micro loft

Micro-loft in Manhattan

When it comes to small homes, it’s very important to be smart and creative. The hardest part is to provide an uncluttered environment and create as much space and storage as possible, so when I stumbled across this little gem I just had to share it with you all.

By installing four “living platforms”, Specht Harpman turned what was essentially dead space into a really cool multi-level home that hides plenty of great storage. Read on for a tour!

Enjoy the virtual tour!

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flufflepops  asked:

What's the cutest thing Skookum ever done?

That’s a tough one! A lot of the cute stuff he does revolves around sleeping, the one that comes to mind is that he has made a little cubby out of a table that’s in our bedroom.

We call it his “micro loft” as a reference to the tiny apartment from the movie Wanderlust. It’s really cute because sometimes he will jump up on the bed and rest for a bit if we’re reading, but when the lights go out he jumps off and settles into his little cubby for the night. In the morning he will end up upside-down and sometimes we hear his little feet scratching against the wall as he runs in his sleep. 

It’s cute that he has his own little space that he snuggles into, it’s such a tight fit but I think it makes him feel cozy and safe :)