micro red dot

From @bcarbuildpage - The 9 mm build was taken to the range and tested today. I’m happy to say that it cycles flawlessly. The mix of internals working well within the @angstadtarms upper/lower definitely to thank for that: @elftactical match trigger, flat with @jprifles Silent Capture Spring and BCG. Full list of parts so far will be listed midweek. Still looking to add a micro red dot and maybe a laser/light combo.

Dean B., Brownells Gun Tech extraordinaire, shares his Lightwieght AR on Sunday Gunday! “I started my lightweight AR build with a goal of building a gun that would come in under 5 pounds without optics. I was right at 4.6 pounds using a JP Enterprises ultra-low mass carrier and recoil buffer and a Superlative Arms adjustable gas block, when I decided to see how light I could go. I replaced a solid carbon fiber forend with a Brigand Arms forend and shaved off a little more than 3 oz. Then, I installed the Faxon 14.5” pinned brake barrel and knocked off a little more than 3 oz. again.

I am now down to a 4.1 pound rifle without optics, and 4.4 pounds with optics (Aimpoint Micro red dot). With this setup, I can adjust the gas needed to cycle the rifle and it feels like shooting a rimfire 22. Now my goal is to get the base gun below 4 pounds. I have been looking at the V Seven Ultra-light components and do believe I will be breaking that barrier shortly. Once I hit my 4 pound mark, I will probably be done, but I guess you never know until you hit your goal, how much farther you want to take it.“

My AR against a dirty old house.

Lower Receiver- Aero Precision
-Magpul black MOE stock

Upper Receiver- Del-Ton 16" Midlength
-Magpul MOE hand guard
-Magpul MLOK MVG
-1-4x Optic with Micro Red Dot (from a small company. My brother bought it for me after I got back from Missouri. It’s not high quality but it’s durable, it keeps a zero, and the glass is pretty clear.)

I plan on moving the foregrip back a little and mounting a bipod on the front. I also plan to mount a Inforce WML on the handguard.
I’m going to change out the BCG and the charging handle for a BCM BCG and a BCM Gunfighter charging handle. And last but not least, I’m going to get a Magpul MOE-K grip instead of the standard A2 pistol grip.

Overall, it’s going to be a heavy rifle. But it’s mostly for bench shooting and the occasional hog hunt. My AK is my main rifle for self defense. This is why I never have any money. *sweats nervously*


The Pistol Build~

- Upper: 10.5" Aero Precision Barrel, YHM gas block folding front sight & rear sight, Primary Arms Micro Red dot, Strike Industries Mitch handguard, AR Charging Handle & J-Comp FH, PSA Blem Stripped Upper with logo, and AIMS NiB BCG.

- Lower: 80% Lower painted with VHT engine block paint job (Flat black), KNS Zombie Green Mod 2 Pins, PSA classic LPK, Strike Industries Trigger Guard, Umbrella Corp. Grip 23 with cut Hogue grip sleeve, Thordsen Customs Standard Buffer tube Cover with MFT stock saddle.

Truly, this is my most proudest build. This was my first time doing an 80% lower (The cuts aren’t perfect but seems functional; I will shoot it soon). I’ve been in budget thanks to the Memorial Day sales and sniping items last minute on eBay auctions. The only items I paid full price for were the Strike Industries parts (And they are decently priced already!) and the Thordsen Customs Standard Buffer Tube (fits excellent).

Please enjoy these pictures as I’ve enjoyed this build.  

Aimpoint T2 with KAC spare battery cap.

The Micro Red Dot family already has battery life measured in years when used in “normal” settings (higher brightness settings reduces lifespan to months) but the KAC battery cap cover allows for users to store a spare battery on board the sight, and greatly enhances usability, especially with gloves.