micro grid

Victorian borrowers are just so… meh.

Gimme digital-age borrowers who carry their own hacking programs on tiny thumbdrives. Borrowers who siphon energy from outlets and computers left un-put-to-sleep to power their own micro-grids. Borrowers who aren’t afraid to cut a bitch. Borrowers who know what rock-climbing equipment looks like. Borrowers who’ve seen James Bond and Batman movies. Borrowers who get shit done in a tough-as-nails world full of webcams, motion sensors, and computers. Borrowers that have email inboxes to check.


Antonio’s simply decorated house.

I got inspired by the minimalist furniture set - more specifically, the term “minimalist”. All of a sudden I wanted to go really modern, and create an off-the-grid micro home; something you would find in Dwell Magazine. So now Antonio is an independent business owner (he probably created some lifestyle app), who considers himself an amateur photographer/videographer on the side. His work consists mostly of landscapes and portraits of friends, using his white brick wall as a backdrop. He’s also incredibly pretentious about his coffee.

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Akon is set to light up Africa!

 It’s never too late to celebrate Good News, especially when it involves moving Africa forward.

This week it was announced that international singer Akon, initiative Akon Lighting Africa will launch a new “Solar Academy” in Bamako, Mali.

The academy which is due to open this summer aims to train engineers and entrepreneurs with the skills needed to develop solar-powered electricity systems and micro grids.

The overall aim is to provide electricity to some of the 600 million Africans who currently lack it in their homes and communities. 

This is such a big step for Africa because as many of us know, constant electricity is a massive problem.

Alongside supplying clean energy, Akon Lighting Africa aims to be a source of sustainable employment for Africa’s relatively young population – 70 percent are under the age of 35.

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