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The Golden Ratio and Secret Geometry in Nature

These wonderfully symmetrical plants show the fractal nature of math, physics and the universe. Could this be evidence of sacred geometry? “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” -Albert Einstein

The Golden Ratio, or Fibonacci sequence, is everywhere. It can be found in ancient architecture, in some of the world’s most beloved artwork (such as the Mona Lisa), and most definitely in nature. It’s for this reason that the intriguing sequence, which begins as 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 and so on forever, has fascinated mathematicians, scientists, designers, and artists for centuries. 

Leonardo DaVinci, for instance, was known to use the Fibonacci sequence in his masterpieces because the pattern is aesthetically pleasing. Is it a coincidence that the ratio can be seen from a micro to macro scale in all biological systems, and even in inanimate objects? Clearly, there’s much to learn about sacred geometry and inherent order in the universe. 

 Some theorize that the phi ratio (phi = 1.61803…) is evidence that nature is inherently perfect, and that when mankind strays away from the natural law, sickness and imbalance occur. While the Golden Ratio doesn’t account for every structure or pattern in this world and others, it most certainly is a key player.


Dean… every notebook on this particular shelf tells a version of how you die. You specifically… heart attack, burned by a red-haired witch, stabbed by a ghoul in a graveyard, and on and on. But which one is right? That depends on you, on the choices you make.

I find so fascinating that everything in the Supernatural universe, is, ultimately, a story. Everyone with enough power to interfere with free will writes something: God had Metatron write the tablets and prophets write the Bible, then he wrote the Winchester gospels himself; Amara had the nun Agnes write the Book of the Damned, that allowed her to get free and start telling her own version of the story; Metatron harnessed the power of the Angel tablet to write the scripts of his own story… and even on a micro scale, we have John’s journal (mentioned in 13x02 and 13x04), representative of John ‘writing’ the story of the Winchester family, taking free will away from his sons. Last season, we had the British Men of Letters telling their “story” and writing their reports - they also represented a force that tried to impose their own worldview and their own decisions on the American hunter community.

And now we find out that death, each of our deaths, is also a story. But unlike the stories written by God and by Metatron in his attempt to cover God’s role, it’s not a single, coercive story. It’s almost a choose-your-own-adventure kind of story - the ending is death, of course, that’s fixed; but how and when it happens, that depends on your choices. Sure, the amount of possible options seems to be a finite number, but there seems to still be a wide array of different possibilities.

It seems like Death is not a force as restrictive/suppressing of free will as the other story-writing entities we’ve seen in the show. Dean, Sam, Cas, Bobby, Crowley and all their allies fought against God’s script, they ripped the script. There was only one story written on there, one possibility. It was either follow that path, or reject it altogether.

Death, on the other hand, has a fixed destination, but you can choose your own path. The path depends on you, and the time and modality of the destination depend on you, on your choices. Ironically, death is both an inescapable destiny, and a force that allows you your own choices.

And now I’m thinking about what this means about the storytelling choices of the current showrunner. God/Chuck and the Supernatural books represented Kripke, Metatron’s scripts represented Carver - what represents Dabb? I thought it would be Mick Davies with his reports, but now I’m wondering whether it’s the books in Death’s quarters.

The shelves labelled W also remind me of something very Andrew Dabb. His episode Dark Side of the Moon established the structure of heaven, and suggested that “Winchesters” have heavens in the same section of heaven. In his episode Inside Man, he confirmed that heaven is structured in alphabetical order. All people called Robert Singer have heavens in the same corridor. Now, season 13 shows that Death also organizes people’s files in alphabetical order.

@elizabethrobertajones has written a post about Dabb’s storytelling being “poetic” like Billie mentions the universe being; and I wonder if Death’s notebooks are the narrative allegory for the current showrunner’s work. The destination is fixed, but the modality of how to get there, that depends on the characters and their choices. It’s not the showrunner writing the story for the characters, making them move on the chessboard of the story, but the showrunner waits while the characters make their own choices. The characters’ choices have also counted in the past, but in an oppositional way. Cas has smashed tablets. Now it seems to be no more conflict. The showrunner lets the story unroll. He puts the rhymes, but the characters make the choices.

Scientists design solar cell that captures nearly all energy of solar spectrum

A George Washington University researcher helped design and construct a prototype for a new solar cell that integrates multiple cells stacked into a single device capable of capturing nearly all of the energy in the solar spectrum.

The new design, which converts direct sunlight to electricity with 44.5 percent efficiency, has the potential to become the most efficient solar cell in the world.

The approach is different from the solar panels commonly seen on rooftops or in fields. The new device uses concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) panels that use lenses to concentrate sunlight onto tiny, micro-scale solar cells. Because of their small size – less than one millimeter square – solar cells that utilize more sophisticated materials can be developed cost effectively.

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so I just recently managed to get the entire Dark set in botw and I realised that there are a few seconds that the camera on the sheikah slate goes out of focus
so basically this happened

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what are your thoughts about dirk's horrible self-esteem improving? like not just him learning to reign in his clingy tendencies so people will stay, but him realizing that people want him around? i just really want him to internalize that

Dirk Strider slowly learning to understand that his influence in other people’s lives isn’t toxic and destructive by default and that his presence is genuinely desired by the people he loves and in fact he has and has had the capability all along to improve their lives on both a macro and micro scale is about fully half of all my brain ever thinks about anymore, ever, tbh

Not just re: Jake either like I think I’ve explored a lot of this with him and Jake through fic, but I also think a lot about Dave demanding a lot of his time and attention because Dave is just about the most not-so-secretly emotionally needy person out there and Dirk having to wrestle with the fact that Dave genuinely loves him exactly as he is and sees all this good in him. 

And about his friendship with Roxy growing past the toxic parts of its history and them being closer than ever because of that, Roxy confiding things in him and Dirk confiding things in her and learning this new kind of confident trust between them because the specter of Roxy’s unrequited feelings and Dirk’s guilt over them evaporates more and more every day, they’ve both moved on and physical proximity with all their friends and family has removed their isolation and loneliness and gives them more access to their relationship as it is instead of the impossible idealized one they pedestaled themselves into having in their heads. 

Reconnecting with Jane and forming a connection with Rose and having to deal with all these people curious about him and eager to know him, having less time alone caught up in his own destructive depressive anxiety spirals (and less time enduring emotional abuse from an AI he accidentally put into an impossible existential horror situation) and more time having positive interactions and building relationships that feel real and solid and grounded with people who know him as he is and literally see him every day and can’t be fooled with aloof text anymore. Slowly opening himself to genuine expression and the terror of doing so lessening more and more as the years march on. 

I don’t know if it ever fully goes away, because I mean, anyone with a similar cocktail of mental illness can tell you it doesn’t, really, but I feel that its effect on him lessens and his support system helps him handle it and his good days, days where he lets himself feel worthwhile and valuable and comfortable with who he is with all his quirks and foibles, days where his anxiety is a burble at the back of his mind instead of a deafening roar at the forefront, far outnumber the bad ones. And the people closest to him know how to recognize the difference, and even on the worst days, even when he feels that it’s misguided he never stops feeling loved.

Traditional Witchcraft in the City

In the last year I have been increasingly called toward practising traditional witchcraft - that is as I see it, witchcraft based on historical, cultural and folkloric practices.

Often the image we have of a traditional witch is of the wilderness, walking with your stave through the wild woods and desolate hills, of remote villages, of elaborate ritual set-ups beside a hearth and an extensive herb garden. However, I live near the centre of London, a city with a population of 10 million, in a flat share on a council estate. Given how intrinsically tied traditional witchcraft is to a sense of land and place - it is bioregional - and how different such an environment is to that of our predecessors’ … it can sometimes feel very difficult or impossible to follow this path while living in a city. 


Firstly, it is intensely important to me that we reject that notion that a city is a “dead” or “unliving” space. The city, too, is a habitat, is a bioregion, is alive. Open your eyes to the natural world that is all around you, even here: find the green spaces, the parks, the trees. Be mindful of the weeds and moss pushing in between the cracks. Notice the birds, the mice in the metro tunnels, the urban foxes. Research them, learn to understand them, understand and know the other inhabitants of your ecosystem, the yearly seasonal rhythms, and set your festival calendar by this.

If you live in Arizona or Queensland, festivals and traditions based on the British seasons and agricultural calendar, and the folklore of our native flora & fauna are not going to make sense with your environment. Listen to your ecosystem.

Learn about your city itself, also. Just as rural areas of land have spirits, so too do urban areas, on a grand scale and a micro scale. Just as I can “recharge” and connect to the animating power of the land by walking through a forest, I can do the same walking through London, or taking public transport [if you have an underground train system, this is a superbly liminal space.] with my mind “in the zone”. Your city will have its own history, likely its own traditions and folklore, and you can certainly involve these into your practice. [Example - there is a park near me which is said to cover a plague pit. I use this area for spirit and death work.]

Ultimately, though traditional witchcraft is based on historical practices, it is my personal belief that the Otherworld is no more static than we are. For me this is not about an aesthetic, it’s about breathing life into historical practices. Keeping a spirit of animism, pragmatism, using what we may lay our hands on, working with the rhythms of the seasons, with spirits and sacred places, but adapting to our own personal circumstances. Whether urban, rural, whatever else the other facts of our lives and practices.

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Hey, can you give us your assessment of Hurricane Harvey & explain the weather phenomenon occurring in Texas? Why are tornados forming from the tropical storm?

Hurricane Harvey is presenting itself with the most dangerous aspect of these storms. While the wind often stands out and is most notable in hurricanes, flooding and storm surge results in the most fatalities. After making landfall in Texas, Hurricane Harvey has stalled out and created what is essentially a conveyor of water from the gulf. Additionally, it’s not over. The 12z Nam-3km model on the 28th is showing Harvey’s remnants finally departing Houston late on Wednesday still producing rain until that point. Please do not go by this word and reference the forecasts from the National Hurricane Center - I am merely taking a glance at one model as time allows me to, while other meteorologists are utilizing an entire day to develop forecasts. 

As for tornadoes in hurricanes, though we generally think of hurricanes and tornadoes as completely separate entities, hurricane environments are actually quite ripe for tornadic activity. This is a matter of scaling: a hurricane is a mesoscale sized event, while a tornado is a general on a micro scale. When making landfall they possess considerable and extreme wind speeds - however, the ground is not a frictionless surface and slows winds relative to winds higher in the atmosphere. We call this difference in wind velocity with altitude wind shear, which is a necessary ingredient for the development of mesocyclonic storm cells and tornados. Thusly, mesocyclonic cells and tornadoes develop in the moist tropical air and are embedded in the hurricane. For more reading on the topic, feel free to check out this page from the NOAA


“Big whirls have little whirls that feed on their velocity, and little whirls have lesser whirls, and so on to viscosity.” - Meteorologist Lewis Fry Richardson (“Weather Prediction by Numerical Process.” Cambrige University Press, 1922)

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1:6th Scale Barbie Toy Store Diorama - Mattel Toy Store Play Set, Basic Fun Key Chains, Polly Pocket Bluebird houses, Hallmark Ornaments, Micro Action  Figures, Playskool, Little Tikes, and Fisher Price dollhouse replica toys, mini Barbies, Capsule toys, Re-ment Strawberry, tiny Lego-like blocks from Michael’s Crafts, a 1:144th Garfield my friend made for me, and a Tupperware Key Chain. Feel free to ask about anything I didn’t list. The background is paper covered foam core. The Lundby miniature replica is one that I made. A real children’s store called “Twilo” was my inspiration for the tree and owls design elements. I have been collecting miniature toys for several years, and I thought it would be fun to do a store scene where I could put most of them together in one place. 

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I just read your reply to the Anon from Africa who's going to start an MS in architecture at Columbia. I was impressed with your reply. But as someone who lives in the Jersey suburbs and is a historic preservation pretender (training in archaeology, have drifted in historic architecture where I feel a bit ignorant), I might also have more strongly urged Anon to believe in the experience he already has and to consider how different parts of the metro area either fit or not their environment.

That is an valid recommendation, maybe I take it for granted, but I can’t help but to do that everywhere I go, I imagine I am not the only one. If you studied architecture, IN MY OPINION, you tend to analyze and consider every place you visit from the macro scale of cities to the micro scale of balustrades.

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okay y’all: they threw everything they had at this episode because it’s sweeps. they made it a musical. they held a wedding. the GA by and large will not know either of those things are awful. they sent Lana (possibly soon to be the sole lead) around every-fucking-where to promote it.

it’s going to get a ratings bump. it may even last into the finale next week. it’s shitty that they will do bad things and get a good result, but they’re playing the game pretty well on this micro scale (even if on the macro scale they are bad at it). 

so, don’t let it get you down, ok? and, do your part. don’t use their hashtags. don’t engage with official tweets. 

Making Memories- A Doctor Strange FanFic (Chapter 2)

Previous chapters: Intro / Chapter I 

“Focus, Stephen,” you coax with your eyes closed. The two of you are sitting cross-legged on the floor of the meditation room. Luckily there is no one else around to be disturbed by your frequent interjections. “Managing one’s mental state is one of the highest forms of self-discipline.”

“Yeah, yeah. I just don’t see how sitting here thinking ‘happy thoughts’ and regulating my breathing is going to help my hands,” he mutters in disbelief.

“You have absolutely no patience.”

“I’m a doctor, I have plenty of patients.”

You cringe inwardly at his terrible pun, and yet you can’t help but smile to yourself in amusement.

“So you do have a sense of humor…” Stephen notes lightheartedly.

“I thought I told you to close your eyes, Strange!” you scold as your own eyelids shoot open and you are met with his entertained gaze. He studies your expression carefully, making you uncomfortable.

“Alright look, if you’re not going to take this seriously-” you begin, about to stand up and leave.

“No, I am. I’m sorry,” Stephen apologizes with a sneer. “Please continue.”

You look at him skeptically but oblige. Time to try a new tactic.

“Hold out your hands.”

Strange isn’t too keen on the idea, but hesitantly obeys.

You reach out gently and grasp his fingers, steadying them.

“Now look at your hands and tell me what you see.”

Strange studies his extremities with an irrepressible disgust upon his face. “Scars, tissue damage, weakness…”

You shake your head in disagreement. “You’re thinking one dimensionally,” you criticize. “Beyond what’s merely visible- what do you see?”

Stephen looks at you with ridicule. “That doesn’t make any sense, how can I see something that isn’t visible?”

You roll your eyes. “Do you want to know what I see?”

Stephen doesn’t say anything, but patiently awaits your analysis.

You look at his hands, running your thumbs along the scars on his fingers. “I see history and experience. Change and adversity. Your hands are more than just physical tools, Strange. I want you to remember what it felt like to have complete control over them. Imagine the steadiness you had in the operating room. The ease with which you were able to move without thinking… What did it feel like?”

“It felt… natural.” His voice becomes strained at the memory. “It felt powerful. Cutting into flesh and manipulating the human body on a micro scale… knowing I had complete authority over myself and my patient.” He exhales. “God I miss that.”

Very slowly, you let go of the doctor’s hands. They were still shaking of course, but the tremors had visibly diminished.

“You see, Strange? The mind is more powerful than you think. Meditation is one of the highest forms of self-discipline.”

Stephen furrows his brow and looks at you funny. “You said that already.”

Shit, you inhale sharply, chastising yourself and quickly losing focus. “Right, sorry. Why don’t we take a break.”


“We’ll continue this afternoon,” you reply hastily, already halfway to the door.

Hours later…

“There you are.” It was Stephen’s voice. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

You sigh disappointedly, dropping the pen you’d been making notes with. A part of you wishes you’d never shown him this place. The library had always been your sanctuary- your escape. Aside from Wong, who thankfully wasn’t talkative, you could always rest easy in the library. Until now that is.

“Did you need something Strange?” you ask in the calmest voice manageable.

Much to your horror, he slides into the seat directly across from you, making himself at home.

“Not particularly, no. But it is mid-afternoon and the training grounds are fairly empty…”

“I’m taking the rest of the day off,” you announce casually.

You can do that? Stephen wonders, raising a curious eyebrow. “And here I thought you’d be thrilled at the chance to punch me in the face again…”

“Believe me, it’s tempting.”

Stephen smirks, pleased that he is beginning to make sense of you. “Alright… well, what am I supposed to do?”

“Look, Strange, I didn’t come to Kamar-Taj to be a babysitter. And you’re a doctor as you so frequently like to remind everyone. Go find some way to pass the time!”

You return your attention to the open book before you, but you can feel Stephen’s eyes looming.

“You really don’t like me, do you?” he asks, though it was more of a statement than a question.

“Excuse me?”

“You’re the only person here who hasn’t told me what an ass I am to my face- but you clearly think it, which makes me wonder if you don’t hate me the most of anyone.”

“I don’t hate you Stephen,” you answer honestly. “I just- prefer to be alone.”

“Why is that?”

“I’m comfortable that way, okay!” you exclaim defensively.

“And people say I’m disagreeable…”

“You don’t know anything about me,” you snap, tensing your jaw in frustration.

“I know you haven’t been here long.”

You cross your arms defensively. “And how’s that?” you ask, humoring him.

“The Ancient One uses no title when addressing you, just your name- Y/N. Either you’re no good at what you do, or you simply haven’t been here long enough to work your way through the ranks. And your attitude well, that’s another story entirely. You clearly have trust issues- probably stemming from some childhood trauma- which is why you push everyone around you away.”

“Wow,” you say with unamused sarcasm as you gather your books and prepare to leave. “Regular Sherlock Holmes, you are…”

“Oh please,” Stephen sneers. “It doesn’t take a genius to see what’s right before him.”

“That’s ironic coming from you Strange- the man with an ego so big that he can’t see past his own nose.”

You stare into his blue eyes angrily for a couple of tense seconds before turning away and storming off in disgust.

Stephen’s intense gaze follows you all the way out of the library before shifting sideways when he senses another presence. Wong stands inconspicuously on the opposite side of the stacks, unmoving. He’d clearly overheard the whole thing.

“What?” Strange asks innocuously.

Wong simply shakes his head in disapproval before returning to his work.

In his boredom, Stephen seeks out Mordo to practice some hand to hand combat.

“So where’s Y/N?” he asks as Strange wrestles with putting on his wrist guards.

“She’s not speaking to me right now.”

Mordo shakes his head and snickers knowingly. “Oh Strange, when are you going to learn to hold your tongue?”

“Oh, you just assume it’s my fault?”

“Am I wrong?”

Stephen’s eyes shift downward. “So what’s Y/N’s story anyway?” he asks, changing the subject.

“It’s really not my place to tell,” Mordo replies, looking up as he finishes tying his boots.

“Oh come on-” Stephen objects. “What malintent could I possibly have with that information?”

Mordo gives it some consideration before continuing.

“She was orphaned as a child,” he explains. “Bounced from family to family, but ultimately to no avail.”

“Unfortunate, but not terribly unusual,” Stephen remarks, expecting something more.

Mordo pauses, giving Stephen a disapproving look. “Despite the unfavorable circumstances, Y/N attended university and rose to the top of her field.”

“Which was?”

“(insert an area of study that interests you).”

“-and?” Stephen prompts.

Mordo hesitates, not feeling quite right about sharing the intimate details someone else’s past. But he hoped, perhaps naively, that the information would help Strange begin see outside himself. “Two years ago she suffered a brain aneurism. There were- complications, which led to short term memory loss.”

Stephen’s expression changes, but remains difficult to read.

“All she can remember is a past that she wants desperately to forget,” Mordo says poetically, the compassion evident in his voice.

“Is it chronic or acute?” Strange asks, quickly slipping into full-on medical mode.

“I don’t know the details,” Mordo admits. “You’re intrigued by her Stephen. I can see it in your eyes. But don’t let your persistence push her away. The last thing you need within these walls is an enemy.”

A/N: Hey guys, thanks for reading! There will be a few more chapters of build up that more or less follow the plot of the movie, only with YOU added into the mix! The romance will come, I promise :)