micro payment

Dear game developers,

Stop with the super slow block-pushing puzzles. Give the non-lethal option a reason to exist. Pretty graphics < smooth framerate. The more options in the Settings menus, the better. Let me rebind the controls to my heart’s content. Busy work =/= more fun. Collectibles are boring (looking at you, Ubisoft). Stop treating PC players as second class with sketchy ports and such. Political messages have their time and place, but I came to this high-octane sandbox shooter to escape from the real world for a couple hours, not have anti-Conservative messages rammed down my throat. Multiplayer by itself is not a selling point. Make the “optional” stuff actually optional. Interesting characters and good writing matter so much more than I think you realize. Don’t be afraid to make your characters super attractive; on the other side of this coin, don’t dance around the reasoning behind a sexy female character. Make sure everything works before release; delay release to fix things if you have to, we understand. Enough with the micro-payments already. Have upgrade systems actually make a noticeable difference in gameplay. We don’t need a tutorial to teach us how to move or look around; only tutorialize what is unique to your game.

Most importantly: If it’s not fun, why does it exist?