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“German artist Sarah Schönfeld has squeezed drops of various recreational legal and illegal liquid drug mixtures onto exposed negative film for ‘ All You Can Feel’, a photography series that visually reinterprets the physiological and psychological imbalance of substances in the body. Much like the chemical effect of some of these substances on humans, the resulting shapes and colors showcase some of the unique characteristics of each drug, each revealing a vivid, and intricately particular internal universe. By enlarging the chemical reaction of each drug, ‘all you can feel’ portrays the unknown interface between representation and reality.” ©sarah schoenfeld

  1. crystal meth
  2. opium
  3. orphiril
  4. valium
  5. caffeine
  6. ketamine
  7. heroin
  8. pharmecutical speed
  9. cocaine
  10. speed

Miniature Street Art with @slinkachu_official

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Slinkachu’s (@slinkachu_official) miniature installations bring street art to the micro level. “Working very low to the ground has given me a different perspective,” says the London-based artist, whose real name is Stuart Pantoll. “And now I’m a bit obsessed with finding hidden nooks in the city.” Slinkachu creates worlds and leaves them behind in neighborhoods all over London, along with cities he travels to, including Berlin, Beijing and Doha, Qatar. “Although every city is different, they’re actually quite similar at the ground level,” he says. “The experiences are universal.”


Spring flowers reveal their true selves in extreme close-up.

Flowers are one of the great joys of spring, but viewing them under a scanning electron microscope uncovers a surreal, alien beauty.

These images were created by the award-winning German microscopy team Eye of Science, comprising photographer Oliver Meckes and biologist Nicole Ottawa.

  • A Primula petal
  • A Rapeseed flower petal
  • The stamens of a Hibiscus flower
  • Four Lilac pollen grains
  • A Valerian flower
  • The stigma of an Arnica flower
  • The anther of a small-leaved Lime flower
  • A Rapeseed flower petal
  • Pollen grains (grey) on the stigma (yellow) of an Arnica flower
  • The floret of a Chamomile flower

via   The Guardian.


It’s an Odd & Small World After All

In its 40th year, Nikon Small World is one of the leading forums for recognizing excellent microscopic photography. Subjects above cover biological specimens.

1) Jumping Spider Eyes Reflected Light - 20X

Noah Fram-Schwartz; Greenwich, Connecticut, USA

2) Bed Bug (Cimex lectularius) - 50X

Mr. Stefano Barone; Cremona, Italy

3) Developing Mouse Embryo Eye - 20X

Ms. Zsófia László; Budapest, Hungary

4) Ant Eye Reflected Light - 20X

Noah Fram-Schwartz; Greenwich, Connecticut, USA

5) Underside of the Brown Dog and Lonestar Tick Mouthparts - 100X

Dr. Igor Robert Siwanowicz; Ashburn, Virginia, USA