micro technology

AHey, some descriptions of my more main characters ha!

(Top Left)

Name: Mike Vare
Ethnicity: ¾ Nigerian, ¼ Iraqoi
About: Mike escaped to the sewers after the invasion where he was looked after by a mysterious stranger. He stumbled upon a patrol of the 71, and joined the resistance group. He is especially skilled at medium ranged weapons, and even applies some of his background in micro-technology for enhancing weapons for his team. Mike is incredibly social, and easily trusts people. He plays the bass guitar, and enjoys eating Kraft Mac n’ Cheese. He loves to wake up early, but hates hats and/or anything touching his hair. 

(Top Right)

Name: James Lloyd
Ethnicity: South African
About: James joined the bandit rogues after the invasion. He excels at hand to hand combat, as he enjoyed learning mixed martial arts as a kid. His favorite food is chinese food, specifically Lo-mein with vegetables. He’s typically hot-headed and has a quick temper, but he easily forgives. 

(Bottom Left)

Name: Santiago Ramirez
Ethnicity: Guatemalan
About: Santiago’s entire family was captured during the invasion, but he was able to escape. He typically avoids combat as much as possible, but when needed he is pretty handy with a baseball bat. He enjoys all music, but has a soft spot for musicals and operas. He also likes classic literature, and cooking (even though he isn’t very good at it). He loves sports, and especially supports teams from his home town, San Antonio. 

(Bottom Right)

Name: Warren Jacksonmen’
Ethnicity: Nigerian
About: Warren grew up in New Orleans with his sister, Fia. Their parents died in a hurricane, and Fia raised him. They moved to New York shortly before the invasion started. He rarely partakes in the 71′s missions, for Fia is overprotected and refuses to put him in harms way. Thus, Warren often quietly rebels by sneaking out. He is good with ranged weapons. Warren is a vegetarian, and a nature lover. He plays the drums and reads a lot of adventure books. He almost always is wearing a hat. 

He was chosen for a micro-technology experiment. Successful it was, but not without many that failed. He went rogue, and now met with a most unlikely girl with a rare ability. More to come. #scifi #adventure #comics #robots #mindcontrol #hack #drawing #illustration