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The Golden Ratio and Secret Geometry in Nature

These wonderfully symmetrical plants show the fractal nature of math, physics and the universe. Could this be evidence of sacred geometry? “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” -Albert Einstein

The Golden Ratio, or Fibonacci sequence, is everywhere. It can be found in ancient architecture, in some of the world’s most beloved artwork (such as the Mona Lisa), and most definitely in nature. It’s for this reason that the intriguing sequence, which begins as 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 and so on forever, has fascinated mathematicians, scientists, designers, and artists for centuries. 

Leonardo DaVinci, for instance, was known to use the Fibonacci sequence in his masterpieces because the pattern is aesthetically pleasing. Is it a coincidence that the ratio can be seen from a micro to macro scale in all biological systems, and even in inanimate objects? Clearly, there’s much to learn about sacred geometry and inherent order in the universe. 

 Some theorize that the phi ratio (phi = 1.61803…) is evidence that nature is inherently perfect, and that when mankind strays away from the natural law, sickness and imbalance occur. While the Golden Ratio doesn’t account for every structure or pattern in this world and others, it most certainly is a key player.


1:6th Scale Barbie Toy Store Diorama - Mattel Toy Store Play Set, Basic Fun Key Chains, Polly Pocket Bluebird houses, Hallmark Ornaments, Micro Action  Figures, Playskool, Little Tikes, and Fisher Price dollhouse replica toys, mini Barbies, Capsule toys, Re-ment Strawberry, tiny Lego-like blocks from Michael’s Crafts, a 1:144th Garfield my friend made for me, and a Tupperware Key Chain. Feel free to ask about anything I didn’t list. The background is paper covered foam core. The Lundby miniature replica is one that I made. A real children’s store called “Twilo” was my inspiration for the tree and owls design elements. I have been collecting miniature toys for several years, and I thought it would be fun to do a store scene where I could put most of them together in one place. 

i love how any time a character mentions prosthetics it’s always in connection w/  tony???????? first misty knight and then this retired superhero in avengers assemble #14:

“actually it’s pretty amazing –– some kind of speical tony stark memory metal. links up with the nervous system or something… i mean, don’t ask me how it works, but it works great. it’s even got wi-fi. it’ll call the paramedics if my heart stops beating.”

the idea of a redundant health bar came about due to my total inability do to math

see, in cave story, taking damage caused a little damage number to blip above your head telling you how bad a hit you just took. seeing a super huge fuckin number is a convenient and effective shorthand that tells the player ‘you are in over your head regardless of your gear and regardless of your preparation’ but on the micro scale the number really just tells you how much health you lost

now, as you may or may not know, i am the absolute worst with actual concrete numbers. complex calculations and the relationships thereof? sure. i cannot do 579 + 623 in my head. timing it now, it took me approximately 15 seconds to get an answer i was sort of sure was right (1212?) and checking it now it is clear that i was not right at all. it is to this extent that i try to maintain access to 3 calculators at all times (my phone, someone else’s phone, and ideally an actual calculator). i should not be allowed to math unsupervised

cave story’s health bar (and, actually, most health bars which is sort of weird unto itself) is super divested from the action and hangs out high up in the upper left corner where you’re never going to look and it’s barely even in the corner of your eye. so, when you take a hit, the fastest way to know how much health you have is to just read the damage number and then subtract that number from how much health you think you had prior. that’s two variables too fuckin many i just need to know if i’ll die on the next shot or not

so the solution was to spend like 3 hours making a ui with a really big health bar that’s easy to see and has more precision and then a redundant (but elegant!) little tiny health bar that appears beneath both you and your enemies so you can know at a glance whether or not you’re about to get bodied. after that, there was another hour feeling bad for myself, considering that if i were to run into a situation where i was a cop and i was trying to free a hostage and the hostageer (?) demanded that i solve basic addition or the hostage would get it, i’d have to shoot the hostage myself to save him the disappointment

Why does society make it cool not to give a fuck about anything??
  • Like nah don't let culture fool you, you're just a heartless narcissistic asshole. Can we make it cool again to care about each other? I care, I care about everything from a macro-scale to a micro-scale... You matter.

New Marvel Release for August 1st, 2016

Exactly one month from now we will see two new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets being released.

Tanker Truck Takedown (76067)

The first is an expansion of the Super Hero Airport Battle (76051) – a central scene in Captain America: Civil War – and is only being released now as it featured a spoiler on Spider-Man’s appearance. Besides him it also features Vision, Hawkeye, and once more Captain America. In my opinion it lacks a minifigure-scaled Ant-Man and a micro-scaled version of the same truck for perfect reenactment of the scene, but other than that it is a perfect set.

Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum (76060)

The second set is from the upcoming Doctor Strange movie that will premier this fall and shows a little scene that besides Benedict Cumberbatch’s titel-character also features Karl Mordo and The Ancient One.

Both are very exiting sets to look forward to.