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Since you're the leading expert in gay science, can you tell us the definitive ranking of the STEM fields from most to least gay?

1. Marine Biology (have you seen a squid???? fucking gay as hell)

2. Biophysics (queering physics with bio? so gay)

3. Physical Chemistry (basically just the Olivia Newton John Physical music video played on a loop)

4. Astronomy (Sally Ride claimed space for the gays)

5. Geology (they lick rocks, need I say more?)

6. Synthetic Chemistry (name one thing the straights have ever made, i’ll wait)

7. Ecology (there’s literally a field called queer ecology so)

8. Structural Biology (x rays turn you gay)

9. Inorganic Chemistry (the rainbow flag of science with all the pretty colors)

10. Microbiology (love me some gay bacteria)

11. Math (you can’t derive heterosexuality in Boolean space)

12. Molecular and Cell Biology (MAP kinase kinase kinase kinase)

13. Analytical Chemistry (lol anal)

14. Theoretical Physics (not even straight in theory)

15. Particle Physics (particularly gay)

16. Evolutionary and Developmental Biology (the straights hate evolution, this is a fact)

17. Neuroscience (use your brain, it is gay)

Not Ranked: the social sciences because it wouldn’t be fair because they’re too gay for an accurate comparison 

Also Not Ranked: Engineering (for the straights)


I did it, I did it!!! Completed my final full semester at Hawkeye with a 4.0 GPA!! 🌟🌟
(I still have two classes to take during the summer before starting nursing school in the fall) It’s this moment at the end of every semester that makes everything worth it. All the pain, fatigue, stress, anxiety…. It’s worth it. This semester I took Abnormal Psychology (99.49%), Cultural Anthropology (98.95%), and Microbiology (95.62%). I actually fell in love with Microbiology and will definitely miss it! But I’m so excited to start nursing school in the fall where all my classes will be about my passion, nursing! 🌟💗

Now I just need to not mess up my GPA with the 6-week A&P II class I’m taking this summer…

Question of the Day: Why are our lips different skin texture than the rest of our skin on our face?

Well, this interesting question popped into my head as I put lipstick on this morning, so I thought I would investigate.

Turns out, the lips on our face are not so different than the rest of the skin on our face. Our skin on our face has a top layer called the epidermis, which has a protective layer covering called stratum corneum. Below that layer is another layer called dermis and our lips have all three of these layers. 

The difference is that the stratum corneum on our lips is thinner than it is anywhere else on the body. They also do not have any sebaceous glands to keep them moist, but the lips are exposed to the moisture of our saliva, which sadly only makes your lips chapped (explains our need of chapstick)! Your lips also do not have any hair follicles, like the palms of our hands an feet. or melanin which explains why our lips are so easily sunburned. Sad face. Our lips have that pink, red color due to the blood vessels which are close to your skin on your lips.

TO FINISH, A FUN FACT:The transition of the reddish-pink outline of your lips to the rest of the skin is called the vermillion border, and it’s found only in humans.

This question actually proved more interesting than I thought it would. How about that. 

source: http://health.howstuffworks.com/skin-care/lip-care/health/lips-different-skin.htm by Elizabeth Whitmore


20.08.16 // 11:00 AM

Had a bit of a rough day yesterday, started out at the library but had to go home early with a splitting headache and a bit of a fever 🤒 I decided I’d take it easy but stress won over and I still made a mind map on viruses and started writing notes abt it but gave up (left).
Today I’m finishing up my Chem, doing the last exercises and revising for the exam on Monday!

November 16, 2015
Pre-dawn studying! Came to campus super early again to get some work done. Today is also the day I register for classes next quarter but for some reason there’s a hold on my account so I have to talk with enrollment services… Ugh! Annoying! Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to start another productive week! :)


TNQD "L" Origin Story

The long-awaited and mildly anticipated moment is here!

I shall now summarize my 22 years, with emphasis on events that influenced my path to medicine, and hopefully I won’t scare too many of y'all off. I’ll try to throw in a gif here and there for comedic relief. 

(Warning: this is a pretty long post, even for TNQD. I have a penchant for being long-winded, as my friends remind me when joke about the “novels” I write for them in their birthday cards).

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I'm just going to go on and say it...

I saw Jupiter Ascending last night. I absolutely adored it! It was an “everything and then the kitchen sink” genre movie. I truly loved that. The first thing I did when I got home was hit up AO3 and tumblr. Tumblr gave me some great blogs of other people embracing a fandom in its infancy. AO3 gave me four fics (quick and sweet and awesome, I thank you kind authors!) and that number is still growing people!

As someone who is currently in college studying genetics (microbiology and all that lovely sciencey stuff) I truly enjoyed the spin they placed on gene recurrence and gene/genome engineering/splicing. It’s so much more than simply “I’m the chosen one” or “my father was someone special that he never told anyone about and then met my mother and bam! I became a mythical cure-all to a race of aliens that flitter around under the nose of dumb humans.” There is a reason behind her “ascension” to this highest place of power in the Abrasax family (granted it’s a sci-fi stretch but hey we are still working with the human genome sequence; it’s all about suspending disbelief.) 

I mean, to what extent does the splicing effect the Legionnaires (or Skyjumpers, I think)? Yes, we can see the physical effects, Caine’s ears, fangs, heightened olfactory abilities and pale ‘albino’ hair, Stinger’s eyes and striped hair, but to what extent do they manifest in their daily lives? Well, as much as a daily life as a race bred for military endeavors can have… But in depth analyses need to be made and explored!

And of course, there is Jupiter herself to explore! What will she do with herself now that she has this vast knowledge of the outer workings of Earth’s solar system? Does she simply fade into the background of Chicago and live her life with the only out-planetary presence she interacts with being Caine? Does she “commute” on and off planet to speak and interact with other Entitleds, such as Kalique? What does she do with herself? What are the other planets and worlds that the Empress Abrasax left for her recurrence? Surely, with the vanity exhibited by her children it had to be substantial. So many questions… 

I want more. More nerdy theories and character depth and development. I want more backstory. I want more secondary character arks. I want more Diomika Tsing, and Stinger Apini, and his daughter, Kiza. I want their stories. I want who they are. I just want.

I think that there can(and will) be a shit ton of beautiful headcanons made revolving around this movie. And I honestly can’t wait for it. I was here at the beginning and I’m still grinning my ass off!