved.. Luthien (Schipperke-“skip-er-kee”) female, black , rabies tag and Enya (Silken Windhound) female, white, microchipped, who have been missing since Monday December 12. Any information please call (330)874-3378 Enya and Luthien escaped from our deck Monday December 12 ,,3:00 p.m. near Fort Laurens Museum Bolivar Ohio 44612