micro rocket

Vector successfully launches its micro-satellite with a 3D-printed part
Vector, a micro-satellite company started by a founding member of SpaceX, has successfully launched its vehicle, which has a 3D-printed part, in California. This is the first of several launches for the company, which is focused on small satellites that weigh only a few dozen pounds, unlike SpaceX’s large probes. It has received over $1 million to work on the vehicle launched today, called the Vector-R. “We always wanted to build micro-rockets, but Elon [Musk] had other ideas,” Jim Cantrell, Vector’s CEO and SpaceX’s first vice president of business development, told The Verge last year. Read more

Other benefits of being a robot:

Having a modular brain with multiple bodies for different purposes. Just transfer brain from body A to body B or C or D or E. Sure, one of my bodies looks great all the time, but the other one can fly and has micro-rocket launchers. Heck maybe they all do.